Healthcare Crisis: Hundreds in Virginia Wait Overnight for Free Clinic at Area Fairground [PHOTOS]

Healthcare Crisis: Hundreds in Virginia Wait Overnight for Free Clinic at Area Fairground [PHOTOS]

Healthcare Crisis: Hundreds in Virginia Wait Overnight for Free Clinic at Area Fairground [PHOTOS]

As anyone paying attention for the past seven years knows, Republicans have promised time and again that If We Just™ hand them the House, the Senate, the White House, they’d repeal ObamaCare—to quote Mitch McConnell—“root and branch.” Except for one thing: they never believed Donald Trump would win the presidency. And now they’re lodged between a rock and a hard place where supporters are demanding they do what they campaigned on, and the Chuck Schumers of the land, pushing us headlong into a single-payer system where federal bureaucrats decide who lives and who dies. Which brings me to my point: we know how hard the (Un)Affordable Care Act has hit scores of Americans—particularly those in the individual market where prices have skyrocketed and coverage has declined—who already struggled with attaining heath insurance even before ObamaCare became law. But the majority of the media—conservative sources included—have failed to report just how bad it is in some areas of the country. Exhibit A: Virginia, where residents are facing a thirty-plus percent increase next year on the already high-priced ObamaCare exchange, and dozens of counties will have just one choice for coverage. There, over the weekend, this happened:

Patients in Virginia wait in line overnight to receive free health care at an area fair grounds (All Photos Credit: Daily Mail)
Many people slept on the ground or in/on their vehicles.
Patients were given numbers, the earliest arrivals receiving care first.

People wait for care inside the Virginia-Kentucky District Fair and Horse Show grounds.
Patients receive dental treatment on pop-up chairs beneath a canopy covering a filthy, stained concrete floor.
A woman receives care after collapsing outside waiting for treatment.

You can view more photos here and here.

Hundreds of desperate patients, some in their 90s, traveled miles to be seen to by doctors who used animal stalls, articulated lorries and barns to carry out examinations and treatment…

Among those in long lines were those working part-time on $7.25-an-hour who faced bills of up to $400 on prescription glasses.

Why the need for this event? Well, if you’ve written premium checks and paid sky-high deductibles lately, that’s a rhetorical question.

With medical bills rising, they said they were left with no option but to attend the event which meant they could get their hands on free care.

Describing the chaotic scenes, Brit Stan Brock who founded Remote Area Medical, the charity behind the event, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘I just wish I could [get] President Trump to come and see this.

‘The people here are Mr Trump’s constituency, they’re his voters, and it drives me up the wall.

‘This organisation was designed to parachute into the most God-awful places. I expected to see stuff like this in South Sudan and Haiti, but it’s right here in the United States of America.’

There it is: The (intended?) fallout from the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American electorate. Reminiscent of a third-world nation, wouldn’t you say? Have you seen any reports on this? Anywhere? Bueller? I sure haven’t.

And let me just say: good for the health care providers for stepping up for those in desperate need. Nevertheless, right now, the Democrats own this misery. They created this nightmare, and refuse to even admit there’s a problem:

Sure. Team Trump is causing premiums to spike and creating monopolies in the health insurance market, Princess We Have to Pass It, yada yada yada.

Make no mistake, despite the Chuck Schumerians screeching about how Millions Will Die! should the ACA go the way of the dodo (a bald-faced lie, mind you), many people will lose their coverage anyway if it stays in place. So GOP: it’s time to put up or shut up.

A child sleeps on the ground outside the fair grounds waiting for free health care. No, Virginia, this is not a third-world country; it’s America under ObamaCare.

You promised to euthanize ObamaCare and return control of health insurance back to the states, and allow the free markets to do what they do (some healthcare providers have already ceased accepting insurance, giving the proverbial finger to the busybody feds). We’ve lived with this law, literally with the full weight of the federal government’s wrath behind it, for seven years, awaiting the day when a willing president with a waiting pen would sign it out of existence. Now we have that. We gave you what you asked for. It’s one of thee primary reasons we handed you control of all three branches.

So Congress: your constituents are watching. Those repeatedly harmed by this monstrosity are watching. The people lying on makeshift dental chairs in the Virginia heat on a grimy fair grounds floor are watching. And should you return home for your (unearned) August recess without your promise kept, you will feel our wrath. And should that happen, 2018 promises a bloodbath, either by sacking those of you who refuse to keep your promise, or worse, by ceding control of Congress back to the Democrats. It’s your call: repeal ObamaCare, or forever have its weight, and the impending disaster of single-payer, government-controlled “healthcare,” draped around your necks like the rotting carcass it is (for further reading, see defenseless infant, Charlie Gard, who languished under socialism’s government bureaucracy until his chance for life had passed). Your move. What’s it gonna be? Because whatever you do—or don’t do—you’ll own the outcome hook, line, and sinker.

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  • GWB says:

    OK, one major critique of this post: where in Virginia? This is especially important in VA, where a lot of the state has turned deep blue (we elected McAuliffe fer cryin’ out loud).

    OK, turns out this is Wise, VA, which is way out near the WVa border. I actually assumed (sorta like the “name that political party” game with politicians caught in the act) it would be Northern VA, and I could throw the “these are all 0bama voters” flag and shout hypocrisy. But it isn’t. Instead, these are people from the Valley and the mountains around it, out west of Richmond.

    There’s something else missed, though. The very first line of the article in the article says:

    The sick and the disabled pour out of these mountains every summer for their one shot at free health care, but this year was supposed to hold hope for a better solution. [emphasis added]

    This isn’t a new thing. The quotes you include (not blaming you, btw) imply some measure of … unexpectedness. But they do this EVERY YEAR. Because some of these people live in the hills and mountains and are just a long way from regular doctors.

    Something else to ponder, though (again, on the “unexpectedness” and “shock” front) – a lot of people will go to an awful lot of trouble for FREE things, regardless of whether they could otherwise pay for them. The non-critical thinker (or critical non-thinker) often confuses “willing to use” with “need”. From that article I mentioned, again:

    where physicians and dentists dispense free care to those who otherwise have none

    They “otherwise have none” is not identical to they “otherwise can’t afford any or can’t actually get to a doctor”. (And, I think it’s probably bullhockey that they “otherwise have none” except by choice.)
    Take a look at the parking lot. Look at all those fairly nice automobiles. These are not people who cannot afford health care, these are people who can’t afford health insurance. (And I blame the gov’t for confusing the heck out of people betwixt those two.)

    I concur wholeheartedly with your post, btw. We need to get Congress to understand that 1) we don’t want what they’re selling, and 2) they’ve grossly over-stepped their Constitutional bounds (regardless of what the SCOTUS says). And we need to get Trump to understand it, too.
    Unfortunately, likely the only way to get them to understand that involves non-ballot processes that we haven’t used in a loooong time in this country.
    (And, no, I don’t believe we can change hearts and minds of enough people to simply use those ballot box methods of restoring our republic. Too many hearts and minds are bought and Constitutionalism doesn’t have anything it can offer to buy votes.)

    • Jodi says:

      Excellent analysis as always, GWB. My bad for not noting the area in which this occurred. I see these events growing exponentially as DC dithers and haws, and does nothing to “fix” what they broke. I think you and I know that they’re not going to repeal OCare, and single-payer is likely just years away.

      We’re looking to move toward direct primary care and switching to an even higher deductible policy for emergencies. It doesn’t pay for much anyway and I’m so done with DC’s mandates. It’s un-American. And I’m not interested in being a subject any longer.

      • GWB says:

        I could actually save money for a rainy day with what I and my employer pay in premiums for a health “insurance” policy.

  • HealthTimes says:

    Hoping that everything will be ok soon. Safety and self care is very important to avoid sickness. Also, health insurance is important especially during this time of pandemic. It will be a big help.

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