Impeachmas Weekend: The Left Is Quick to Celebrate

Impeachmas Weekend: The Left Is Quick to Celebrate

Impeachmas Weekend: The Left Is Quick to Celebrate

So it has begun. Journalists are gloating and taking back their tweets so as not to appear biased (even though we know they are), Members of the squad are rejoicing at the news. It did not take too long for the celebrities to chime in this Impeachmas weekend.

We have the sometimes incoherent ramblings of Cher:

As if she is really helping. Hey, Cher, you could feed a small third-world country for at least 10 years with the money you’ve spent on plastic surgery alone. More from the circus:

Must have been another premenopausal day in the house of Milano. George Takei wrote a little holiday tune:

God, arrest ye scary gentlemen
The people you dismay
Remember oaths of office
On this Impeachment Day
Please save us all
From Donald’s lies,
Abuses everyday
O Congress impeach the
Orange menace today
O Congress impeach
His ass today!-George Takei

Last week, I was on the phone with someone who decided to take it upon himself to be a condescending douche canoe and casually ask me if I knew there was this thing called an impeachment going on. I quipped back, with a smile on my face a mile long and said “Actually, it’s not an impeachment yet. It’s a hearing.” I’m sure he’s partying it up this Impeachmas weekend. I find it humorous how all of a sudden, liberals who were barking down our throats, are actually happy.

It was supposed to be a “solemn” occasion, this whole matter of impeachment, a sad occasion, even. Yet it has been anything but for some. Here is a group of individuals in our country that want to suck the ever-loving JOY out of the Christmas season all of a sudden talking about Christmas miracles and the wonder and magic of the holiday. They’re going to late-night soirees with their colleagues and celebrating over champagne. They are talking about prayers being answered. Prayers?! Come again? When was the last time a politically-correct liberal talked openly about praying?! They’re even thanking God for the announcement made by Pelosi on Wednesday afternoon. Yes, they’re thanking God. Just like that, they’re in the Christmas spirit and God-believing citizens. (I guess that’s a plus.) They’re cozying up in their flannel jammies and making chunky chocolate chip cookies. They’re basking in the afterglow of “Impeachmas”.

This, from Rosie O’Donnell yesterday, is the icing on the Christmas cookie:

What color is the sky in your world, Rosie? “ImPOTUS”, or “Impeached POTUS” was a hashtag started on Thursday by George Conway, conservative attorney and husband of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway. Of course, people ate it up and rolled with it. Rosie O’Donnell included. On the second day of what liberals believe to be the second coming of Christ (if they actually believed in Christ), Rosie felt the need to gloat. Individuals did school her and pointed out that “IMPOTUS” could also be read as “I’m POTUS”.

And this is where I play the Grinch and come in and ruin the holiday spirit of those who are reveling in this “Christmas Miracle of Impeachmas”. Trump is still our president. Trump will still be our president into the new year. And, sorry, liberals, you can’t thank Jesus now for this but support late-term aboortion tomorrow. That is not how this works. The hashtag-“IMPOTUS” also can be construed as “IMPETUS”-as in, the drive, the momentum. And while this stain on Donald Trump’s presidency gives Democrats the impetus to drive harder for a 2020 win and to take the President down, this clown show gives Trump supporters (and individuals who may not approve of the Democrats’ strategy) the impetus to vote for Trump in 2020. This also gives Donald Trump the impetus to drive harder. Somehow, I do not think this smear the Democrats are placing on Trump in light of impeachment proceedings are going to do much in the way to rattle the President. He’s been in many a New York boardroom, after all, and some of those people are not exactly delicate little flowers.

The left will continue to celebrate “Impeachmas” this weekend as if the deed has already happened. In their minds, Trump has already been convicted. Here’s where I play Grinch again: he hasn’t. But carry on, WaPo journalists, Squad members, Cher, George, and Rosie. On Schiff, Schumer, smug liberals and Pelosi…to the Washington Post, CNN and on the televisions in shopping malls…shove those cookies in your face and Tweet away, Tweet away, Tweet away all.

Pace yourselves, though. You’ve probably got another five years.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Celebrities are make believe people who live in a make believe world. What they say/think means nothing to me. I’d rather listen to the working men at the end of the bar.

  • Mad Celt says:

    Cher is a screwball preaching to wingnuts. All of this leftists are in a jalopy with no brakes speeding toward the cliffs edge with their stereo cranked up full blast and chugging chesp beer.

  • Dietrich says:

    Cher quoting scripture? Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Scott says:

    All the folks you mentioned don’t have a brain between them. The dims were so pissed that Trump got elected that they’ve decided to burn down the whole country, and salt the earth for good measure.Her’s hoping that the day after President Trump wins his second term, that that’s exactly what he does to the dims and the deep state. I’m looking forward to seeing how many of these freshman reps are one term wonders, with NOTHING to their credit other than a failed impeachment…

    They truly have become the Domestic Enemies mentioned in the oaths that many of us took.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, and Jeffery Epstein did NOT hang himself!

  • wayne says:

    According to the Atlantic, all this hullabaloo about American urgent military aid for Ukraine might have been overblown. Barack Obama suggested that defending non-NATO Ukraine against Russia wasn’t a core U.S. national-security concern and the much touted hand held anti-tank Javelin missiles were not part of the aid program by the Obama administration. It was only in 2018 that Trump broke with the Obama policy and gave Ukraine Javelin missiles, however, one of the conditions was that the Javelins couldn’t actually be used in the fight with Russia and had to be stored away from the battlefield, which means they’ve effectively had only a symbolic deterrent effect. So, it turns out all this talk about how vital these missiles are is mostly Democrat propaganda to bolster their sham-peachment. In fact, there had been talk for quite awhile that the Biden payback might have been illegal, and Trump was merely asking Zelenski to look into it. Nothing wrong with that.

  • JVossos says:

    They are having a lovely time right now with their fake impeachment. What happens next will make them a lot less happy. The shit is going to hit the fan with Durham and Barr in the new year.

    Trump will win a huge landslide. More people will have better lives and be happier, and the left … Well they will continue to scream and cry into their pillows every night, then toss an turn and have nightmares.

    All because they were programmed to hate and destroy the conservative movement … and they simply cannot.

    The reason the good (aka the right) always win in the end it because we deal in reality and the left deals in fantasy and pretend. it’s no contest. Fantasy has a crystal ball with feelings, Reality has a bazooka with purpose.

  • Josh says:

    I have to wonder . . . how long it will take for the loony toones to realize that Trump is still President. At least through the Senate trial. And, with a republican majority in the Senate who almost certainly sees the Un-Constitutionality of what the demoncrappers in the House did . . . well, Trump will be President all through 2020. And, if We The People are half as bright as we ought to be Trump will be President through 2024.

    And, no, I will not offer a hankie when the fruit loops finally realize that.

  • Sadie McQueen says:

    I think they honestly believe that Trump will be removed from office, and Hillary will be president. They hate Pence as much as (if not more than) Trump, so what then? They impeach and remove him, too?

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