Colorado Cub Scout Is Left Without a Den Because of Crazy Mother

Colorado Cub Scout Is Left Without a Den Because of Crazy Mother

Colorado Cub Scout Is Left Without a Den Because of Crazy Mother

To some young boys, Cub Scouts is a great extracurricular activity. We enrolled our then seven-year-old son in Cub Scouts because he expressed an interest in camping and archery.

Our son has since moved on to track, free-running (think American Ninja Warrior stuff), an interest in Japanese Kendo and being a break dancing machine but the friendships and brotherhood boys build in scouting are critical to the character development of young men. I especially enjoyed seeing him gain confidence by cooking a meal, using a pocket knife or building a fire on his own. To some boys, their den is everything. We were fortunate enough to have a den leader who was so passionate about scouting that it was infectious. His attitude made Cub Scouts fun for these boys. They were as dorky as they wanted to be but he was also firm in what he expected of them. If it weren’t for “Cub Master Rob”, I do not think our son would have continued Cub Scouting beyond the first year.

I smile when I look back on our son’s Cub Scouts experience and he laughs, too. So, I cannot even imagine how heartbroken this poor boy was when he was exiled from his den. Safe to say, this kid’s mother put him up to it. Take a look:

Ames Mayfield and his den were probably in the process of attempting to gain their Webelos requirement of meeting with a government official. It’s in the book and on the track for boys to gain their Arrow of Light. Colorado Republican Senator, Vicki Marble, was on-hand to answer the kids’ questions.

Ames preceded his gun control question with this question:

“I was astonished that you blamed black people for poor health and poverty because of all the chicken and barbecue they eat….”

Marble’s real statement is here:

“When you look at life expectancy, there’s certain problems in the black race,” said Marble, who is white. “Sickle cell anemia is something that comes up. Diabetes is something that is prevalent in the genetic makeup. Although I gotta say, I’ve never had better BBQ and better chicken and ate better in my life then when you go down South, I mean, I love it. Everybody loves it.”

Should Marble have been a bit careful about her associations with health problems, race and chicken and barbeque and maybe not clump all of these in the same thought process? Perhaps. But really, chicken and barbeque down south is better and yes, everyone loves it. And, just an FYI, I’ve seen plenty of overweight and probably diabetic white people chowing down on fried chicken and chugging sweet tea at the local Smithfield’s when I lived in North Carolina.

Young Ames Mayfield was subsequently kicked out of his den for “disrespectful” questioning and, of course, the local media jumps on this to illustrate how Republicans have done a disservice to this child. Nope. Te Republicans and the den booted him out but his mom who armed him with his line of questioning is blameless in the whole scenario because she only operated the printer. Right.

The Boy Scouts of America responded with this:

“The BSA and the Denver Area Council are committed to working with families interested in Scouting to find local units that are the best fit for their children… It is important to note that the Scout is still part of the Cub Scout pack, and we are working with the family to offer the Scout options that will allow him to continue his Scouting experience in a way that fits his and his family’s needs. Beyond that, I hope you understand that we cannot discuss personal details regarding our youth members.”

Was the boy fully entitled to exercise his First Amendment rights? Yes. Was the den leader in the right for kicking him out for doing so? Possibly not. He is, after all, just a kid. But, I tend to believe there is more to this story than meets the eye. Like mom is a nutcase and this may not have been the first time she has used her child to make a political statement. I’m not saying I agree 100 percent with Marble and her philosophies as I do not know much about her, frankly. But what Lori Mayfield neglected to tell her son is that someone who beats his wife, despite stringent gun control measures that her party of choice wants to put in place, would still find himself access to a gun. Criminals do. Rapists do. How about teaching your child not to believe everything he sees in the media and give him the option to develop his own political opinions about someone on the opposite end of the fence? And therein lies the rub and the big disservice utopian left-leaning parents do their kids. Mayfield has told her child that it’s not okay for an abusive man to shoot his wife or girlfriend with a gun obtained only because Republican legislature allowed him to. She expressed to her child that it’s not okay to associate only African Americans (because all southerners are African-American, after all) with chicken and BBQ. But it is okay to promote killing an innocent child (as seen in the referenced YouTube clip)?

That’s too sweet. Nice picture with the bloody coat hanger whilst you hug your beloved son, Lori Mayfield. Leave it to a wacky mother to ruin any potential joy a child could have because everything has to have a political agenda with these nut jobs. Way to drag an organization that could be a place of belonging and (a word they love) incluuuuuuuuusion for boys (and now girls, SMH) through the mud. And, she obviously missed that whole independence and self-sufficiency piece that the Cub Scouts and its good leaders promote. Yep. Way to suck the joy out of your son’s life. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

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  • Tess says:

    This Child was set up, think about it, how many Children that age have that mindset. He is a copy of his Mother and they have an Agenda. Ms. Marble represents my area and was set up in my opinion, and i don’t believe she meant what they imply. This is the 2nd x i know of she has gone thru this, i don’t remember what was said, but at the time i thought it was taken out of context as this was.

  • wanda says:

    Those are not questions a kid would ask anyone. Blame the parent or adult who fed them to him. Shame on them. This was an opportunity for these kids to ask questions of things they are concerned with. Not some man beating his wife and having a gun?? C’mon. what a lost opportunity for him.

  • GWB says:

    My very first thought on seeing the headline for this story was “I bet it’s a prog mom indoctrinating her child, and going for the set-up.”

    When I was WEBELOs leader, we went to a city council meeting and talked to the mayor. Because these are 10-11yo’s. They should be asking about leash laws and how the city would handle a flood (I live in a swamp) and about silly laws that dictate what can be in your lawn.

    See, it’s not just about politicizing everything. It’s about NATIONALIZING everything, too. That’s why the hew and cry – if it’s about “Cub Scouts” then it’s national news!
    (And, the Scouts did that to themselves many years ago.)

  • Really? says:

    Ah, the hypocrisy here runs deep here ladies! So let’s break this down. A gun nutter, republican lawmaker is invited to talk to a group of cub scouts days after the worst mass shooting in American history. The scouts are told to do research and prepare questions for this visiting lawmaker. A simple google search and some current event reading would have put this lawmaker’s prior statements and her anti-gun control views on anyone’s radar (yes, even an 11 year old).

    Let’s be honest here, Tess, wanda and GWB. It’s not that his mother put him up to it, or that the topics were inappropriate. It’s that you disagree with them. Had this kid asked a question on the exact same topics but with a right leaning slant, you would have zero complaints about the exchange. And, if he was kicked out for expressing support for such right leaning causes (racism and gun rights), this place would be in flames with support of him (and the parent that put him up to it — without the “crazy” moniker of course). #intellectuallydishonest #hypocrisyrunsdeephere

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