Hollywood Hypocrites Hail Obama With One Last Hurrah [VIDEO]

Hollywood Hypocrites Hail Obama With One Last Hurrah [VIDEO]

Hollywood Hypocrites Hail Obama With One Last Hurrah [VIDEO]

One thing about Barack and Michelle Obama — they sure know how to par-tay!

They held a final bash at the White House on Friday, which continued until 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

And of course, celebrities showed up in droves.

Like Tom Hanks . . .

. . . John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen, and Jerry Seinfeld. . .

. . . and basketball greats Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley.

And considering that Hollywood A-listers just can’t bear to see their hero leave the White House without some sort of Big Production, they involved themselves in a tribute video. You may find yourself experiencing spasms of laughter or nausea while watching this.

Seriously, Jerry Seinfeld said that knocking on Obama’s White House window was the “peak” of his “entire existence?” Oh, puh-leaze! The highlights of my life include my wedding day, the births of my children, my daughter’s wedding and the births of my grandchildren — not knocking on someone’s window. Seinfeld sounds like a creepy stalker.

And Gloria Steinem — the “first time the White House belonged to everybody”? How about unborn children, Gloria? Yeah, not so much.

Kerry Washington said the Obama administration was the “first time I felt I was a part of ‘We,'” as in We the People. That’s funny that she should feel so left out — she’s a successful actress who is worth about $8 million, gleaned from all those fans who somehow make her feel left out.

Poor neglected Kerry Washington. Credit: etonline.com

Then there’s Leonardo DiCaprio — oh, where to start on the King of the Hypocrite World? He was so thrilled to have a president who finally recognized that climate change is the “most important issue facing. . . all future generations.”

Yes, DiCaprio, whose net worth of $217 million has given him the opportunity to own not one, not two, but six luxurious homes.

In DiCaprio’s world, it’s “carbon footprint for me, but not for thee.”

Samuel L. Jackson is so, so grateful that Obama’s Affordable Care Act is able to provide health insurance to all his impoverished relatives who previously couldn’t afford coverage.

Hey, dude, what’s in your wallet?

H/T: Andrew Klavan.

But let the glitterati enjoy their fleeting moment of bliss. The inauguration of Donald Trump is imminent, and after that comes the season of awards shows, when celebs strut and preen before each other. Only this year the impending Trump administration is casting a pall over their self-congratulatory events. Jimmy Fallon, set to host the Golden Globes awards scheduled for Sunday, said it may be “the first and maybe the last party that we’ll have in 2017.”

Fine with me. Since celebrities have a penchant for whining and melodrama, we may see some over-the-top performances during the next four years. Just pass me the popcorn.

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