John Cusack And His Bike At Chicago Protests

John Cusack And His Bike At Chicago Protests

John Cusack And His Bike At Chicago Protests

Actor John Cusack and his bike were out and about at the riots in Chicago on Saturday night. He is kvetching because his bike caught the worst of the encounter. Between the violent riots and the epic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome Cusack has, he should have stayed home.

Victory Girls’ Kim wrote a spot blog post today about the fact that the murder of George Floyd has almost been forgotten. If you have read her post, read it here. John Cusack, his bike and his tweets make Kim’s point for her.

John Cusack has joined Cardi B and other celebutantes in contributing to the dialogue about the racial issues in America. Here is how the Chicago Tribune reported Cusack’s gift to the conversation:

While attending protests in downtown Chicago on Saturday, actor John Cusack said on Twitter that police “came at me with batons” and were hitting his bike as he attempted to film a burning car.

Why were John Cusack and his bike out and about during a violent riot?

Based on his tweets, Cusack appeared to be downtown in an effort to document the moment. He tweeted that he had been hit with pepper spray and had this observation: “It’s nasty as f— out there. Everyone is on edge, things burning — open looting — Magnificent Mile — and all over.”

Ladies and Gentlemen: The above is exhibit one on why actors read other people’s words. Thank You. Mr. Cusack videoed his police encounter. It’s only nine seconds so it’s repeated a few times:

“Get your bike out of here.” Let’s be clear, John Cusack did not have a press pass. He was a middle-aged, white man on a bike at night in Chicago, during a riot. What did he think the police were going to do? He alleges that he was pepper-sprayed, and you can hear the police batons hitting his bike. Too bad. So sad.

But, given the raging Trump Derangement Syndrome infesting in the brain of Mr. Cusack, God only knows what he was thinking. Did I say raging TDS? Yes, I did. John Cusack has blocked me (What???) from seeing his tweets, but I found someone who got a screen grab of a few of the actor’s tweets:

Thank you, Matt Couch for the screen grabs. And, Mr. Couch is right. How are these tweets not tagged by Twitter? As I said, John Cusack makes Kim’s point for her. Nowhere in his tweets does Cusack mention George Floyd or police brutality. His only point is his hatred for President Trump. And, there is no video of Donald Trump, with the police in Minneapolis, killing George Floyd.

Cusack was born and raised in the tony Chicago suburb of Evanston and it shows. Can you say privilege? Mr. Cusack and his bike need to go out only during the day and only to see his therapist. Riots are no place for older men and their bikes, especially with TDS like John Cusack has.

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  • Lewis says:

    Cusack just needs a very solid beating… Kinda like what the white & black niggers face the business owner who was trying to defending himself and his business with a sword received.

    These rioters simply need to feel a few A10’s running over the crowd where the pilot fully depresses the trigger… Then a couple more Fairchilds make their pass … These are communist China and George Soros funded terrorists. You can even sign up on to be a paid terrorist

  • SFC D says:

    And the academy award for best performance as a privileged douchebag goes to…

  • GWB says:

    Everyone is on edge
    Well, no s*** Sherlock! It’s a riot!
    That’s why you should not have been there!

  • Marc Allen Johnson says:

    Looks like Cusaks account was suspended

  • Prioleau says:

    Cusack. What a tool.
    He’ll say anything.
    Maybe he’d be better off dead.

    I crack myself up.

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