House Rushes Passage Of Two Gun Control Bills

House Rushes Passage Of Two Gun Control Bills

House Rushes Passage Of Two Gun Control Bills

The House is on a Gun Control kick. Two bills were rushed through the House this week and are on their way to the Senate. Both pieces of legislation won’t solve the problems each supposedly addresses.

“The House passed two bills Thursday to require background checks on all firearms sales and transfers and to allow an expanded 10-day review for gun purchases. Similar bills were passed by the House in 2019, shortly after Democrats won the majority, but languished in the GOP-controlled Senate for the next two years.”

Nancy and all the House Democrats are super thrilled with this, because lives will be saved! No mass shootings will ever ever happen again! Those gun loopholes will be closed, never to reopen. Chuck Schumer is ready to ram both bills through the Senate and possibly get rid of the filibuster in order to do so! 

Uh huh, very rich from Chuckie given the loopholes he’s blathering about are because of the Brady Bill legislation that HE was the architect of!

Let’s take a quick walk through both pieces of legislation shall we?

H.R.8: Universal Background Checks

“It would impose harsh penalties like six-figure fines and jail time for the simple act of handing a firearm to another person, even for temporary use. The exemptions under H.R. 8 are woefully inadequate to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. For example, if you loan your firearm to a victim of domestic violence because their abuser is being released from jail; or if a suicidal friend asks you to take possession of their firearm; or if you loan your cousin your gun after a series of burglaries in the neighborhood. These new transfer penalties would turn law-abiding Americans into criminals.”

Indeed. Let’s think about that for a minute. In addition to the examples above, if someone you know has a need for a firearm, but isn’t sure if that rifle or pistol is one they’d like; this legislation makes it a criminal act to temporarily loan that person one of your own firearms for him/her to test out. Furthermore, this legislation criminalizes people who are being helped out by others. 

Oh wait, there are exceptions. Just a few exceptions, such as family members helping family members out. Such as receiving guns from a family member who has passed, and a transfer is ok if the one receiving the weapon (who is a family member) is in ‘great bodily harm.’ Wanna bet those exceptions would be yanked in the Senate version?

But it’s all in the name of SAFETY! It’s all in the name of making sure BAD PEOPLE don’t pass around guns like candy! It’s all about making sure we don’t have mass shootings ever again! 

Every single mass shooting in the last few years does NOT involve the shooters being “loaned” a gun from anyone else. 

Which leads me to H.R. 1446: Close the Charleston Loophole.

What this is, is an expansion of time for the FBI to conduct the background check on a gun purchase. Instead of three days, the bill provides a ten-day turn around OR the FBI can arbitrarily halt the sale with no explanation. This legislation is going to “help” you see. It will ensure that no one like a Charleston shooter will ever get their hands on a gun again. 

First of all, this legislation doesn’t fix one of the Charleston shooter’s issues. That of a government entity entering data in wrong, therefore the state NOR the FBI caught that info during a routine 3-day check. In fact, that piece of data didn’t come to light until WEEKS after the investigation was underway. So a new 10-day background check wouldn’t solve the issue. 

“The ILA says that the FBI would not have denied the Charleston shooter a gun anyway “because the murderer was not prohibited from possessing a firearm due to his drug arrest. Under federal law, a person has to be an unlawful ‘user’ of a controlled substance, so the government needs evidence of use, not simply possession, of a controlled substance.”

Secondly, in terms of the Sandy Hook shooting. Neither H.R. 8, nor H.R. 1446 would’ve stopped the shooter from doing what he did. Which was to attack and kill his mother and THEN raid her gun safe. She was a legal, lawful owner of her firearms (no matter how misguided she was on this), and her son STOLE from her to do what he did. Gun control legislation won’t nor would’ve stopped that from happening. 

That’s the key. There are NO LOOPHOLES! Not a single bit of either of these pieces of gun control legislation account for the criminal acts engaged in by some of the mass shooters in order to get their hands on guns. Not one of these to bills addresses the fact that current legislation WORKED, but not one single piece of legislation out there whether gun control or something else will ever stop a person hell bent on committing a crime. Speaking of criminals, there’s something else missing from both of those bills.

Some criminals are good. American citizens freely exercising their Second Amendment right to purchase a gun or temporarily loan one to a person in need are BAD. 

The House has rushed passage of two very crappy and VERY dangerous gun control bills. The Senate needs to be pressured to vote both down and throw a monkey wrench in Chuck Schumer’s planned happy dance. 

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  • GWB says:

    The House is on a Gun Control kick.
    Oh, it’s MUCH broader than that! It’s a totalitarian kick!

  • GWB says:

    the FBI can arbitrarily halt the sale with no explanation
    That would be a violation of due process (even for this Supreme Court). If you can’t give me an explanation, I’m gonna come for you with the biggest lawyers willing to take my case for a fee. And I’ll still end up wealthy.

    making sure BAD PEOPLE don’t pass around guns like candy
    Oh yes, because the curent laws that would pitch them into prison for a long time because they are in illegal possession of a firearm are SO aggressively enforced! (Ow, I think I popped one of my eyes loose rolling it around so hard.)

    Seems like that person should call the police.
    Yeah, ’cause they’re gonna come babysit you for the next… well until your stalker/abusive ex-/whatever dies. Don’t see that happening. Besides, what are you gonna do during his union mandated donut breaks?

  • Susan Harms says:

    we will not comply

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