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Hey Paris, just go ahead and surrender already

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Hey Paris, just go ahead and surrender already

Why bother continuing to act as if the entire city isn’t filled with dhimmis? The Muslim population has been growing in France, particularly in Paris, and they haven’t exactly been peaceful neighbors. Nope, they’ve waged an all-out intifada against the non-believers. Shooting at cops, rioting, murdering innocent people, torching cars… they’ll stop at nothing to terrify and intimidate the French into dhimmitude. (For some particularly horrifying examples, see Michelle’s blog here, here, here, here, and here.) And, like the good little spineless cowards that they are, the French are meekly going along with it, willingly letting themselves become dhimmis.

Their latest attempt at bending over backwards to please their peace-loving Muslim neighbors? Last week, police banned a sausage and wine party because Muslims got upset.

A giant “sausage and wine” party planned later this week in a Paris neighbourhood with many Muslim residents risks sparking disturbances and will therefore be banned, police in the French capital announced on Tuesday.

The event, announced on the social networking site Facebook late last month, had drawn growing criticism from politicians and civic groups in recent days as its page containing barely disguised anti-Muslim slogans attracted over 7,000 members.

The event, called an “apero geant” (giant cocktail party), was due on Friday, a date seen as highly provocative because that will be the day of the weekly Muslim prayer and the World Cup soccer match between England and majority Muslim Algeria.

It is also the 70th anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle’s famous 1940 “Appeal of June 18” from London calling on the French to resist the German occupation of their country.

“This open-air event creates serious risks of disturbances to public order,” the police said in a statement, noting the symbolism of the time and place chosen for the flash mob-style party. It also said counter-demonstrations were planned.

The main organiser, Sylvie Francois, wrote that she wanted the event to be “a joyous protest” against the closing down of roads in the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood every Friday by Muslims praying in the street outside the overcrowded mosque there.

So basically, it’s OK for Muslims to pray in the streets and threaten violence against anyone who dares to not follow Islamic law. But it’s not OK for Parisians to have a peaceful protest against them by drinking wine and eating pork. You know, if it’s a Muslim holy day, then every Parisian who might be within yards of a Muslim better not offend that Muslim. Freedom of speech and religion? Bah, that’s only something that those dirty, unsophisticated, racist, un-cultured Americans do. Standing up against foreign invaders? They’d rather just wait until things get completely FUBAR, and then wait for us dirty Americans to come in and save them.

French politicians, along with police, are saying the event was cancelled because it was sure to degenerate into violence — and this was framed as the fault of the cocktail partiers, not the violent Muslims sure to be whipped into a bloodthirsty rage at the sight of someone eating pork on their holy day. It’s OK for Muslims to pray in Parisian streets — for roads to be closed down for Muslims to pray in the streets — , but Parisians can’t eat pork in Parisian streets.

On the anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s appeal of June 18th, a speech urging the French to fight the German occupation, native Parisians are being told they can’t hold a mild protest against Muslims who, for years now, have been violent rioters waging war against the French way of life. How sad, yet predictable.

If this is how it is going to be in Paris, then why even bother trying to act as if the city hasn’t completely given in to Muslim demands? Just go ahead and surrender. Give in to the dhimmitude. Let the Muslims institute Shariah law. Heck, they’re just keeping with tradition, aren’t they? A violent foreign power invades and threatens the French way of life, and it would never occur to the French to fight back. Surrender is the French way of life. So they might as well just do what they do best and get it over with.

Anyone who values liberty and freedom, meanwhile, knows where they should go.

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  • I do recall the group organizing the wine and sausage fest are a nasty bunch themselves, but it makes me appreciate the freedom of speech and expression we have as Americans.

    I wouldn’t arrange such a party, but I think you have the right to do that. I do find it amusing that protesting German occupation would use something as German as sausage, so even the protest group surrenders 🙂

    Back when I was stationed in Germany, I made jokes about invading France for Training.

  • Smithwick says:

    How about you let them throw it, if muslims become incensed at the sight of all that delicious sausage and decide to riot you can then send in the police to arrest/kill all the violent rioters.

    But since you’ve taken this route there are a number of other public displays that tend to illicit violent reactions from muslims. I suggest that in order to secure a peace in our times with these radical jihadis you work on banning the following indecent public displays: religious freedom, women going around without a leash of some kind, voting, any displays of religions other than their particular brand of islam, economic equality, exposed skin, art, culture, wine, all signs of human progress since the iron age, girls over the age of 8 that have not yet been married off, jews, nonmuslims who have not been blown to bits (particularly children).

    Eliminate all these things and surely they will come to love and respect you.

  • Stupid question: did the Onion write that article?!

    The event, called an “apero geant” (giant cocktail party), was due on Friday, a date seen as highly provocative because that will be the day of the weekly Muslim prayer and the World Cup soccer match between England and majority Muslim Algeria.

    Weekly Muslim prayer, unless the title is misleading, happens… EVERY FREAKING WEEK.

    Sporting event matches, official visits, Holy Days, etc. between “majority Muslim” countries and Western nations happen… EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    What next? “This is a provocative day because it’s Osama Bin Laden’s second cousin’s nephew’s girlfriend’s sister’s birthday”?

    Maybe the “sausage” also offends the French….

  • LS says:

    As much as I dislike “sausage parties,” banning them is ridiculous.

  • I never sausage craven cowardice. Rumor has it the Muslim protestors didn’t like Shakespere in the pork, either. Hopefully you’ll be able to provide us with more links regarding this.

  • Frank says:

    Got a joke for you. What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands in the air?? Give up?? The French Army!

    While I have met Frenchmen that I’ve genuinely grown to like I hold a general disdain for the country. How many thousands of Americans shed their blood, and/or gave their lives, to liberate France during the 2nd World War. Yet, in the proceeding decades a snobby attitude and disdain for America festered in that country–not to mention multi-culturalism and tolerance. I suppose being pansies coupled with a big social effort to try to love and accept everyone, just as they are, without any expectations to assimilate into the country to which they immigrated, is doing the country in. Oh yeah, I was actually kinda happy to see ’em lose to Mexico in the world cup, too.

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