Hillary Clinton Skipped Out on Bill’s Emergency Heart Surgery to Meet With Obama

Hillary Clinton Skipped Out on Bill’s Emergency Heart Surgery to Meet With Obama

Hillary Clinton Skipped Out on Bill’s Emergency Heart Surgery to Meet With Obama

Now, that’s love. Hot off the presses is New York Times correspondent, Mark Lander’s account of the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The inside-account entitled Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Twilight Struggle Over American Power is described as a “page turner” which illustrates Clinton’s (sometimes desperate) attempts to get face-time with Obama-to the point of ignoring her own husband’s emergency surgery!

I know, color us surprised. This from Lander:

The formal, unequal nature of her relationship with Obama was perhaps best summed up by the importance she attached to their weekly meeting in the Oval Office. On a snowy Thursday morning in February 2010 when she was scheduled to meet the president, Clinton got an alarming phone call: Her husband Bill had been admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital with chest pains, and was in need of an urgent heart procedure. Instead of rushing home to him, Clinton kept her weekly appointment, taking her customary seat on the yellow sofa as she and Obama talked about an upcoming trip to the Persian Gulf, where she planned to turn up the heat on Iran over its nuclear program. “No one had any idea she had a family emergency”, said an official who was in the room that day. Afterward, she raced for a shuttle flight back to New York.

Some reports state Clinton knew nothing about her husband’s surgery until after her meeting with Obama. But Lander’s account leaves us reason to believe that perhaps she knew about the emergency medical procedure and sought to meet with the President anyway.

So she went to the meeting and then rushed to be at ol’ Billy-Boy’s side? What difference does it make if she was a little late? He was probably knocked out and in la-la land dreaming about pinching one of his female nurses, anyway. Of course, she abandoned Americans to die. Did we expect any thing different? She couldn’t even make it to her own husband’s side in time!

Showing up is not all of life – but it counts for a lot.

Of course, it does, Hillary. Especially when showing up for a meeting gets you face time with POTUS and advances your agenda to sit in the Oval Office. Showing up for your husband’s surgery (no matter how big a dirtbag he was/is) is not all of life…but it counts for a lot when you’re trying to get into The White House.

In short, this is no shocking revelation to all of us here. We know this.

You have to be true to yourself.-Hillary Clinton

Yes, Hillary…to thine own self be true. Your #Ready crew will still buy in because you’re a woman and you’ve played that woman card. But if it barks like a dog, more than likely it is a mongrel. Perhaps a filthy mongrel. Let’s call ’em as we see ’em. Although, I think I may be insulting mongrels here.

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