Kamala Wipes Hand In Fear of South Korean Cooties

Kamala Wipes Hand In Fear of South Korean Cooties

Kamala Wipes Hand In Fear of South Korean Cooties

It was the hand wipe seen across the world when VP Kamala Harris wiped her hand after shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House.

The Veep, who has yet to, well, actually do anything to remedy the border crisis and illegal immigration, met with Moon to discuss North Korea, global health and the “root causes” of migration to the U.S. from Central America, Harris later wrote on Twitter:

Today, I met with Republic of Korea President Moon. We discussed North Korea, global health, and how we can address the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle. We look forward to working with President Moon to address the challenges we face.”-Vice President Kamala Harris

But first, she wiped her hand.

Was Kamala overly concerned about “global health” to the point she wiped her hand on her pantsuit? Yikes. Those South Korean cooties are real. I mean, this wasn’t even an inconspicuous hand wipe. Kamala would have been better off stepping over to her podium and discreetly using the ol’ hand sanitizer that is available to her. But Kamala Harris was not even the least bit discreet in this matter. What exactly is Kamala worried about, anyway? Isn’t she 100% vaccinated with the Trump vaccine she said she’d never receive if it was released under former President Trump.

But she received it under President Biden (who did nothing to speed up the process of production and distribution but took the credit anyway) so it’s “safe”.

And here we go again. Let’s mirror this Kamala blunder and put Donald Trump in the scene with President Moon. CNN would be all over this. MSNBC would be shrieking to all the land. The racist President wiped his hand after an Asian president shook his hand! But Kamala? We’re sure her concerns were completely legit. Some may call our pointing out of this little social gaffe as “petty” like when I called out Joe Biden for speeding off and not answering important questions on Israel. Go ahead. I can hear them now. Of course she wiped her hand. God only knows where his hand has been!

Should there be any concern, I would think President Moon would have more cause to wipe his hand on his suit after shaking hands with Kamala Harris. If he only knew Kamala Harris in her Willie days. Yep, I’m so petty! But, what can we expect from the Queen of Gauche who won’t even salute the military personnel as she climbs the steps to Air Force Two? Oh, I see, AP, they’re not required to! (They damn well should.) What can we expect from the second-in-command cackler? But there will still be those that defend Kamala because Fox News is racist and is just trying to drag a Black woman VP down and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Stupidest? Idiotest? You tell me. Here we see our Vice President of the United States wiping her hand on her pantsuit and thinking this will prevent her from catching any cooties from South Korea. Who’s the rocket scientist here?

But, but, but…maybe he had clammy hands“, they say. Okay, I’ll take it. There are still less obvious ways one could wipe hands after a clammy handshake. How about rubbing both hands on the pantsuit and smacking them on the legs once with a subtle nod of the head in a “let’s get down to business” gesture? Again, less conspicuous than her expression of disgust (because it was) and the one-hand wipe, just as ineffective.

Since the disease spreads via respiratory droplets, neither a handshake or fist bump would be a primary way to pass along the virus. An infected person would have to sneeze or cough into his hand, touch someone else’s hand, and that second person would then have to place that hand in close contact with their nose, mouth or even eyes to get infected with any virus that might still be on the hand’s surface. So there’s no real reason that fist bumps are any safer than shaking hands when it comes to COVID-19. And no reason to avoid shaking hands for that matter either.”-Alice Park, Time Magazine

But how could we expect the highly-educated female VP of The United States, who claims to belong to “The Party of Science” to know this? How could we expect Kamala Harris to distinguish China (where COVID-19 originated) from South Korea? But we’re the racists, apparently and need to atone. China cooties, South Korea cooties…they’re “all the same”, right, Kamala?

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  • American Human says:

    I think I ask myself the same question over and over day after day. How on earth did we get in this situation in the first place?

  • Mad Celt says:

    Considering her past antics in her rise to prominence she should be hosed down with Clorox.

  • Joanie Gee says:

    You need to work on your grammar. It should be “most stupidest” and ” most idiotest,” otherwise thanks for a real top notch article. I feel like I just won a crackerjack prize!

  • GregMan says:

    Does she think he eats dog, like Obama?

  • GWB says:

    met with Republic of Korea President Moon.
    We discussed …how we can address the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle
    WTF? How is the leadership of Korea responsible for the “immigration” problems we have from Mexico and Central and South America?! Is the Biden admin considering a DMZ somewhere? (‘Cause I’d be all in for that!) Does she not know geography? Was she sympathizing about the last time or two they had a lot of “immigrants” in their country?

    What exactly is Kamala worried about, anyway?
    She doesn’t want to smell like kimchi?

    you wipe your hands after touching anything
    Shouldn’t she have elbow-bumped or something, then?

    Seriously, the best part of this is that she likes to identify as black (for political purposes only). And the blacks in South Central LA (and other places) considered the Korean immigrants racist because they wouldn’t actually hand change back to the customer in their shops. (They would put it in a little tray on the counter.) Well, the actual reason for it is that Koreans (and several other Asian cultures) have a thing about touching any strangers. They do (or did) the same thing in Korea. With other Koreans. And here Kamala is reversing the racism.

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