Josh Earnest Unable To Deny Obama’s Sr. Admin Officials Lied About #IranDeal [VIDEO]

Josh Earnest Unable To Deny Obama’s Sr. Admin Officials Lied About #IranDeal [VIDEO]

Josh Earnest Unable To Deny Obama’s Sr. Admin Officials Lied About #IranDeal [VIDEO]

Iran’s true colors continue to shine through.

Iran successfully test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile capable of striking U.S. forces in the region as well as Israel, the third such test since the nuclear agreement with Western nations took effect in January, multiple defense officials confirmed to Fox News.

Keep in mind this test, the THIRD one this year, is in total defiance of the U.N resolution ordering Iran to halt its ballistic program.


The U.S. response is?

“Iran has to abide by U.N. resolutions with regard to ballistic missiles tests, and if they have violated or not been consistent with those resolutions, that clearly would be a concern for us,” Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said.

Wow, golly gee…that’ll give ’em pause! And, if that’s not bad enough we find out via Legal Insurrection that Obama, Kerry, other Sr. administration officials, and particularly Ben Rhodes were fully engaged in lying to the American public and treating the media as idiot shills for YEARS about their plans to “negotiate” with Iran and craft this insanely craptastic deal.

Perhaps that’s why White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest had an interesting moment at today’s briefing.

Watch below as Fox New’s Kevin Corke poses THE question.

Holy Death Glare Batman!!

Josh was pretty ticked off that he was asked about the Iran Deal TWICE and had to admit that YES, the White House lied like a rug.

If the reporters sitting in that briefing room had any smarts at all – they’d be running with that question and response for the next week. Oh wait, some already are and a certain White House communications director has her shorts in a knot.

Oh gee, I don’t know. Maybe its because…


Facts about how bad Iran is might have something to do with it…

We’ve given Iran buckets of money, looked the other way when they started buying missile defense systems from Russia hand over fist, apologized profusely when Iran took OUR sailors hostage earlier this year, and continue to make excuses when Iran keeps pushing the boundaries of the deal they STILL HASN’T SIGNED!

But never mind that. You see, its not about Iran continuing its state sponsored terror activities and building missiles. Nor is it about the White House lying through their teeth about the Iran deal. We are supposed to ignore all of that and focus instead on ensuring that John Kerry gets as many hugs as he can and Obama will have that legacy he so desperately wants.

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