Joy Villa’s Music Sales Climb And #MAGA Dress Was Designed By Legal Immigrant [Video]

Joy Villa’s Music Sales Climb And #MAGA Dress Was Designed By Legal Immigrant [Video]

Joy Villa’s Music Sales Climb And #MAGA Dress Was Designed By Legal Immigrant [Video]

The Grammy’s, as Toni noted here, seem to thrive on controversy, politics, self absorption (ok so that’s always been the case), outlandish attire, and music. I’ll admit I don’t watch the shows, but I do check out the fashion. Hence the post last night concerning singer Joy Villa’s epic trolling with her #MAGA dress.

Oh she definitely went big. YUUGE in fact!

Needless to say the haters came out in force. And none of it was pretty.

That’s just…not even remotely the same. WOW.

Sell out game hmmm? So everyone was hoping Joy’s sales would tank, her label would dump her asap, and she’d fade into complete obscurity in about .00005 seconds. And that happened right?? UMMM No.

The 25-year-old’s EP “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s top digital paid albums and reached number seven on the iTunes top album chart after her red carpet appearance.

“I am 100 percent a Trump supporter. I believe in his message, I believe he will run this country like he runs his life, successfully,” Villa told Fox News. “I stand as a proud American and I stand for a unified America that is tolerant of each other no matter who we voted for. I stand behind our President because that’s the American thing to do. I believe in love, above all.”

How about them apples??!! And then there’s this interesting tidbit regarding Andre Soriano, the designer of Joy’s dress. Remember the Home Depot dress a couple of years ago? Yep, he designed that one for Joy also!

Warning, the following may trigger liberals…

A. Andre Soriano emigrated LEGALLY to the United States from the Philippines.

B. He states that the message of the dress is a positive one

C. Was discovered on Rhiana’s reality tv show and launched his fashion line in 2013 and counts Joy as one of his premier clients.

D. He is a Trump supporter, but more importantly he is a proud American!

“There are a lot of people that are in power that really misconstrued what this country stands for,” he said. “I love this country. I’m from the Philippine islands, I am a proud American. I really love this country. I am a minority, Joy is black. America is about immigrants.”

As for the inspiration behind the pro-Trump dress, he says, “I heard that somebody wanted to bomb the White House. And then I saw the Women’s March. … Joy Villa is all about love with her music. I’m like, ‘ Joy, We have to make a statement on what is right for our country, of what we believe in, for the Constitution.'”

Needless to say, both Joy and Andre made a statement last night.

Whether the dress was a fashion Do or Don’t doesn’t matter. What matters is, they exercised their freedom of speech and expression . In my book that puts a major check in the Win column!

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  • GWB says:

    Well, I’m not any more a fan of wearing your politics on your sleeve errr, entire dress when it’s pro-Republican than when it’s progressive. But it’s funny to see this all occur in utter defiance of the progressive order of the universe.

    Can we please get Betsy DeVos to do ONE “Dear Colleague” letter before she dissolves the Department of Education? Just ONE that would insist that the actual definition of “fascism” be taught in the 8th grade and beyond, in every year of school, to include Basket Weaving majors at Oberlin?

  • Nina says:

    I’m not a fan either. But the meltdown that has occurred from this defiance has been something!

    But wait! That would mean the Basket Weaving majors would have to …THINK. Oh. The. Horror.

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