Hillary Clinton Has COVID, Looks For Movie Recommendations

Hillary Clinton Has COVID, Looks For Movie Recommendations

Hillary Clinton Has COVID, Looks For Movie Recommendations

Former First Lady, Secretary of State and Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, has caught the Coronavirus. Clinton tested positive yesterday afternoon and is experiencing mild symptoms. Take a look:

Hillary says good ol’ Bill is doing just fine:

He’s quarantining until our household is fully in the clear.”-Hillary Clinton

Clinton mentioned Bill has tested negative. The jokes on this one write themselves. But Twitter blew up last night as Clinton looked for movie recommendations while she is on lockdown. White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, who also has COVID for a second time (even though she’s been vaxxed and boosted), chimed in with her suggestions:

Aww, so sweet of Jen to come out and commiserate. Lot’s of water, tea and juice. Perhaps dear, ol’ Hillary could whip out the hot sauce she keeps stashed in her purse. She puts that $hit on everything. I mean, it could help with the whole loss of taste and smell thing. Moving right along, the Twitterverse did not disappoint:

Yowza. It did not take too long for individuals to mention 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Yep, you know the movie. The story about the elite team who fought to save the lives of those trapped U.S. Consulate members? Any guesses Madame Secretary would sleep right through this one? It’s a great movie, Hillary. You should watch it. It will keep you so riveted, you actually might not pick up the phone all evening.

But it looks like Hillary might have some Hard Choices when it comes to picking out movies during her COVID quarantine. Speaking of um, hard, she could perhaps go for a 1995 Neo-noir mystery thriller, Devil in a Blue Dress. On to more suggestions…

That one? In all honesty, it may be enjoyed more by Bill, who finally tested negative for well, something. The suggestions kept coming along with the fans wishing her a speedy recovery. Perhaps Hillary Clinton could do what a great deal of us have done when locked down with COVID. A little binge-watching on Netflix never hurt anyone. And, there are some great shows to while away the hours. There’s House of Cards, starring fallen actor and perpetrator of sexual misconduct, Kevin Spacey. Some of those story lines may hit a little close to home, don’t you think? If she’s looking for something a little less fictitious, perhaps a look into Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich may be worth a watch. Although, Ms. Clinton may be a little too familiar with some of that subject matter. Of course, The Oscars are coming up as well. Lord knows that show could use all of the viewers they can get.

While on the topic of sexual predators, if Hillary is looking for more movies to watch, she could indeed pull from any of her “friend”, Harvey Weinstein’s repertoire. So many to choose from.

Keep those suggestions coming for Hillary Clinton. And rest assured, Hillary will be okay because she vaxxed-up and got her booster. (Wonder if she thanked Trump for the vaccine?) It is so very nice to see Democrats sending their well-wishes to her, though. Remember when Trump got COVID? Many of these same people wished he would drop dead from the bat flu.

We wonder if it’s time COVID suicides. I mean, COVID may just disappear into thin air….go away, just like that?

Except it has not disappeared from the homes of vaccinated, boosted Democrats. Yes, Hillary, do get some rest. You could use those awesome coping strategies you’ve incorporated after 2016’s devastating loss. Prayer (discouraged during lockdowns because churches and other houses of worship were closed), yoga (gyms were closed, too) and “a fair share of Chardonnay” (not after 9pm because COVID droplets are stronger after this time of evening) will also help kick that China Virus in the ass. That “alternative nostril breathing” she spoke of can do wonders as well. Perhaps barking like a dog may help, too.

But what if “thoughts and prayers are not enough“? COVID is very real and Hillary, when she is not watching movies and TV shows, will have to wash those sheets and those pillowcases and bleach every bit to get everything nice and clean. She might even need to go over some surfaces in her household with a cloth or something to prevent those germs from a-spreading.

Chances are, Hillary Clinton will survive this deplorable virus and so will Bill. Hell, he’s been social distancing from her for years, anyway. And What Happened as far as variants go? Delta? Omicron? BA.2? What difference does it make?

Featured Image: DonkeyHotey/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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