Hillary Channels Inner Mean Girl on British TV. American Media Yawn. [VIDEO]

Hillary Channels Inner Mean Girl on British TV. American Media Yawn. [VIDEO]

Hillary Channels Inner Mean Girl on British TV. American Media Yawn. [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton despises President Trump. That’s not exactly a news flash, but Hillary recently took her contempt across the Pond, appearing on British television.

She showed up on “The Graham Norton Show,” ostensibly to hawk her book, What Happened. However, Hill just couldn’t help herself — her inner Mean Girl emerged, and she confessed to the clapping seal crowd how she tried to avoid attending the Trump inauguration. She dropped names and made little gossipy jokes. Frankly, my BS meter went to 11 on some of that dish, but what do I know?

Not only that, but she also made some snide digs at the health of former president George H.W. Bush.

What is Hillary — a high school sophomore?

Meanwhile, the British press fawned all over Hillary. The Telegraph praised her “grandmotherly charm.” The Guardian found her to be “perfectly nice” — nice, of course, unless you’re one of Bill’s bimbo eruptions.

And Indy100 giggled:

“Hillary however, wanted to get out of it. Who could blame her? So she apparently tried to use one of the oldest tricks in the book, one we’ve all used.”

Yeah, but we’re not former First Ladies, either. And your dotty old aunt’s birthday party hardly ranks with a presidential inauguration now, does it?

Meanwhile, the American press didn’t bother to cover Hillary’s shabby dirt dishing among the Brits. However, you can bet if Laura Bush admitted that she tried to get out of going to President Trump’s inauguration, the media would be trumpeting that tidbit far and wide.

Yet even if Laura Bush was uncomfortable at the Trump inauguration (and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was), she has too much refinement to make such remarks. But we’ll never know, will we?

And speaking of the Bush family, where were former Presidents Bush, Numbers 41 and 43, this weekend?

They were in Texas helping to raise funds for hurricane relief at the One America Appeal fundraising concert. They were joined by former Presidents Carter, Obama, and Hillary’s partner in crime husband, former President Bill Clinton.

President Trump gave a prerecorded message, too. Even the New York Times wrote that “Ex-Presidents and Trump Show Unity at Hurricane Benefit Concert.”

So while Hillary bashed President Trump in Britain, former President George H.W. Bush — whose health she found mock worthy — joined other ex-presidents to aid in a cause infinitely more worthy than her Bitterness Tour.

Just shut up, Hillary. At this point, what difference do you make?

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