Issa To Social Media: Save Your Hunter Biden Records

Issa To Social Media: Save Your Hunter Biden Records

Issa To Social Media: Save Your Hunter Biden Records

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) wants some answers, and he wants to use the power of his office to get it.

We all know the tacit collusion among Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) kept the Hunter Biden laptop story from getting the coverage that it warranted in the weeks before the election. What WAS new and explicit was the interference and deliberate blocking and downgrading of the story within the social media realm. And now Issa is warning the social media company heads to hang on to their records, because he’s going to be asking for them.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal on Thursday to preserve all internal records related to the companies’ suppression of news coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020, according to copies of the congressional preservation letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.”

The congressman is asking Zuckerberg, Agrawal, Facebook communications director Andy Stone, and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to “Immediately initiate document preservation for all materials relating to questions, inquiry, conversation, strategy, and response to the media reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop and/or its contents that first appeared in the New York Post on October 14, 2020,” and to notify employees, consultants, and subcontractors who might have access to relevant materials.”

Issa said his office is investigating efforts by social media outlets and Democratic operatives to stifle the New York Post bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, which was based on emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop.”

“This is the scandal that Big Tech and the Democrat industrial complex wish would go away,” Issa told the Free Beacon. “They know what they did, and of course they think they’ve gotten away with it. That’s why it’s critical that we not squander the opportunity for accountability.”

And it’s not just the social media big names that are getting this warning. White House chief of staff Ron Klain, and press secretary Jen Psaki (who famously tweeted out that the Hunter Biden story was “Russian disinfo” during the campaign, but doesn’t like to have questions asked about it now) both got the same message from the congressman.

Issa also sent preservation requests to top Biden 2020 campaign aides—including now-White House press secretary Jen Psaki and chief of staff Ron Klain—as well as a group of Biden-supporting former U.S. intelligence officials who claimed the laptop appeared to be part of a “Russian information operation.”

The preservation requests don’t have the legal power of a congressional subpoena, but companies could take a political risk if they refuse to comply—particularly if Republicans gain the House majority next year, giving them control of investigative committees and subpoena authority.”

That last line is the big one. The Democrats know that they are in for a bruising come the midterms, which is why 31 of them in the House are retiring. While nothing is assured, the “red wave” that has been predicted for this year may well end up being a bloodbath, and some honest Democrats have realized it.

(Representative Stephanie) Murphy said the DCCC is out of touch with reality, and needs major reform.”

On the DCCC being out of touch: “I am surprised at how short the memory is. It’s as short as being celebrated for having flipped a seat and then excoriated for taking votes that help you keep that seat. I’m not talking about myself. I think about people like ABBY SPANBERGER [(D-Va.)], like some of these other members where in ’18, they were celebrities for helping us win the majority. And as soon as they went about taking the votes that would help them keep and represent the seat that they had won, they drew the ire of the Democrats.”

Murphy, a Democrat from Florida, can see that the hard left agenda of the Democrats is going to lose this November. When that happens, do you think that the Republicans, now in charge of the House, would like to have some hearings where they could publicly embarrass Zuckerberg and Dorsey and the rest of the media cabal who deliberately kept a legitmate story out of the news cycle? Issa, in sending these letters, is laying the groundwork for that to happen.

The real issue, though, is that we’ve seen this show before. Republicans get control back of Congress, they hold a few hearings, and then… nothing. Embarrassment never lasts, and there are never any real consequences for the bad actors. Which is why it’s essential that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings keep moving forward, and that the son who has continually profited off of his Daddy’s job be held to account for every dollar he accepted from those looking to peddle their influence.

Featured image: Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), official portrait, cropped, public domain

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