James Comey Lied: Majority Of Hillary Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop Were Never Examined [VIDEO]

James Comey Lied: Majority Of Hillary Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop Were Never Examined [VIDEO]

James Comey Lied: Majority Of Hillary Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop Were Never Examined [VIDEO]

These days, James Comey is all about the truth along with sub tweeting truthisms at Trump. However, we now find out that, despite his many assurances, James Comey lied about most of the details concerning the Weiner laptop email investigation. Not that James Comey lying about the Weiner emails nor anything else is exactly a shock. But still. 

Remember, this investigation started on September 26, 2016 when FBI agents investigating Weiner for having yet another round of text messages and emails with a minor, discovered well over 300,000 emails on the laptop that came from his wife Huma and Hillary Clinton. Blackberry messages from Clinton were also part of that discovery.

The agent described the discovery as an “oh-shit moment.”

“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” he asked another case agent.

Yeah, I’d say that was an ‘Oh Shit!’ moment alright. So, what did those FBI agents do? Their job and passed this on up the chain like they were supposed to. Who exactly was notified? In order:

  • Bill Sweeney, in charge of the New York Office on September 27
  • Andrew McCabe and other major officials including Justice Dept Inspector General Michael Horowitz on September 28 *remember, McCabe claimed he was never briefed but notes and direct conversations say otherwise
  • Peter Strzok was briefed by McCabe on September 28 as well
  • McCabe then met with Comey privately that afternoon and had multiple phone calls with him that evening.

Lie Number One: Comey claimed in his book as well as during interviews that he never heard about the emails until early October. He also claimed at the same time that he never realized that Huma was a close personal confidante of Hillary Clinton’s.

Meanwhile was action taken regarding these emails given the issues and the Hillary Clinton email investigation titled “Mid-Year Exam?” Nope. In fact Strzok sat on them for another 26 days.

It took several FBI agents blowing the whistle on the inaction to get the investigation going. However, there were still others who insisted anything in the emails was all a giant nothing burger.

Lie Number Two: Comey actually stated that new technology allowed them to comb through all the new emails and text messages to accurately compare the new trove with all other emails that Hillary so ‘helpfully’ provided in earlier days of the investigation. In fact, the system used had a major technical glitch that didn’t allow them to compare the two. Of the 694,000 emails uncovered; only 3,077 were reviewed. Yes folks, you read those numbers correctly.

Lie Number Three: Comey testified that no new sensitive information had been found. Except for the fact that out of the emails reviewed, MORE classified info was found that included emails about extremely sensitive material concerning Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

Hillary Clinton was NEVER asked about the new information uncovered. NEVER.

Not only that, but the new information was never analyzed for damage to national security. NOR was it referred to the other U.S. intelligence agencies to determine what if any aspects of our national security had been compromised. Which is something that they should’ve done because it is a FEDERAL MANDATE to do so. In fact it’s an actual policy that must be adhered to.

Yet not long ago Comey said he was ‘concerned’ about Trump’s attacks on the FBI.

And, just a few days ago he tweeted another ‘trutherism.’

Lie Number Four and Five: Material recovered was NOT duplicate material but brand new information, that was classified. A call sheet regarding a discussion with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ran four pages. A classified ‘readout’ of a call with a UAE prime minister ultimately ended up housed on Weiner’s laptop under the subheading titled “Anthony Campaign.” Contrary to Comey’s testimony on May 2017, these emails had not been seen before.

Lie Number Six: Comey has maintained that the FBI left no stone unturned. And perhaps for the agents in the field that is true. As for Peter Strzok and James Comey, they left a significant number of stones untouched in their investigation. Why? Hillary Clinton.

Exit Question per the Real Clear Investigations report: Where is the Weiner laptop and what did the FBI do with the data from it?

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  • Chaz says:

    Honest Abe, of the FBI. High your mouth.:-)

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  • Bruce says:

    Toot sure that you can say that Comey lied here. Yes, he stated an untruth, but what may be missing here from lying is scienter (intent). This was almost all on Peter Strzok. He is the one who intentionally ignored the emails, trying to run out the clock, justifying it on the grounds of lack of resources to do both: investigate Crooked Hillary’s emails and Trump’s Russian collusion, so concentrated on the latter. When caught, by the panic by the NYC FBI and SDNY, he first thought that it was too big of a job to do in the week before the election, then told his management that his team of three had done so after a pizza fueled over nighter. He told them that Quantico had done miracles. But then there was a technical glitch. Turns out that most likely that technical glitch was that he had accepted paper, and not electronic, copies of the Clinton emails back in June, and that meant that they had incomplete email headers (aka metadata). Most often, paper (and screen) copies of emails only show certain header fields like: To; From; Subject, etc. Most of the routing information is not displayed or printed, and critically, three fields that use a “msg-id” parameters. Each email created has a globally unique msg-id, and they can be used to rapidly deduplicate and thread emails. These were almost assuredly (probably intentionally) missing from the emails provided Strzok earlier in June, and their lack made de duplicating those emails with the Abedin/Weiner emails, a monumental undertaking.

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