Health Equity Is Mayor Pete’s New Spin

Health Equity Is Mayor Pete’s New Spin

Health Equity Is Mayor Pete’s New Spin

Democrats believe that equality of outcomes is the goal of everything in life. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is taking that unrealistic goal into the realm of health care.

While Mayor Pete isn’t a “Medicare For All” cheerleader like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, the mayor – who had shifted back to the middle temporarily and has seen his poll numbers rise again – he is trying to spin and sell his public option plan as a “Medicare For All Who Want It.” Look out, he’s breaking out the whiteboard and markers, everyone! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

But this doesn’t seem to be catching fire with anyone. So now, Mayor Pete is now banking hard left with this social justice drivel about “health equity.”

This systemic discrimination takes the form of a doctor who takes a Black person’s pain symptoms less seriously, or a health clinic staffed by providers lacking training on how to appropriately care for a transgender person. It manifests in a hospital system that breaks ground only in a predominantly white neighborhood, and in a public health department that fails to translate important information into Chinese and Arabic despite a need in the community. Discrimination shows up in health facilities that are not accessible to people with disabilities. It takes place in states like Georgia and Texas, where governments play politics with people’s lives by refusing to expand Medicaid.”

In Pete’s administration, achieving health equity will be a strategic priority: during his first 100 days in office, he will direct the federal government to develop a National Health Equity Strategy. He will designate and invest in Health Equity Zones to empower communities to combat their most pressing disparities and transform our under-resourced public health system, enabling public health departments to become champions of equity in their communities. His administration will both invest in training our health workforce to combat racism and bias when treating patients, and support more underrepresented groups entering the sector to achieve equitable representation.”

Pete understands that health policies alone will not be enough to achieve health equity. Income, housing, education, food, access to clean water, and safety all have a profound impact on our health. That’s why Pete’s administration will adopt a “Health in All Policies” approach to embed health considerations into decision-making across federal agencies.”

So Mayor Pete has an answer for how we get to “health equity” – and it is MONEY. Lots of it. Where does that money come from to make everyone equal? Well, there goes the “all we have to do is roll back the Trump tax cuts for corporations” theory that he tried to spin in his little whiteboard presentation.

Let’s be realistic – there is no way to achieve this nebulous dream of “health equity.” Why? Because people are not handed the same genetic starting point. How do you tell someone with a chronic genetic illness that their health could ever be “equal” to an Olympic athlete? If Mayor Pete meant “health CARE equality” or “health ACCESS equality,” then he would have or should have said that. But he didn’t. “Health equity” sounds catchier and more social justice-y. EQUALITY FOR ALL! (Unless you are in the womb and diagnosed with a genetic disorder, then there is no “health equity” – there is only “reproductive health care,” which means abortion on demand, which is not health care, but a death sentence.)

However, Mayor Pete is trying to sell his social justice health care plans, while claiming that the middle class won’t see their taxes rise. However, does anyone else remember that Mayor Pete was among those who raised their hands at the first debate, promising free health care for illegal immigrants? And he’s still promising that – in Spanish!

So, Mayor Pete is going to come out and say that in English, right? Just so we can get it on the record? Because there is no way that anyone can keep health care costs down by promising a public option, AND offering that same public option for anyone who sets foot in the United States.

Mayor Pete is trying to ease his way to completely socialized medicine with his public option plan and dressing it up with his social justice drivel, all while promising health care for illegals out of the other side of his mouth. Let’s go back to the whiteboard again and do some actual MATH this time, hmmm?

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