Joe Biden: Brainless And Now Homeless

Joe Biden: Brainless And Now Homeless

Joe Biden: Brainless And Now Homeless

Joe Biden has become increasingly laborious to listen to as what seems like the longest and most disastrous presidential nightmare.

As I, (Lisa) sit in my comfortable home after an 8-hour flight delay with my cup of coffee and skim the news, I find it no surprise that 46 is up to his old, privileged, delusional, mindless ramblings once again. This time, about his weekend in Rehoboth Beach.

And we know what you’re thinking…wasn’t the Big Guy just on a two-week vacation? How judgmental are we, the American Public (AKA “Far Right Bigots” for those Biden supporters out there). The President deserves a weekend without labor.

Here’s how the story plays out. Joe Biden was leaving Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church in Rehoboth Beach, when he, apparently, approached reporters to tell them this:

I have no home to go to.”-Joe Biden

Wait, what?! In swooped The Associated Press to clean up this doozy:

Two weeks ago, he and his family spent a week on vacation in Nevada’s Lake Tahoe region. The Republican National Committee regularly criticizes Biden for vacating the White House on weekends.

He first told reporters about the security upgrades to his Wilmington home in April, when he went to the beach house after returning from a trip to Ireland.”-Darlene Superville, The Associated Press

“So I have no place to go when I come to Delaware, except here, right now,” he said, referring to his home in Rehoboth Beach. “I’m only here for one day.”

Poor old Joe. Two houses plus the White House but he’s still suffers cause he can’t go home, so please, dears, stop saying he’s on vacation.

Gotta love that “unprompted” bit, too. Befuddled Joe rarely is allowed off-leash unless he’s had his go-go-juice shots and a rehearsed script. Could be a bit of CYA from Joey’s handlers, especially after Maui residents were a might upset with his “No Comment” from his beach chair a couple weeks ago.

Apparently, crews are working to make Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home more secure “in a good way”, he says. Like there’s a “bad way” to make a home more secure and President Pudding Pop would know exactly what that is? I’m confused…

Poor guy, though. He has not been to his Wilmington, Delaware residence to visit his Corvette that almost caught fire and torched in months. Nobody knows the troubles he has seen.

Cue the “journalists”: Oh, President Biden! You poor soul! Are you homeless?!

No, I’m not homeless. I just have one home. I have a beautiful home. I’m down here for the day because I can’t go home home.”-Joe Biden

This exhausts the level of Monday WTF in all of us, let me tell you. You can’t go home-home? Is that what privileged, old white guys who own more than one multi-million-dollar home call their primary residence? Home-home? That’s so cute. Get the man a double-scoop cone cone of Jeni’s chocolate chocolate chip, won’t ya?

Are we, Lulu?

This guy, your president did this, and then had “no comment” while Maui burned and children and the elderly were left for dead. When he finally did comment, he likened the utter destruction in Maui to a house fire in his-(ahem, let me clear my throat)-


This brainless old fart is as clueless and tone-deaf as they come. Let’s not only bring Maui into this equation, let’s talk about families in East Palestine, Ohio, who can not yet return to their homes. Their only homes. Or the residents of Perry, Florida, who have one home they cannot return to because it is under water? Let’s also bring in the ongoing homeless crisis in our cities.

Want to fold in another layer to the ramblings of this thoughtless buffoon? Think about this. While Joe Biden travels with extra security flanking him on a beach, at church and whenever he goes to leer at children through restaurant windows, crime is on the increase. Other people his age do not feel safe in their homes or in their neighborhoods. Some of these people, as a result of homelessness and crime, are leaving the homes they’ve had for years in search of safety. These people do not have the luxury of a beach house to go to while security gets beefed up in their main domicile “in a good way”.

Next stop on the Joe Biden sympathy tour? Burning Man. He can talk to privileged hippies about how his life savings and 10% cut he received from his son Hunter almost floated away because it was shoved in the guest room mattress after a bad rainstorm.

We’ve always known that nobody was “home”. Hey Joe, as far as the White House goes in 2024, you don’t have to go “home-home”, but you sure as hell can’t stay there.

-VG, Darleen Click contributed to this post.

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