Justice Democrats PAC Debuts Facebook Ads Slamming The DCCC

Justice Democrats PAC Debuts Facebook Ads Slamming The DCCC

Justice Democrats PAC Debuts Facebook Ads Slamming The DCCC

The Squad is taking their fight with the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to the next level. This time it’s having their PAC test run Facebook ads slamming the DCCC.

“The political action committee that helped cement the rise of the four Democratic congresswomen who eventually became known as “the Squad” has launched a set of Facebook ads fundraising off the recent diversity fiasco at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).”

Keep in mind that the PAC in question is the Justice Democrats PAC. That’s relevant in several ways, which I’ll get to in a minute.

The DCCC has definitely had some problems in the last few weeks. Evidently, having an Executive Director who is gay and white wasn’t good enough for the diversity ‘woke’ police. She was dumped from the DCCC as were five other staffers.  It seems the DCCC needs more people of color and of nationalities that aren’t white in order to be an effective campaign committee.

Quite a few Democrats weren’t amused and some were ticked off by the DCCC’s antics.

You know, I wonder how many folks from the DCCC attended the ‘jazz hands’ Democrat Socialist convention over the weekend?

With all of that infighting, you’d think that the Squad would just sit back and enjoy the show. Nope, they decide to fan the flames.

   Photo Credit: Screen grab via freebeacom.com 

Now The Squad and Justice Democrats were already ticked off at the DCCC for announcing that vendors who plan to work with a Democrat challenger to incumbents during the primary. Hence the mention of blacklist in the photo above. 

“”Even if the DCCC reforms to have more diversity in its ranks, it won’t mean much as they continue to use the DCCC blacklist, which disproportionately harms young progressives and candidates of color from challenging out-of-touch incumbents,” the ad said. “The DCCC won’t fight for new leadership in the party, so we will. Chip in to help elect leaders for the future.””

What they really want is for all the old guard Democrats – including Nancy Pelosi – to go away and let the Squad run things.

The timing of these Facebook ads is interesting given that one of the original founders of the Justice Democrats PAC not only abruptly resigned Friday as AOC’s Chief of Staff, he is under investigation by the FEC. Our readers may recall that we wrote about the FEC complaint filed against Saikat Chakrabarti several months ago. Furthermore, his awful comments regarding Congresswoman Sharice Davids didn’t help him any.

At the moment, the DCCC is cheering the news of various Republicans calling it quits after their current terms.

Will Hurd’s expertise on data/information security will be missed in Congress.

Will he be able to help field exceptional Republican candidates across Texas by 2020 and beyond? Time and a great deal of work is needed. Will the Justice Democrats jump in and try to find socialist candidates to run in Texas? Given their latest gambit, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The infighting between the DCCC and the Squad is going to continue unless Nancy drops her hammer on them. Who knows if that will happen given she was cozying up to Ilhan on their junket to Ghana just the other day.

The Justice Democrats want candidates who can out socialist Bernie Sanders while the DCCC flips their collective wigs over the fact that the committee wasn’t diverse enough. There just isn’t enough popcorn for these shows.

Feature Photo Credit: Screen grab from Justice Democrats website, cropped and modified

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  • Slickwilly says:

    Let them eat their own. The more they do, the more ‘moderate’ (Ha!) democrat voters are turned wither not vote, or vote against them.

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