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Holder’s Department of Justice made Zimmerman an Enemy of the State

Holder’s Department of Justice made Zimmerman an Enemy of the State

Before 2008 I would have thought anyone who told me that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would purposefully encourage racial hatred against a private citizen in order to secure the prosecution of that individual in court was crazy. Not just kind of loony, mind you, no I mean full on swinging from the roof beams MOONBAT CRAZY. In todays “post-racial” Presidency however, where armed Black Panther Party members openly intimidate white voters by yelling about killing “crackas” this latest revelation-provided by PJ Media and Judicial Watch-seems all to easy to believe.

New Black Panther Party members intimidating voters in 2008 in Philadelphia

Through Freedom of Information Act requests at the local, state and Federal levels, Judicial Watch discovered that a little known team of Department of Justice (DOJ) employees known as the “Community Relations Service (CRS)” was deployed to little Sanford, Florida in order to “organize and manage protests against George Zimmerman” when the Sanford authorities failed to charge Zimmerman right away in the Trayvon Martin case. Not only did they deploy this team of instigators, they spent taxpayer dollars to do so. In fact they spent $5320.88 between March 25, 2012 and April 11, 2o12. While this might not seem like much money, especially in comparison to the amounts of money spent everyday by the U.S. Government, when you consider that this money was spent in order to turn the full power of the judiciary in Sanford, Florida against a private citizen who acted in self defense-which has been borne out by the evidence in the case in recent weeks (see here and here) it is positively frightening.

Not only did they motivate people against a private citizen but the Community Relations Service (CRS) attended a meeting  that led to the ousting of the sitting police chief in Sanford, Chief Bill Lee, find the audio here. CRS also provided a 40 mile long police escort to a group of college students who dubbed themselves the “Dream Defenders” who barricaded the entrance to the police station and demanded the firing of Chief Lee.

All of this comes to light as the defense in the Zimmerman trial has concluded its arguments, amid fear of race riots should he be acquitted.  I just have a couple questions for all of you:  Who could be next? What perceived infractions justify such action by the Judicial Branch of the United States Government? NONE.

This is tyranny folks. Merriam Webster provides the following definition for tyranny:  “a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler”, if you don’t think that Obama had full knowledge of this decision by his top cop, you are incredibly naive.


DOJ turned Zimmerman into a real life Enemy of the State

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