Jussie Smollett Story Enters Twilight Zone

Jussie Smollett Story Enters Twilight Zone

Jussie Smollett Story Enters Twilight Zone

If you don’t watch Fox’s hip-hop TV series Empire, you probably don’t know the name of actor Jussie Smollett. But I bet you do now. He’s the openly gay star of Empire who claimed he was the victim of a ‘hate crime’ in Chicago. It allegedly happened in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when two men attacked Smollett after he returned from a Subway shop. Not only that, but the attackers yelled “racial and homophobic slurs” and poured “an unknown chemical substance” on him, according to the police report. The perps also put a rope around Smollett’s neck.

Oh, and the attackers yelled “MAGA,” too. Of course they did.

Here’s ABC News’ most recent take on the Smollett story:

After the story broke, the usual suspects crawled out of the woodwork. Rep. Maxine Waters blamed President Trump, claiming that such attacks “are coming from the president of the United States.” From Hollywood, gay actress Ellen Page sobbed during an appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Only she blamed Vice President Mike Pence, who “wishes I couldn’t be married,” and then said, “connect the dots. This is what happens.”

Okay. Whatever.

Then on Saturday, Jussie Smollett — the actor and singer most people probably never heard of — returned to West Hollywood as a conquering hero. Performing at the Troubadour, he teared up and told the sold-out crowd:

“I had to be here tonight, y’all. I can’t let [them] win.”

At the end of his set, Smollett announced:

“I’m the gay Tupac! So now, we can do our encore.”

Okay, I’m not sure that anyone should want to compare themselves to a violent rapper who died in a drive-by gang shooting, but, you be you, Jussie. By the way, police never solved Tupac’s murder, which happened over 20 years ago. Kind of like the Jussie Smollett ‘attack’ isn’t close to being solved, either.

If you’ve been scratching your head over this story, you’re not alone. I’ve been skeptical all along about Smollett’s story, although I didn’t want to jump to conclusions — unlike many in the mainstream and entertainment media. But the longer this story plays out, the more bizarre it’s becoming.

For example, when this attack took place — about 2:00 AM on the morning of January 29th — the polar vortex was starting to descend upon Chicago. The low for that day was -9 degrees, and you can bet the wind chill was much lower than that. So we’re supposed to believe that a couple of racists were roaming brutally cold Chicago streets to attack an actor who plays in a series they probably don’t watch. Plus they’re carrying an “unknown chemical” and a rope with them.

Does that sound legit to you? Me neither.

Also consider that this alleged attack happened in the Chicago neighborhood known as “Streeterville.” And even though Chicago is infamous for its high-crime ‘hoods, Streeterville isn’t one of them. According to Niche.com, which rates Chicago neighborhoods for millennials, Streeterville ranks as fifth best in the city. Median rent is nearly $2000 per month, and the median home value is over $500K.

Jussie Smollett

Streeterville, Chicago.

Credit: panoramio.com @ wikimedia commons. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Niche also notes this:

“Many young professionals and retirees live in Streeterville and residents tend to be liberal.”

Does that sound like MAGA territory to you? Me neither.

But Streeterville has its issues with crime, too. According to one of Smollett’s neighbors, who believes the actor’s story, there’s an area near the entrance to his apartment that’s dodgy:

“I have used the Lower Water entrance a lot. Lots of robberies down there.”

“It’s creepy even during the daytime and there are homeless people, creepy looking people down there on a regular basis.”

Plus, according to the neighbor, the building doesn’t even have security guards:

“The building doesn’t have security guards. We have one concierge and I can tell you the night [shift] ones are not always awake. I have friends come visit me and bypass the concierge and I’m like how the f*** did you get up here? Half of them couldn’t tell you what do in case of a fire.”

So perhaps Jussie Smollett was attacked, but by some anonymous homeless men who wouldn’t know who he was, and who certainly wouldn’t yell racial or homophobic slurs. That does sound legit. But wait! there’s more!

According to Rafer Weigel, a reporter for Fox 32 in Chicago, Jussie Smollett still had his sandwich with him after the alleged attack:

And if you’re a homeless guy outside on a below-zero Chicago night, wouldn’t you take that Subway sandwich?

But fear not! The Chicago police are getting to the bottom of this and will solve it soon. According to Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson:

“We are making gains in the investigation and hopefully we’ll bring it to a successful resolution soon.”

Pardon some of Chicago’s Finest if they’re raising their eyebrows at Johnson’s announcement. For example, Second City Cop, a blog run by an anonymous Chicago police officer, doesn’t buy it. In a post from February 2, Cop reported a couple of detectives who are working the case have concluded:

“It never happened. CPD is wasting hundreds of man hours to solve a Grindr date gone bad. The “victim” is refusing all forms of cooperation, his “ear witness” isn’t cooperating, the Hollywood press is running with a non-existent narrative. The “persons of interest” are all but unidentifiable and left the area 20 minutes before the “attack,” not to mention the anonymous witness who saw a “hillbilly looking” character that not a single camera in a one mile radius has a picture of.”

I’m not sure of what happened, of course, but this case is so deep in the Twilight Zone that I’m definitely not buying the tale Jussie Smollett has spun. Meanwhile, we’re barely into February, and already there are four people shot and killed in Chicago, with another 19 wounded — just for this month. And the 2018 homicide clearance rate clocked in at just shy of 16% solved. But it’s more important to solve an alleged “hate crime” that — like fish — stinks more and more the longer it hangs around. But hey — priorities, right?


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  • william chandler says:

    “He was on the phone at the time of the attack” and he still had his sandwich …………
    So he was viciously attacked and did not drop his phone or sandwich …. yeah, sure.

  • Aja says:

    Publicity stunt.

  • Mad Celt says:

    Never heard of the guy until this story. Strange, isn’t it, how he overnight reaches levels his career was not going simply by being a ‘victim’? Want to bet offers are now streaming in from people who otherwise ignored him? He can pack a house to standing room where once the vacancies were an eyesore.

  • j says:

    just because it did not happen does not mean you have to believe him.

  • GWB says:

    Yeah, this whole thing stinks, and has from the get-go.
    Yet another hoax by the racialists.

    Convince me I’m wrong, Mr Smollett.

  • Will Hunt says:

    The cops know what’s going on because they see it all the time. They can smell bs from a mile away.

  • R Kazootie says:

    This whole thing is BS. Hate crime. SMH ….Hope they put him behind bars for lying. CBS…. Report truth not circumstantial claims.

  • william chandler says:

    Groveling to the Hollywood Owners hoping for parts in movies . ….
    A new form of “casting couch” — Political Correctness Prostitution.

  • John Beargrass says:

    Sick, demented queer just so butt hurt about everything.

  • Pat says:

    I lived in that area for 7 years. I’m very familiar with it. This “attack” is complete horsesh*t.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Is this “unknown chemical” still unknown? Where’s CSI?

  • Strelnikov says:

    Don’t forget that the CPD is an ongoing criminal enterprise wholly in the sway of the Left, so, anything can happen over there. Reality does not always win out.

  • Dave H says:

    “Lots of robberies down there.”
    Smollett wasn’t robbed.

  • Bandit says:

    He supposedly went out to go to Subway at 2AM – that’s simply unbelievable

  • sound awake says:

    hes merely standing on the shoulders of giants

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