Irony Alert: James Comey Under Investigation for His Handling of Classified Info

Irony Alert: James Comey Under Investigation for His Handling of Classified Info

Irony Alert: James Comey Under Investigation for His Handling of Classified Info

Former FBI Director James Comey was reportedly, and conveniently, “out of the country” last week, and who knows what field he’s standing in today…

…but amid the substantial controversy following the long-anticipated release of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s review of the (mis)handling of the Clinton email investigation that transpired during the waning days of the Obama Administration, he also finds himself conveniently unavailable to testify before Congress about the findings. Well, this little nugget, dropped yesterday afternoon during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, might explain his conspicuous absence:

Horowitz’s answer was a response to this:

The revelation came during a Senate Judiciary Committee Monday afternoon, where Inspector General Michael Horowitz [was] testifying.

Horowitz was asked by Chairman Chuck Grassley if Comey was under OIG investigation for mishandling memos created about his conversations with President Trump. Some of those memos were classified and leaked to a friend by Comey, who then gave them to a reporter at the New York Times. Comey said during Congressional testimony last year he leaked the memos in order to prompt a Special Counsel investigation.

June 2017: James Comey testifies before Congress about the Clinton email investigation. (Photo Credit: Washington Examiner)

Also noticeably absent from the hearing to which she was invited was former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Funny how when one is not an Average Joe that skipping an oversight hearing the subject of which you are intimately-tied is just fine and dandy and without repercussion.

So…could Comey’s own alleged mishandling of work-related business explain his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton, a conclusion he reportedly made unilaterally, and without the knowledge of, former Attorney General Lynch (and excuse me while I call BS on her ignorance given that infamous tarmac powwow with Bill Clinton)? Who knows. But I suspect Comey was (is!) so inept that he couldn’t see that he was setting himself up as a scapegoat for the Obama Administration’s lawlessness and corruption with regard to the skewed handling of the Clinton email investigation.

This much is certain: the DOJ’s OIG is in a pickle. How can he possibly, with a straight face, find Mr. Comey responsible for leaking classified information—and along with it the corresponding violations of federal law—while the FBI and the DOJ in the same breath ignore the well-documented facts that prove Hillary Clinton did the very same thing? Only on a far grander, and consequential, scale. Make no mistake: while the law does not require “intent” to find a violation of 18 USC 793(f) as Comey asserted regarding Hillary’s mishandling of classified documents, Comey is on video, testifying before Congress, that he intentionally leaked the now-infamous memos to his BFF-slash-attorney in order to trigger the Mueller probe. Does his testimony explain the discussion of an “insurance policy” in Andrew McCabe’s office? And will Comey’s own words regarding “intent” come back to bite him in the toches?

While he flaunts himself as Captain Benevolent, a Super G-man looking out only for America’s best interests and therefore unaccountable for his usurpation of DOJ authority, the self-serving Comey should nevertheless be held accountable for his own mishandling of classified information. Anything less entrenches the behavior into an already-mistrusted FBI.

Shush with the facts, dude! We’re trying to feign self-righteousness!

Meanwhile, check out Senator Graham’s questioning of Horowitz:

Couple that with this:

Paging Michael Flynn: During the Clinton email investigation, FBI agents discussed how a witness who obviously lied to them would never see charges. (Click to enlarge. Photo Credit: The Federalist)

Unless he’s given the super-special Hillary Clinton-esque “investigation” deal like the one above, Comey (and for that matter, McCabe) best hire himself a competent gaggle of attorneys, and get used to viewing the underside of Obama’s Fall Guy Bus. Because from where I’m sitting, this looks like potential obstruction of justice in the Clinton non-investigation “investigation.” And it may soon be up to Jeff Sessions to decide Comey’s fate. Unless, of course, he’s still in an underground bunker somewhere with his eyes, ears, and mouth duct-taped shut.

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  • Scott says:

    Just amazing! why do any of these people still have jobs? they should ALL be sitting in a cell, awaiting court hearings. It’s not like they don’t know who these criminals masquerading as LEO’s are… Sessions needs to do his damn job, otherwise he’s part of the problem!

  • Sparky the Clown says:

    You mean the last boy scout isn’t going to save the republic?

    • Jodi says:

      He tried his best. 😉 Thing is: IF they charge him with any violation of the law, we’ll know that we no longer have equal justice. And if they don’t, the same can be said. There’s no winning here.

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