Kanye West Called Trump’s “Token Negro” On CNN

Kanye West Called Trump’s “Token Negro” On CNN

Kanye West Called Trump’s “Token Negro” On CNN

“Fake news” CNN is at it again. Why be accurate or factual or (gasp) report news when you can be ugly? And, we are talking ugly to the bone. There is nothing you can say about a black man that is uglier than calling him a “token Negro” unless you make him a mere possession. That is exactly what happened on CNN Tuesday night. A CNN panel led by Don Lemon went lower than low when discussing Kanye West.

Let’s watch the video and then we’ll discuss:

I’ll give you a minute to digest that. Because, dayum, that was offensive to anyone who is a bipedal, sentient being. The CNN panel consisted of (left to right) Don Lemon (host), Bakari Sellers, Tara Setmayer and Scott Jennings. With the exception of Don Lemon, I have never heard of any of these ignorant critters before and I don’t really care who they are.

Screenshot of CNN Panel Tuesday night credit: Mediaite.com

First of all Don Lemon, laughing at Scott Jennings for being uncomfortable while Bakari Sellers was proclaiming that West is what happens when “Negroes don’t read”. Do you enjoy seeing other people uncomfortable and hurt? Sadistic bully, much? Bakari Sellers thinks that Trump now has someone he can “stand with and take pictures”. And Trump will “pervert” that. I really hate to disabuse you of your narrow myopic thoughts, but many people of all different races will take pictures with Donald Trump. Like say, I don’t know, The United Nations. And, what’s your more recent reading list dude. You are way to impressed with yourself.

Tara Setmayer calling Mr. West an “attention whore”. Here is a clue, dearest, when you are on television, even if it is fake new, low rated CNN, you don’t get to call anyone else an “attention whore”. And, “token Negro” of the Trump Administration. Why would you dehumanize anyone that way. Oh, because he thinks for himself. Kanye West and Donald Trump have known each other for years. Maybe Kanye knows what’s in Donald Trump’s heart a little better than you do. Hmmm.

Miss Setmayer then digs at Mr. West for having been hospitalized for mental issues. And, goes on to dig at him again for being a college drop out. You cannot go any lower without being in the second basement, ma’am.

And, Scott Jennings. Sitting there looking uncomfortable and then joining in with the cultural references makes you just as guilty of being ugly as homemade sin as the rest of that reprehensible panel.

I am not a Kanye West fan and this isn’t going to make me want to go listen to his oeuvre. I was not originally on the Trump Train either. I am a fan of diversity of thought which these cretins above clearly are not.

If Kanye West and his wife have a heart from prison reform and can get the ear of the President of the United States, then I say good on them. Maybe that CNN panel of losers is just jealous. Could be a panel of jealous losers. Jealous people often act ugly.

Feature photo credit: New Yorker.com/Sam Hodgson/NYT/Redux

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