Hillary Clinton: Republican Party Must “Find Its Soul” By Dumping Trump

Hillary Clinton: Republican Party Must “Find Its Soul” By Dumping Trump

Hillary Clinton: Republican Party Must “Find Its Soul” By Dumping Trump

Hillary Clinton has the answer for the Republican Party’s problems. You see, this genius former First Lady and twice-failed Presidential candidate knows the cure for the Republican Party. Dump Trump and quit idolizing him.

“It is really troubling to see the Republican Party turn themselves into a cult and, you know, basically pledge allegiance not to the United States of America, but to Donald Trump,” Mrs. Clinton said.

“I think this will eventually burn out, I hope it happens sooner, not later,” she said of Mr. Trump’s power in the party.

“I’m hoping that the Republican Party will find its soul, will find its center again and understand they can’t keep playing with fire,” she continued. “You know, a lot of them thought that they could control Trump, they could use him, they could use him to take over the supreme Court, they could use him to recklessly cut taxes, they could do what their own agenda was really demanding because he didn’t care about any of it other than his power and his adulation and the role that he played, rather than the job that he was supposed to do.

“So I hope the Republican Party catches up with the rest of the country,” she added.”

Where oh where to begin with this??!! 

First let’s begin with her lecturing the Republican Party and insinuating that everyone involved worships Trump like a god. That’s rich coming from someone who had a significant portion of the electorate crying buckets of tears for WEEKS after election night in 2016. Heck, there are many who are STILL crying and whining in their Cheerios to this day over her loss! So don’t tell me that the Republican Party is a cultish party. 

Secondly, the Republican Party never controlled President Trump. In fact, many major Republicans left the party (hello Lincoln Project, hello Bulwark crew) because they hate him so much. 

Third, we WANT tax cuts. In fact, those tax cuts during the Trump Presidency have helped the economy during this asinine two weeks to slow the curve year-long lockdown. 

Fourth, President Trump didn’t take over the Supreme Court, he appointed three judges to the court after the other Justices retired, or in Justice Ginsberg’s case – passed away. And no, Hillary, that is NOT court-packing. 

I find it amusing that Hillary is saying crap like this when she is being fawned all over on International Women’s Day with a live podcast from The Washington Post. 

I find it more than a little amusing that Hillary is lecturing the Republican Party on cult-like behavior while others still consider her the Queen Bee of politics. 

It’s also amusing that she says this on International Women’s Day, is being touted as a champion for Women’s Rights, when she’s been pals with Andrew Cuomo for decades. 

“It was autumn in New York, 2014, when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a stage with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo before an audience of mostly women who cheered them both on.

Cuomo was campaigning to be reelected for a second term and Clinton, coming off of a stint as secretary of state, had yet to announce her candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. At an event on Oct. 23 of that year, Clinton helped drum up support for Cuomo among female voters by telling the crowd that the governor would “fight for every woman and every family to have a fair shot,” Newsday reported at the time.”

In FACT, Hillary has known how much of a creep Andrew Cuomo is since Bill Clinton’s second term. 

“Susan Gaffney filed the 2000 complaint against Cuomo while he was secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and she was the department’s inspector general.

In the complaint, which included other top HUD officials, Gaffney told the Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against in retaliation for her stance against fraud at HUD, and that Cuomo verbally abused her during weekend phone calls.”

Yet she’s here to tell the Republican Party that President Trump needs to be disenfranchised otherwise the party will lose its soul. 

Hillary is also telling us that WE are the dangerous minority. 

It is Republicans and conservatives who are trying to hold this Republic together. Hillary said little to nothing when our cities were burning all last year due to the BLM and Antifa whom the Democrat party refuses to disavow. It is conservatives and Republicans who recognize that the filibuster is very necessary in order to stop crap like this. 

The Democrat Party is the extreme party. The Democrat Party is the party that has lost its soul and lost its way. It is a party of extremists that are cheering on absentee Biden’s plethora of Executive Orders that will be harmful to women and girls, are killing jobs right and left, will raise our taxes if they can, wants open borders, and are 100% in favor of abortion, and so much more. 

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are the ones who lost their way decades ago. But will she look in the mirror and face reality? No, and she’d probably break the mirror if she did. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton March 2016 by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • And of course Hillary would always have the best interests of Republicans at heart when she gives us advice.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    “The Democrat Party.” Come on – you can do better than this. It’s so unoriginal. Do better! In fact – Be Best!

  • Richard Sandvig says:

    Punctuation error in headline is a major distraction.

  • joecrew says:

    Kilery has none. How would she know anything about a soul.

  • Peter0527 says:

    Killory is like most other democratic politicians-whats in it for ME? She has no soul. When she dies, she’ll meet the big judge and have to explain what she did during her time on earth. Love to be there, watching her explain her theft of money, Whitewater, the Haiti Fund, her murders that was committed on people that got too close to Killory and wild Willie.

  • Original Deplorable says:

    Killary has always been jealous of anyone who got more headlines, or attention of any kind, than she.

    Killary, why don’t you drop out of sight. The American people have tried to let you know several times that they do not trust you! You keep fighting our message! As far as President Trump goes, (I say “President” because he will always be my President) “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  • Nancy says:

    Throw some water on her.

  • Janet Moore says:

    Yes she is pure evil and has proved it over and over!(

  • Wendy Storm says:

    I’ll just say this…BENGAZI! Where is the justice in this! Hillary has managed to evade any kind of accountability for this & we all know she is culpable & should be in prison!

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