CDC Makes New Rules For Vaccinated People

CDC Makes New Rules For Vaccinated People

CDC Makes New Rules For Vaccinated People

If this pandemic has revealed anything, it is that bureaucrats have far too much power over the lives of everyday Americans. The CDC is just the latest example.

These appointed, unelected pencil-pushers in the CDC, whose only goal in this pandemic is to keep people from dying – a laudable goal, until you realize that with no risk analysis of what makes life worth living, their only “good” solution is to lock people in their homes until death stops – has just released new guidelines for those who are now fully vaccinated. As expected by anyone who realizes what vaccination and immunology is supposed to do, the vaccine – *GASP* – grants immunity!

Which means, that by the holy power vested in them, the CDC now grants those who are vaccinated “limited freedoms.” Wait what?

Oh, this is what CNN thinks the CDC does. Well then.

So, what does the CDC actually say, and why did it take an extra five days (these guidelines were supposed to be released last Thursday and were delayed at the “last minute”) for them to actually be published?

The new CDC guidance says fully vaccinated people can:
– Visit other vaccinated people indoors without masks or physical distancing”
– Visit indoors with unvaccinated people from a single household without masks or physical distancing, if the unvaccinated people are at low risk for severe disease.
– Skip quarantine and testing if exposed to someone who has Covid-19 but are asymptomatic, but should monitor for symptoms for 14 days”

However, people who are fully vaccinated still need to take precautions in many scenarios. The guidelines say fully vaccinated people must:
– Wear a mask and keep good physical distance around the unvaccinated who are at increased risk for severe Covid-19, or if the unvaccinated person has a household member who is at higher risk
– Wear masks and physically distance when visiting unvaccinated people who are from multiple households.”

And these is where the mask policy, no matter how anyone feels about it one way or another, will start to collapse. All the hysterical people out there who have gotten off on mask-shaming for months are now on notice, because even if people AREN’T vaccinated, how can you possibly assume or tell who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Yes, private companies and private property can still make their own rules, but it’s exactly because the vaccines ARE effective that states like Texas and Mississippi are saying that their mandates are over. We are not going to be able to do what Israel is doing, and demand that people carry their “Green Pass” – essentially a vaccine passport – in order to get back to their every day lives. The United States is simply too big and too civil liberty-oriented (at least it used to be) for any program like that to work. And even if you did, how often would you hear the words “I lost my pass” by both vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike? No, we are not going to tattoo or microchip or make people wear stickers or patches to self-identify as vaccinated, no matter what the authoritarian left dreams about at night.

Eventually, we are going to have to rebuild trust in this society in order to go back to what our real lives used to be like. Unfortunately, the CDC is trying to have their cake and eat it, too. The bottom line is that THEY don’t trust you to make the right decision for YOURSELF, so they’re going to make sure that you are keeping your mask on, staying home in fear of the next variant, and never attempting anything close to a normal social life again.

Oh, and why was this delayed? Apparently because the CDC took out an entire section about travel.

An earlier draft of the guidelines included a travel section but senior health officials decided not to release that portion of the recommendations at this time, one senior administration official told POLITICO. Advice on whether vaccinated people need to quarantine after exposure to someone with Covid-19 also sparked debate at a White House meeting Friday, one day after the guidelines were originally set for release.”

So, who made the call to remove an entire portion of the guidelines just to make sure that vaccinated people don’t start thinking they can travel and live life like normal? We’re not sure, but it’s clear that someone between the CDC and the White House just wasn’t ready to let people travel at will.

Bottom line? Beware the bureaucrat that is trying to keep a grip on your existence, and telling you that it is for your own good.

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  • Ampleforth says:

    It will likely be a short wait for Lord Fauci to counter the CDC. More masks! More distancing! Lockdowns until 2092!

    Liberals always reveal themselves when they start talking about freedom. They believe the state allows it, which means it can be arbitrary. They’ve given us a year long demonstration of their beliefs about freedom, liberty, and rights. They will not accept that those things are granted to us by God.

    Of course, the state is their god. They want it to be everybody’s god.

    Now, go put on your 15 masks and enjoy a spring day.

  • Cameron says:

    “Hello. Acme Helicopter Rental?”

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    A blogger over the weekend said, “I trust Dr. Seuss more than I trust Dr. Fauci.”

    To which I say, “You’re experiencing Faucism and you’ll grow to like it.”

  • Nitay Arbel says:

    About the “Green Pass”. I live here. It is not “required for a normal life”, except if you define that very narrowly. But a few clarifications:
    (a) not just vaccinees get it, but ALSO anyone who has recovered from a confirmed COVID19 infection
    (b) pretty much the only places that require it are things like concerts, health clubs, swimming pools — the alternative for them was either green tag or staying closed.
    (c) restaurants have three options: (a) operate with social distancing (what we have been calling “purple tag” here since exit from the first lockdown); (b) operate with green tag and without social distancing; (c) operate hybrid (e.g., purple tag outside, green tag inside — in practice, those are larger establishments)
    (d) they are not required for anything else — stores, workplaces, government office, public transit,… operate under purple tag (social distancing)
    (e) this is a temporary measure, which I expect to be lifted in 2-4 weeks as we clearly are transitioning to herd immunity. At any rate, the green tags are only valid for 6 months since obviously this whole thing hasn’t been around long enough to assess long-time immunity. (Virologists tell me, based on 2003 SARS and 2015 MERS, the closest relatives, that they expect immunity will last for many years, but obviously that is an extrapolation.)
    (f) response to the vaccination drive has been OVERWHELMING, with close to 90% of eligible people (=age 16+, never had COVID) in the “general sector” (not Arab, not chareidi/”ultra-Orthodox”) having gotten at least one shot (you have to wait 3 weeks in between). The remaining 10% or so includes a small but nontrivial number of people who did show up, but were turned away because of a case history of allergic reactions to flu shots etc. (I myself had to convince the nurse to jab me regardless of something in my file.) The targets were 80% of 16+ and 90% of the high-mortality age bracket (60+) — in the “general sector”, we’ve well exceeded these targets.
    (g) And no, the green tags were not the incentive — they weren’t even *discussed* until very recently, when planning an accelerated exit from the 3rd lockdown (our 3rd wave has been the deadliest by far). We REALLY REALLY don’t want a fourth. And keep in mind: we have a VERY high population density in our heartland. The “suburb” I live in has the same population density as downtown Chicago (one of my former hometowns) inside the Loop.

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