#BellaBond: Conceived at Occupy Boston, Thrown Out Like Trash

#BellaBond: Conceived at Occupy Boston, Thrown Out Like Trash

#BellaBond: Conceived at Occupy Boston, Thrown Out Like Trash

My grandson Gus is three years old, about one-and-one-half months older than Bella Bond would have been, had she lived.

On his third birthday, June 15th, Gus celebrated with his mommy and daddy — and me — in his cheerful home in a Washington State small town.

Ten days later, on the other side of the nation, the tiny little body of Bella Bond was found in a trash bag on Deer Island in Winthrop, Massachusetts. No one knew her name. No one seemed to be missing her. She had washed up on this shore.


When little Bella’s third birthday rolled around, on August 6, she didn’t get to celebrate with her family. She was an anonymous “Baby Doe” stored in a morgue.

Then this past weekend, acting on a tip from neighbors, authorities were able to identify the tiny body as that of Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond, and arrested her mother, Rachelle Bond, and her boyfriend Michael McCarthy in connection with Bella’s death.


Bella’s young life had been — in the words of English philosopher Thomas Hobbes — “nasty, brutish, and short.” She had been conceived by Rachelle Bond and Joseph Amoroso in a tent during the Occupy Boston event in 2011. And while the Occupy Wall Street movement cursed corporations, it was the taxpayers employed by those corporations who paid for Rachelle Bond’s government benefits, including welfare and Section 8 housing. Bond chalked up a record of over a dozen arrests over the past decade, including assault and theft. She sold drugs to a pregnant woman outside a homeless shelter. And she prostituted herself for drugs, an endeavor which prompted Bella’s baby-daddy, Joseph Amoroso, to leave her.

Rachelle Bond, in a 2008 mug shot.

Because of these transgressions, two of Bond’s older children were taken from her by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Bond was also investigated for neglect of Bella, but DCF declined to remove her from the home.

Bella Bond, from Rachelle Bond’s Facebook page.

Rachelle Bond eventually hooked up with Michael McCarthy, five years her junior, the man who allegedly punched little Bella in the stomach until she died. He was convinced that the two-year-old was ‘possessed by demons.’ After Bella died both Bond and McCarthy placed her in a plastic bag and stored her in a type of refrigerator before finally disposing of her tiny broken body.

Joseph Amoroso, Bella’s father, appeared with his mother before camera to defend Rachelle Bond.


My question is this: where was Joseph Amoroso during Bella’s short and tragic existence? It’s understandable that he would break off his relationship with Rachelle Bond when he discovered that she had become a prostitute, but that had nothing to do with Bella. He knew what crimes Bond had committed, and the criminal activity in which she was involved, so why did he not protect his vulnerable little daughter, his own flesh and blood? Instead, he left her to the whims of a drug-addled mother and her possibly psychotic boyfriend.

Men are supposed to be protectors, and to defend their offspring. But what else would we expect from someone who had adhered to the Occupy pipe dream of a “mutually responsible community,” rather than individual responsibility, which is what Amoroso should have taken with Bella. However, as C.S. Lewis wrote in The Abolition of Man, “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise.” Amoroso is a textbook example of such a man without a chest, and little Bella paid with her life, not only through the direct actions of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, but through the neglect of her own father as well.

So while my grandson Gus enters his first days at preschool, Bella Bond will be laid to rest, although it is unclear at this time who will claim her body. Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, is one of ten people who have offered to provide her a burial. How terribly tragic that while little Bella was brutally treated during her short life by her mother, and neglected by her father, strangers have offered to provide tenderness to her in death.

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

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  • Amber says:

    I wonder if we could retrace this tragedy, going back further. What were the childhoods of the murderers like? While individual accountability is valid and important, some kids never have a chance at a normal, productive life. Imagine being abused by drug-addicted parents from a young age, for example, and not having even basic needs met. How can we prevent childhoods that lead to tragic adulthoods that hurt other childhoods? There has to be a piece to this that is systemic, as well as individual. Not just one or the other.

    • Kim Quade says:

      I don’t know what Rachelle Bond’s childhood was like. Her sister, who appears in the first video, did try to help Rachelle, but Rachelle immediately began stealing from her — so she tried to take some responsibility for her sister. On the other hand, in an article I read after I wrote the post, it was revealed that Joseph Amoroso didn’t even see his daughter in her 2 1/2 years of life. He also appears with his mother in the video I embedded — so where was Bella’s grandmother, for that matter?
      The US government, in its attempt to show largesse to the underprivileged (and to buy votes, IMO), have replaced the family. It has replaced the Judeo-Christian ethics which were the social underpinnings of this country. Add to the mix the coarsening of the culture, and you see the social disaster that has resulted.

  • Kodos says:

    I hope the ladies in whatever prison this vile creature is sentenced to show her what happens to “women” who kill or though neglect cause the deaths of their own children.

    Enjoy your preview of Hell, bitch!

  • Jodi says:


  • Amber says:

    Sometimes the killers childhoods are perfectly normal.
    I’m an eye witness to a double homicide where one son killed killed hos mom and his brother.
    They fought over someone standing in front of the tv during a commercial, apparently in the way of the other doing his homework, at the table, not watching the tv.
    Sometimes, killers are just killers.

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