Jill Biden: Self-Proclaimed Healer Of The Nation

Jill Biden: Self-Proclaimed Healer Of The Nation

Jill Biden: Self-Proclaimed Healer Of The Nation

Vanity, thy name is DOCTOR Jill. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Jill Biden named her role in this crap-tastic, disastrous first year of her husband, Joe Biden’s presidency.

No, DOCTOR Jill did not call herself exploiter-in-chief as we’ve watched her, time and time again, humiliate and put her husband’s sheer incompetence and senility on display for the sake of living in The White House. The DOCTOR-who is actually a community college professor-Jill gives herself a title. Are you ready for this? I mean, she didn’t expect this at all. Jill Biden, claims she is a “healer” of a “nation wounded by a deadly pandemic”. For reference, this is where Jill wanted to be in 2020:

At vaccination sites, Jill Biden encouraged people to get protected and held hands with both grown-ups and kids getting their jabs. At schools, she toured classrooms and spoke with students about writing in journals to help them cope during the pandemic. At military bases, she thanked military spouses and other family members for sacrificing alongside their loved ones in uniform.”--Darlene Superville

Advocating for education (by spreading COVID panic with Anthony Fauci and advocating for teachers’ unions pushing school closures). Advocating for military families (after The Biden Administration pulled out of Afghanistan and left Americans behind). But Jill Biden did say that the role of First Lady can be “anything she wants it to be”, which is a good thing for her considering education and showing any regard for military families thus far has been a bust.

So, when she is not turning on Matlock for her husband, or helping him up and down the stairs of Air Force One, Jill Biden is “reimagining” her role as First Lady a year into the Biden Administration. She is a healer, apparently.

She hugged people as they stood in front of the charred ruins of their lives and later offered public condolences for dogs and other pets killed in the blaze.”--Darlene Superville

Hugger and healer, Jill Biden, wants the American people to know she is there for them. Because, as blatantly obvious as it is, her husband is clearly not even on this planet most of the time. Go on, AP, with your love-affair of this DOCTOR who could not even follow the basic rules of punctuation in her thesis.

For the most part, Jill Biden isn’t caught up in the capital’s frenzy, giving her the chance instead to serve as something of an ambassador between her husband’s administration and communities across the country, regardless of their political leanings.”--Darlene Superville

I’m sure Darlene Superville of AP was completely awestruck sitting poolside in Vegas with the good “doctor”. Years ago, visits to disaster sites were called “publicity stunts” by the mainstream media. Melania Trump (GASP) wore stilettos! Oh, and remember THE Jacket that broke the Internet? (They will defend to the end DOCTOR Jill’s choice to wearfishnets, though.) Flash forward to 2022, visiting communities impacted by tragedy gives Jill Biden the platform to step in as “Healer-in-Chief”? The only thing missing here is the snake oil. Perhaps Jill should carry some in her purse just like Hillary carried her hot sauce.

Somebody may need to give Jill a hearing aid after this tone-deaf proclamation. Her role as First Lady is not “ever-evolving”, as she likes to claim. It is ambiguous. I mean, Michelle Obama at least had that whole starving our kids through school lunch programs disaster and Melania had her Be Best campaign. But, Jill? She is the self-proclaimed healer and a hugger. Hey, DOCTOR Biden, why don’t you go into our liberal cesspool cities and hug the AntiFa thugs who have trashed the place? These man-child soy boys who still live in mom’s basement just need some healing and a hug. Maybe some yoga. There, there. It would make life so much better for them!

For her, the White House ‘is a magical place.’ When she wakes up, she thinks, ‘Wow, look where I am.’ But she also feels there’s a lot of work to do in the country and, because of that, she can’t “get my coffee and sit in bed and watch the news.”

‘I’ve always said that if I were ever given this platform I would never waste it. Not one day. That’s why when I wake every day I think, What can I do today? … What am I doing? Where am I going? What’s the strategy? What’s the plan?’”--Darlene Superville

The White House is a “magical place”, isn’t it? Especially when Jill Biden wakes to think how she ended up there. Oh, the platform she has been given to be a healer while she willingly lets her husband humiliate himself and embarrass our nation. The only strategy DOCTOR Jill cares about is her own.

Healer-Hugger-DOCTOR, Jill Biden, told AP that she wants to “layer things” onto her role as First Lady. Pray tell what those layers are? Get ready for ’em-she wants to “bring art and artists to the White House and her hope that the pandemic will recede enough to allow the White House to reopen to tourists and more socializing”.

Will Hunter’s art be showcased? Will taxpayers pay for this “struggling, misunderstood artist” to finally make his breakthrough, heal the world through his work (and buy some more crack for his next bender)? How much more can the Bidens scam from the American people? And there it is…the glimmer, the hope of “socialization” again! After HER husband’s administration has struck fear in the hearts and minds of the American people about seeing their loved ones during the holidays, Jill Biden has the utter gall to even mention socializing?

“Healer Jill” says things have got to get better. And she’s going to make it happen! Oh, to have a mask-free gala at The White House with Billie Eilish warbling in the East Wing and Cardi B rapping about her Wide-Ass P—y. Class. Style. Grace. Healer. That’s Jill Biden. Gag me with a crowbar.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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