Iowa Caucuses: 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is Biggest Trump Threat

Iowa Caucuses: 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is Biggest Trump Threat

Iowa Caucuses: 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is Biggest Trump Threat

You know the DNC’s in panic mode when the likes of John Kerry denies he’s considering running while reports say they’re trying to figure out how to stop the communist that is Bernie Sanders who’s seen a surge in polling heading into last night’s Iowa caucuses, where a fiasco in vote counting ended in no results as of this writing. Aside from the trainwreck that is the DNC, the Sanders Surge should scare the bejeezus out of anyone who loves freedom. Why? Because in my oh-so-humble opinion, it’s Sanders who’s the greatest threat to a Trump re-election.

I beg to differ. Here are five reasons why:

1. Public schools and universities. Young voters generally have zero knowledge of history, namely that every left-wing dictatorship in history has committed mass genocide. Poured down their throats like a cherry-flavored Slurpee, a large portion of younger voters think socialism and communism is preferable to capitalism, that they’re compassionate and create level playing fields for everyone. Never mind that we’re witnessing exactly what communism is in real time over in China where a pandemic is sweeping the country and the centralized government has precisely zero idea how to battle it (yay, free healthcare!). For these voters, Bernie Free Stuff and his “democratic socialism” is the answer to everything that ails them (which is really just a bunch of petty complaints from people who’ve never seen real poverty, economic malaise, or world wars that threaten their freedoms). And there’s little anyone can do to convince them otherwise. Reports say they swarmed Iowa like locusts to assure a Sanders win there. And they may be victorious, but after hours of curious “quality checks” that appeared to onlookers like a combination of sheer incompetence and a whitewashing of the winner, there was no announced victor as of last night. And Biden? Well, he seems to have borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, because he pretty much disappeared in Iowa…

And these morons want to run our country…

2. The DNC’s voter base has veered extreme left. Nancy Pelosi and her wrinkly establishment has-beens are not in charge of the DNC; fresh-faced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Whatever-Her-Real-Name-Is Omar, and Rep. Impeach the M-Effer are. They are where the Democrat voter base lives. Now that’s not to say that your average, everyday Democrat has lurched that far left, but it’s clear for anyone watching that it’s a distinct possibility that many of them will vote not for Mr. Sanders, but against President Trump anyway. Much in the same way many Republicans did in 2016, where Mrs. Clinton was the greater of two heart-burn inducers. Which brings me to…

3. Bernie Sanders is to Joe Biden what Donald Trump was to Jeb Bush. Now you and I know that Sanders is just another swamp creature. He’s about as anti-establishment as Mitt Romney. But he presents himself as such, and the Democrat base laps it up. It makes no difference to them the he endorsed Hillary Clinton—the woman who has painted Sanders’ supporters as “misogynists” (can you say “deplorable”?)—following his exit from the 2016 field and then acquired a third home shortly after. Curious behavior for a man who champions himself as an outsider. But no matter, he’s got his base hooked like a hustler on crack, and they’ll support him no matter what. Because…

4. Even though he doesn’t walk his talk (jetting around on private jets, collecting houses, capitalizing off his books comes to mind)…he faithfully represents the entitlement-minded who believe their rights come from government. Anyone who has a child in public school knows what I mean. Walk into an average public school and you’ll see things like this: “Healthy Food is a Right,” or teachers who repeat to students the UN’s Human Rights charter rather than the Bill of Rights. And Bernie Sanders plays right into that mentality. Like every communist liar before him, he promises free everything, and that sounds great to a mind that’s been steeped in liberal ideology for years. And it continues as our kids head to college.

5. Sanders has populist appeal to many of the same voters Trump did in 2016. Like Trump, Sanders isn’t a party-bound ideologue. Now I don’t necessarily buy the argument that Rust Belters aren’t feeling the effects of Trump’s booming economy. That said, I also don’t think it should be ignored that they might not be. Feeling neglected for decades by those who never ask for their vote, but expect it nonetheless, is the reason Trump won in 2016, and it could be the reason he loses in 2020, with an evil rich-bashing Sanders promising them the moon.

“The senator is going to make very clear in the general election that Donald Trump lied to the working class when he said he would stand with them. Working people will know they can trust Sen. Sanders because, unlike Trump, he’s always fought for them.” Mike Casca, communications director, Bernie Sanders campaign

Never mind that Sanders has sucked off the government teat since the dinosaur age—and achieved exactly nothing in his gazillion years in “public service”—he speaks to the general angst so many of us out here in fly-over country have felt for a very long time.

Which is why the folks over at Project Veritas have been doing there darndest to get the word out to the commonsensical amongst us who may be ignorant about what Sanders truly is:

Survey says: If it quacks like a duck, etc. Someone please remind Iowa voters that their state motto is thus:

“Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain”


Mind you, this is not a bug in the Sanders campaign; it’s a feature.

So there you have it. Bernie Sanders is a clear and present danger to Donald Trump’s re-election should Sanders somehow become the DNC’s nominee. But even more consequentially, should he win the general election, he’d be a dire threat to America as we know her. So we’d best stop pointing and laughing at him like he’s nothing more than a grumpy Muppet haranguing us from a theater balcony in between heart attacks. The man is deadly serious. And we should be too.


Feature Image Credit: Flag of Iowa via Wikimedia; public domain; image cropped.

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