Easter Bunny Herds Biden Around

Easter Bunny Herds Biden Around

Easter Bunny Herds Biden Around

The Easter Bunny had multiple jobs at the White House Egg Roll festivities today. Get the kids excited for the games, Easter egg hunt, crafts is typically the role played. However, herding Biden around was a new task for good ole Easter Bunny!

The White House was expecting 30,000 guests at this year’s event, which they are calling the 2022 White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll. It is one of the few big events the Bidens have been able to host since taking office last year because of concerns about spreading Covid-19.

Approximately 50,000 hard-boiled eggs were to be used for egg roll races, an egg hunt, and dyeing and decorating, according to the American Egg Board, which donated 90,000 eggs to the event as part of its longtime partnership with the White House.

Evidently, the guests included some of Biden’s children and grandchildren. Hunter along with young son Beau and his wife were in attendance. 

The first son was spotted holding his own son, Beau, while wife Melissa Cohen looked on during Monday afternoon’s Easter celebration, the first to be held at the White House since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was the first sighting of Hunter Biden since March 30 — the same day the Washington Post admitted the authenticity of the emails from Biden’s infamous laptop, first reported on by the New York Post a year and a half before.

The New York Times also belatedly confirmed the authenticity of the emails just two weeks before.

I guess we are just going to ignore the laptop and emails aren’t we?

From all accounts, and video evidence, Biden was not having a good time at the festivities. 

There is something seriously wrong with that man, and Jill Biden is 100% complicit in what is being done to him. They want power SO BADLY that this is who we have as President, a man whose mental acuity and capabilities are lessening by the day. Watch and listen at the end of his speech. 


Yes, there is absolutely NOTHING normal here, yet the media and Democrats are busily gaslighting Americans and the world into believing this is totally fine. When it isn’t. It’s elder abuse. Period. 

Meanwhile, back to the Easter Bunny. Evidently the new task specifically involved herding Biden AWAY from reporters who might ask pesky questions. 

A person dressed in an enormous Easter Bunny costume intervened Monday to stop President Biden from answering a reporter’s question on the White House lawn.

Biden, hosting the first White House Easter Egg Roll of his presidency as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, began to answer Afghan reporter Nazira Karimi’s inquiry before the bunny showed up and ended the exchange.

While the media didn’t think the Easter Bunny jumping in to herd Biden away from Nazira Karimi wasn’t a big deal, many of us did. Especially when you watch this video and REALLY focus on Biden’s mannerisms and actions throughout the event. 

In addition to the Easter Bunny, MULTIPLE people are using voice and hand touches on the arm to direct Biden to whatever is next. What’s also evident is that, while staffers want Biden to go one direction, he’s constantly ignoring their direction and veers off on another path. 

It is awkward and it is SO painful to watch. 

Keep in mind, the press went ballistic when President Trump used both hands to drink from a water glass. They also when ballistic when he steadied himself on the handrail to exit the plane. Days and weeks of calls to utilize the 25th Amendment ensued. Yet, when Biden stumbles horribly UP the plane stairs, or turns around to shake hands with thin air, or gets herded by an Easter Bunny, we are supposed to shrug our shoulders and move on. 


Exactly. When your job involves dressing as an Easter Bunny to herd Joe Biden around and keep him from uttering any more gaffes than he already has, you know the White House is totally dysfunctional and is willingly ignoring the very real concerns about Joe Biden’s mental health. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click 

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