Yes, Virginia, Democrats ARE a mob

Yes, Virginia, Democrats ARE a mob

Yes, Virginia, Democrats ARE a mob

Oh no, those groups of screaming, shoving, surrounding, doxxing, kicking, pounding Democrats are not a mob! Who are you going to believe, the media or your lyin’ eyes?

From Maxine Waters to Hillary and Eric Holder, Democrats are encouraging their followers to engage in intimidation and harassment.

They are so used to the Stupid Party’s leaders backing down in the face of any challenge to comity they still don’t get why Donald Trump was elected President.

They certainly haven’t learned the lesson of how and why their nose was bloodied by Kavanaugh’s confirmation. How could such false charges not have met the mark?

And to have loyalists who chase Republicans out of movie theaters and restaurants labeled a mob? Say it’s not true!

I would add, they aren’t just “a mob.” The Democrats are barbarians.

Saddle up, cowboys … this rodeo is just starting.

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  • Steve says:

    Great drawing and superb commentary!!! I always look forward to your contributions!

  • GWB says:

    Someone mentioned that the Constitution (Bill of Rights) preserves the right to protest. Well, yes…………..
    But, no. It preserves the right to “peaceful assembly“. And hounding someone out of a restaurant, blocking roads, harassing them while shopping – those are clearly NOT “peaceful assembly”.

    • Alpheus says:

      I think that same person said you could protest anywhere — which is also false. In particular, you can’t protest on private property where you didn’t get permission from the owner. Like restaurants!

  • Pyrthroes says:

    Activities banned by statute under ye ole First Amendment include: False alarms (“crying ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater”); committing perjury in a Court of Law; inciting to riot; fraudulent misrepresentation for material gain; malicious libel and slander; and seditious advocacy (voicing “violent overthrow of U.S. Government”).

    Over the centuries, these well-defined Common Law violations addressed by U.S. precedent since 1788 have been duly punished as felonies or worse in defense not merely of law-and-order but of home-and-family, workplace-societal survival.

    Codifying Rat demagogues from MzBill, Maxine Wigmore, DiFi and Fauxcahontas down (‘way down), we discern certain feministical root principles: Anything goes; attitudes only; we are The Law; sense make us look fat.

    Verdict: “Here lie those whose (crude-and-vulgar, flea-bitten, vermicidal) names were writ in water.” Faugh.

  • Christopher Morton says:

    They’ll be crying crocodile tears when one of their victims, a bodyguard or a cop Mozambiques one of the lunatics they’ve incited.

  • Bill G says:

    “screaming, shoving, surrounding, doxxing, kicking, pounding Democrats” … You forgot ‘torching’. Arson is such a fun part of a peaceful protest, right?
    Don’t you love the denial of culpability by way of claiming the words were not meant literally, spoken in the face of all the cases where there is violence in the streets?
    And let’s not forget that ‘Silence is consent’ only applies to Republican/Conservative people.

  • Ferd Berfel says:

    Just like the Democrats like to call our guns “Assault Weapons”, we should call them what they really are: “Assault Democrats”.

  • Mark says:

    The better grade of barbarians had courage and honored courage. The Donks exalt cowardice and train their followers to be sheep with poisoned fangs.

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