Karma About to Bite Hillary Through State Dept Probe

Karma About to Bite Hillary Through State Dept Probe

Karma About to Bite Hillary Through State Dept Probe

Karma may be about to bite Hillary Clinton’s wide, umm, tuchas, thanks to a State Department probe. That probe surrounds — you guessed it — some emails sent to the unsecured server that she kept in her basement.

According to the Washington Post, State Department investigators have been contacting some 130 senior officials whose emails ended up in that server. They sent them years ago, so why does State need them now?

It’s because those emails have been retroactively reclassified and now pose potential security violations. Some contain information so sensitive that they should’ve been sent only on State Department classified servers. But Hillary Clinton obviously thought, as Secretary of State, that she was above silly things like maintaining security.

Naturally some Democrats are crying foul. One former official said that this is how Republicans “keep the Clinton email issue alive,” and was a way to “tarnish a whole bunch of Democratic foreign policy people.”

Another former official fumed:

‘‘It is such an obscene abuse of power and time involving so many people for so many years. This has just sucked up people’s lives for years and years.’’

You mean, like the Trump-Russia investigation? Plus the investigations of hush money, obstruction of justice, tax returns, etc., etc.? And now the Dems are whining over those emails?


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Yeah, karma bites, doesn’t it? As one State Department official told the WaPo:

‘‘This has nothing to do with who is in the White House. This is about the time it took to go through millions of e-mails, which is about 3½ years.’’

Plus, another official, describing how an internal probe works, assured the WaPo that the probe is not political:

‘‘The process is set up in a manner to completely avoid any appearance of political bias.”

But meanwhile, the self-righteous Hillary Clinton spoke at Georgetown University on Friday, complaining about — who else? — President Trump.

Holy smokes, how sanctimonious can you get? So Trump turned diplomacy into a “cheap extortion racket?” And he also “stabbed in the back foreign service officers”?

Yeah, about those “foreign service officers.” Unfortunately, four of those officers who worked at the Benghazi compound in 2012 weren’t available for comment.

Look, Trump’s call to Ukraine may have been a bit sketchy — our Marta thinks it was, although she concludes that it’s not worthy of impeachment. And I agree with her.

But it’s small potatoes compared with how Hillary Clinton flippantly treated national security. It’s even more disgusting how she still shamelessly promotes herself as some sort of victim.

Donald Trump gives me heartburn way too often, but I thank God that Hillary Clinton is not holding court in the Oval Office. And I hope that karma will finally bite her in that immense keister of hers.


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  • Wozzup says:

    “Karma About to Bite Hillary Through State Dept Probe”

    I have been hearing this for years. Remember when President Trump was still candidate Trump and the crowd was chanting “Lock her up, lock her up’? For crmineys sake lock her up already! To be honest I have heard it so many times that I no longer believe it – the same as I no longer believe that the swamp w will lock Comey up. There is one rule for the corrupt Dems and another for everyone else. And the soft cock Republicans just sit there with a dumb look on their faces.

  • Kevin C says:

    It is making some leftists unhappy. That is worth something.y

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