Harris Promotes Palestine In The Name of Truth

Harris Promotes Palestine In The Name of Truth

Harris Promotes Palestine In The Name of Truth

What do you say to a student who claims Israel is committing “ethnic genocide“? Well, if you’re Kamala Harris, you would say their truth “should not be suppressed”.

Vice President, Kamala Harris, took a break from making appearances on The View and feverishly working on improving the crisis at our southern border to talk to students about voting rights at George Mason University when one of our rising college stars brought this up. Take a look:

But I see that over the summer, there have been like protests and demonstrations and astronomical numbers then with Palestine. But then just a few days ago, there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel, which hurts my heart because it’s an ethnic genocide and a displacement of people, the same that happened in America. And I’m sure you’re aware of this.”-student at George Mason University

Sure, Harris is aware. Does she care? Probably not. Moving on:

And I bring this up also, because of the issue of how Americans are struggling because of lack of health care, public health care, lack of affordable housing, and all this money ends up going to and funding Israel and backing Saudi Arabia and whatnot. And I think that the people have spoken very often in what they do need, and I feel like there’s a lack of listening and I just feel like I need to bring this up because it affects my life and people I really care about life’s, and…”–student at George Mason University

and, and, and, like, I just cannot deal right now!

Points for Kamala not letting out one of her trademark hyena cackles. Harris responded, in kind:

I’m glad you did it. I’m glad you did. And again, this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed.”-Kamala Harris

Because, after all, this student is, most likely a Democrat who did, most likely, vote for Kamala (and Joe). It’s all about this student’s personal truth and she wants to honor this. Such a lack of listening and, like, what-not.

In the world of the liberal college campus, your truth is the truth even though it’s not the truth…merely an opinion. But this student has only selectively listened to portions of the Israeli/Palestine conflict over the years. Perception is not truth. Feelings do not trump facts and what-not.

But, like, all of this money is going to Israel and what not. And they’re committing genocide!

Why would Kamala Harris discuss other forms of “ethnic genocide”? Because she needs to pander to the likes of your demographic, oh young (probably) Poli-Sci major. It’s so much easier to patronize this generation with feelings of validity of “their truths” than to break it down for them. Some of us are not hoping to win popularity contests or presidential elections so, we’ll just tell it like it is.

Dear, sweet babe in the woods, listen carefully. Allow me to enlighten you on something our Vice President, Kamala Harris didn’t. If you want to talk ethnic genocide, let’s talk about the Taliban massacre of Hazara men. Let’s talk about the fate of women under the Taliban. Let’s talk about how we bailed the hell out of Afghanistan under our current Commander in Chief and Madame Vice President and left weapons behind for the Taliban to use on these men and women. Don’t want to hear that truth, do ya? Okay. Let’s talk the Xinjiang concentration camps in China. Oh? Didn’t know about that, did you? We know. Kamala will tell you the same thing Joe did. That he and President Xi are not “old friends“. They have no clue this is happening!

Then again, this student probably thinks of rocket attacks on Israel as a form of diversity and inclusion. It’s her truth, you know?

Still, Harris nods and acknowledges this young person who is stringing together pearls correlating Israel and ethnic genocide with issues on our home front such as lack of health care, public health care, lack of affordable housing. (Huh?) Well, people just aren’t listening, she says. Is she meaning, “the people” in charge now? I would somewhat agree with this student on this particular point. We told ’em the economy was going to tank if they pushed lockdowns. The Democrats pushed the lockdowns. And you know why I bring this up? Because this affects my life and people I really care about and their lives.

You think? But some truth from some people should be suppressed. Just not the truth they deem as “the truth”.

Pat this student on the head while you’re at it, Ms. Harris. She recites Newspeak so well!

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  • American Human says:

    “…it’s an ethnic genocide and a displacement of people, the same that happened in America.”

    Where is this genocide and displacement of people happening in America? I want to know. Come on Victory Girls, lets investigate this!!


    Someone “told” her this was happening. She hasn’t seen it or doesn’t know where it might be happening or even who is perpetrating this outrage. She simply heard it from someone therefore it is the Truth!!

  • JAW3 says:

    I hate the reference to “your truth”. So your reality whatever it is can be considered factual?

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