Biden’s Women’s Day Speech is a Nothing Burger

Biden’s Women’s Day Speech is a Nothing Burger

Biden’s Women’s Day Speech is a Nothing Burger

Joe Biden’s International Women’s Day speech was a nothing burger of political nominations, gender blurring and funding abortion.

President Biden could not have asked for a better time to give his support of women. The sound of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s career flushing down the toilet dominates the newsfeeds. Both Democrats and Republicans have called for him to resign over the multitudes of allegations of sexual harassment being investigated by New York’s attorney general. New York Republicans have introduced an impeachment resolution in New York’s Assembly. It must be signed by several Democrats, but that list is growing steadily.

Words Biden could choose to say on such a momentous day could have been, “Hey, it’s this kind of investigation that we want women to feel good about. They need to feel good about coming forward. Come on, man!” No such luck.

There are three points to Biden’s speech, and one observation.

Biden nominated two women to be four-star generals. While that is notable, it was more political than earned, sadly. The nominations would be noteworthy had they been done on any other day other than International Women’s Day. It was convenient. No one is celebrating their promotion.

Instead, newsfeeds are buzzing about the highly politicized creation of the White House Gender Policy Council. Why?

“…to ensure that every domestic and foreign policy we pursue rests on a foundation of dignity and equity for women.”

The White House Press Release takes the whole notion of dignity and equity for women and doubles down.

“International Women’s Day is also a time for us to recommit ourselves to the cause of equity and equality for women the world over, and to shine a light on the systemic obstacles that fuel gender disparities and undermine women’s potential.”

Okay, okay, we get it. Women are important. We agree. Recommitment, good! Shining light, woo hoo!

Question, Mr. President. How do you plan to do all these wonderful things for women when you are pressing hard on the gas to advance your “Equality Act” which completely blurs gender lines and undermines current advances for women? Under the Equality Act making its way through Congress, there is no such thing as scientific gender. Science schmience! Gender is what a person decides at any given moment.

“’By casting an individual’s sex as something merely ‘designated’ ‘at birth,’ The Equality Act ignores the scientific reality of ‘the inherent, indelible biological differences between male and female [that] go far beyond external genitalia….Each cell in our body has a sex—the same sex, male or female.’”

If there is no such thing as “women” according to the Equality Act, why are we celebrating International Women’s Day? Seems strange. Seems like the word “phobic” should be said and someone should be offended, or something.

Anyhoozers. Let’s not forget that women’s sports will be obliterated by the Equality Act.

“The Equality Act will also require sports competitions and scholarship programs designated for girls and women to admit males if they proclaim a female gender identity, further harming women.”

Mr. President, all those women who have opportunities to go to college because of a sports scholarship will be gone. The few professional sports women can excel in will be even fewer, because of this so-called Equality Act.

One more point on this Equality Act. Federal funding and abortion. This comes in two parts. First the Equality Act redefines pregnancy.

“…[The Equality Act] requires that pregnancy be treated merely as a ‘medical condition’ to be addressed with ‘treatment’ that is at least as favorable as that provided for other physical conditions; and it explicitly denies any claim against this requirement based on religion. Because it would supplement, and in effect supplant, even the pregnancy discrimination provisions already found in existing law such as in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, this requirement for abortion and for ignoring religious objections seems to be the chief purpose of the new language on pregnancy discrimination.”

This changes the definition of pregnancy for everyone who receives federal funding. Everyone. And all must comply.

“…the Equality Act introduces this same language on sex and ‘pregnancy discrimination’ into Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, forbidding discrimination in ‘federally assisted programs.’  This applies to a wide range of entities that may receive federal funds, including state and local government agencies… All of these would be required to show that they do not exclude the full range of treatments for the ‘condition’ of pregnancy. Not only the federal government, but all states that receive federal funds for their health programs, could be required to fund elective abortions, reversing the longstanding policy of two-thirds of the states.”

Pregnancy is redefined to accommodate for federally funded elective abortions. States have no way to fight back on this one. Bottom line. This is not dignity and equity for women. It is death for both women and men.

Biden’s Women’s Day speech about ensuring dignity and equity for women is a big fat nothing burger. It’s political rhetoric to further the hard-left progressive causes of promoting abortion, gender blurring and allowing those who harm women to continue.

Which brings us to our third point, harming women. The third dig Biden made at his speech was to toss more Trump policies, of course.

“President Joe Biden on Monday will sign an executive order directing the Department of Education to review policy changes concerning sexual assault on college campuses that were implemented under former President Donald Trump, asking officials to determine whether the policies align with his administration’s goals.”

What were these horrendous policies? Clutch your pearls everyone. Clarifying rules on how sexual assaults on college campuses are conducted because it was so muddled under Obama.

Question, Mr. President. Can we have guidance on how sexual assault allegations are conducted in governor’s offices? New Yorkers want to know. If you can’t come up with a statement on the current affairs happening in New York, you may not have the bandwidth to consider policies regarding sexual assaults on college campuses.

Speaking of bandwidth. One final observation.

Joe Biden’s bandwidth is shrinking. Fast. At today’s press conference making grand gestures and declarations and nominations, Biden stood in front of a teleprompter and managed to read it. Then he tried to speak freely, and it didn’t work. He forgot the name of his freshly appointed Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. Not only did he forget his name, but he also forgot the name of the office Mr. Austin now holds. The final punchline, Mr. Austin was standing ten feet away from Joe Biden.

Biden’s Women’s Day/thank you speech to the Secretary of Defense was a whole new level of nothing burger.

In conclusion, ladies, we got more politicizing of women’s issues (what else is new?), gender blurring (are we allowed to even have International Women’s Day?), more abortion, and another Joe Biden gaffe.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Featured image: Donkeyhotey, Joe Biden – Caricature, Creative Commons 2.0 license, cropped.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Jimmy Carter, like Biden, made strong advocacy of human and women’s rights a central tenant of his Presidency. The signal accomplishment of that was putting the Mullahs in power on Iran.

  • John A Wilson says:

    Trump did more for women than any other president by putting them in positions of power and holding them to a standard. Those are real women of accomplishment, IMO.

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