House GOP Spring Break All About Trump

House GOP Spring Break All About Trump

House GOP Spring Break All About Trump

The J.W. Marriott Grande Lakes in Orland looks very beautiful from the picture of the lobby above. The House GOP members probably pictured themselves golfing, swimming and sunning during the annual planning retreat. Alas, the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg put the kibosh on making Eagles in Orlando by picking this week to drag up that favorite Democrat Bete Noire, President Donald John Trump. The members will spend the retreat in meeting rooms trying to come up with a defense of Trump. They should hire me. I have the perfect media response, “Naff off”. The members have learned absolutely nothing from Trump.

I wrote about this sordid mess on Sunday. I no longer think Bragg will try to arrest Trump on Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. I stand by everything else in it. We beleaguered Republican voters have been thirsting for someone to tell the Democrats to Naff Off for a long, long time. We had it, but no one stood by Trump, no one protected him or OUR VOTING RIGHTS. You wonder why the House GOP has a slim majority? Don’t. Two words, Naff Off!

The Republican Establishment and the Democrat Media Industrial Complex are all acting like this is just another attempt to rid themselves of this troublesome cretin. Politico wrote:

House Republicans are embracing a familiar role: Acting as a defensive line against former President Trump’s perceived political enemies.
As a New York defense attorney reportedly prepares for the possibility that the ex-president will be indicted on charges related to alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, Republicans are trying an extraordinary punch: Calling on Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to testify amid an ongoing investigation.

It’s hardly the first time Republicans have shadowboxed with Trump’s foes — even while acknowledging they are basically in the dark about the evidence collected against him. Except now it comes amid a roaring debate over where the party wants to head next and who should get its presidential nod in 2024, not to mention smack in the middle of a House GOP confab meant to focus on their policy agenda.
But Republicans are quickly tuning into their political muscle memory to carry out a block-and-tackle play on Trump’s behalf. Three GOP chairs — Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), James Comer (Ky.) and Bryan Steil (Wis.), who oversee the Judiciary, Oversight and Administration panels, respectively — sent a letter Monday to Bragg demanding he sit down with committee staff, as well as hand over a broad swath of documents including any related to federal funding or communications with the Justice Department and other federal law enforcement.

None of this was ever necessary. If our public servants of the House GOP were only as afraid of their constituents as they are of running afoul of the New York Times, they would have said Naff Off a lot over the last seven years. Some examples:

–The Steele Dossier -especially the “pee tape” scenario, Trump is a germaphobe.
–Alfa Bank -was a deliberate hoax by Clinton supp0rters.
–Firing James Comey -way overdue
–Ukraine Phone Call -remember Schiff and his dramatic reading for the Miss America pageant and Lt.Col. Alexander Vindman and his audition for Ukrainian Secretary of Defense?
–The January 6 Fedsurrection

Meanwhile, the House GOP members are in Orlando sucking their thumbs.

At least, Elise Stefanik offered up some weak sauce:

And speaking of weak sauce, this is painful. Kevin McCarthy can’t even look up:

The laws WERE made equal. You and the other House GOP members allowed them to become unequal. I cannot do this any longer. New York City is putting up barricades and some “alleged Trump supporters were outside Trump Tower protesting.

The mask and the shofar are a nice touch, but the Feds ought to know that we aren’t falling for that again.

I am going to wave my exorbitant consulting fee for the House GOP members this one time. Say it until you get it “Naff Off”. Reporter says, “Is Trump guilty?” You say, “Naff Off”. It’s really easy. I don’t think the Senate GOP members can get it. But…I believe in you, little guys.

Featured Image: Nan Palmero/ Commons

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  • Skillyboo says:

    There’s only one explanation I can come up with. They fear him so much because of what he knows. The logic is to show him what happens to those who don’t stay within the lines they created. I just wish he’d offer up something he knows about these vermin that can be verified. That would be a grand volley across their bow and a clear message.

  • Cameron says:

    OK, the “Naff Off” approach is great. Simple, to the point and easy to repeat.

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