CBS Refuses To Air Nine Line Apparel’s Patriotic Ad During The Super Bowl

CBS Refuses To Air Nine Line Apparel’s Patriotic Ad During The Super Bowl

CBS Refuses To Air Nine Line Apparel’s Patriotic Ad During The Super Bowl

It used to be that those who watch the Super Bowl watched for two reasons. Either to cheer on their team or watch for all the new Super Bowl ads. Then the NFL started getting woke and politically correct and viewership has been tanking. So CBS’s move to arbitrarily dump Nine Line Apparel’s patriotic pro-flag ad because REASONS! is not a good look for CBS nor the NFL.

Keep in mind, the Nike ad showcasing Colin Kaepernick last year was A-ok!

But the ad from Nine Line? Must not air because supposedly the company can’t afford the $7 million price tag for a 45-second spot. 

According to the firm, Nine Line Apparel, CBS was apparently not satisfied the firm could pay for the 45-second ad, despite having annual revenues of $25 million. A spokesman for Nine Line charged that CBS didn’t like the ad’s content.

The ad features soldiers, first responders, and images of military graves decorated with American flags and gives credit to them for protecting the rights of those like Kaepernick to protest.

Quite frankly, that is an awesome ad! Nike had finished the Colin friendly ad by asking if people’s dreams aren’t crazy enough. What I think is great is that Nine Line takes that ad and upends it to point out how great it is that we have men and women crazy enough to go all in to protect, serve, and defend.

Understandably, Nine Line wasn’t thrilled with CBS’s decision. CEO Tyler Merritt is blunt.

“CBS’s purported reason for rejecting a Super Bowl commercial that extols patriotism is totally out of bounds,” he said. “Let’s call this what it is: a blatant attempt to censor a message that their politically correct executives find offensive. We urge Americans who believe it’s important to show respect for our flag and national anthem to join us in calling out this offensive bias. It’s time to give a penalty flag to CBS.”

Here’s the thing, Nine Line’s annual revenue more than exceeds the cost of a Super Bowl ad. Moreover, CBS’s rationale that a small company can’t handle the cost? That’s not up to them to decide that what such a big ad buy will or won’t do to the company’s bottom line.

What is interesting is that SUDDENLY the Washington Post has jumped into the ad game.

Ryan said The Post purchased the spot when it became available last week. A Washington Post spokeswoman declined to say how much the advertisement cost to produce, or how much money The Post paid for the slot. CNBC reported that CBS is charging a record $5.25 million for a 30-second slot.

Connect the dots folks. Last week a spot opens up and the WaPo decides to jump into the game? The timing is ….suspicious for sure.

So let’s get this straight. The Washington Post, which has been bleeding readership can suddenly afford a $7 million or so commercial with Tom Hanks narrating for the Super Bowl and CBS says SURE! But Nine Line Apparel gets thrown to the curb because REASONS! and MONEY!?? This Jeep ad, which I do like, is ok with CBS, but Nine Line’s isn’t?

Quite honestly, I think that CBS kicked Nine Line to the curb because it hits at something the NFL and media have been trying to hide the entire 2018 NFL season, the anti-American kneeling stance by too many of the players.

It’s well documented that the NFL and media conspired to not air players kneeling this season. Sweeping the issue under the rug did help the NFL to a certain extent, yet it’s becoming more and more apparent that the NFL’s patriotism is only for show as long as it helps their bottom line.

Nine Line has issued an ad that challenges our perception of those who protect, serve, and defend.

We should be truly grateful to all our first responders and our military that they are indeed “crazy enough.” I know I am.

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  • A.F. says:

    Thank you 9 Line Apparel. I’m sorry to see you got screwed with your commercial and I’m glad to see a company at least try to do that despite the flag burning, National Anthem kneeling people and trends in society now. I’ll forever be pro-flag and respect our military and first responders.

  • Mimi says:

    Why not? Give it a shot!

  • Bobby Ahr says:

    Might turn out to best $7 million they never spent.

  • Scott says:

    Well hell, time to go buy a couple more Nine Line shirts…

  • D. Lange says:

    Ask FOX to air your ads! They have mostly conservatives who watch and it’d be a great marketing move, too. I’ll bet the price tag wouldn’t be $7 million either! There are MANY of us who’d love seeing you in an ad slot on FOX!

    Incidentally; THANK YOU for remaining patriots in this very anti-military, anti-Christian; and anti-common sense time of the liberals. You’re stand for truth is encouraging to all of us!!!

  • sound awake says:

    regarding the word “sacrifice”…

    kaepernick in particular and leftists in general should as an industry best practice refrain from using big words they dont understand

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