Justin Bieber “Would Fix Some Gun Laws” If He Were President

Justin Bieber “Would Fix Some Gun Laws” If He Were President

Justin Bieber “Would Fix Some Gun Laws” If He Were President

It’s bad enough we have Kanye West claiming to want to run for president in 2020. Now, we have yet another celebrity sounding off on what he would do if he were president. I would make the snide remark that anybody would be better than who is in office now but let’s face it-we still have some pretty scary options on the upcoming roster! French website, Clique, interviewed Bieber this week on his musical collaborations with Kanye West, the public’s perception of him and the icing on the cake, the first thing he would do as U.S. President:

You can either suffer through the whole video for a good laugh but in summation, here it is:

“I’d probably fix some of the gun laws. In Canada we don’t really have any guns and there’s no gun violence. That really solves it, that’s for protection but it always ends up in some bozo’s hand.”

Everything is better in Canada. Funny though, it seems as if “The Beebs” is making his money here. He also neglected to mention gun crimes do occur in Canada. In October of 2014, an Islamic convert named Michael Zehif-Bibeau shot and killed a Canadian Forces reservist. Gun violence also resulted in the death of a Montreal man, Donald Cesar, just a few weeks ago. In a CBS News Toronto report this past August, gun crime hit a three year high according to police stats with at least 95 people injured or killed by bullets in the city. While Canadians may be cracking down, gun violence in Canada still exists. So, we’re not sure where Bieber is getting his information about Canadians “not really having any guns.”

Not “really”?

Okay, Mr. Bieber. We here at Victory Girls will make a deal with you. We will turn in our guns if you and your buddy Kanye give up your security detail at all of your public appearances and in your homes because, after all, guns are “not necessary”, right? We will turn in our guns if you turn over your pot and write a letter of apology to the flight crew you and your dad verbally abused after they told you and your entourage to stop smoking up on their plane, to the cops in Miami who arrested you (you resisted) and to the photographer in Argentina you ordered your bodyguards to attack. We will turn in our guns if you take a blood oath to never touch a drop of alcohol (because drunk driving kills people don’t you know), smoke a leaf of cannabis or swallow another Xanax (or other prescription medication that you abuse) ever again. We will turn in our guns if you rip up your work visa here in the United States of America, vow never to expose us to your voice ever again and vow never to accept any currency or payment coming from the good ol’ U. S. of A.

Psst. Are we turning over our guns? Not really. The only bozo here is Bieber. Funny, I don’t think Canada wants him, either.

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