Hamilton Broadway Musical: A Cast of High and Mighty Hypocrites [VIDEO]

Hamilton Broadway Musical: A Cast of High and Mighty Hypocrites [VIDEO]

Hamilton Broadway Musical: A Cast of High and Mighty Hypocrites [VIDEO]

Is the Broadway production of “Hamilton” composed of high and mighty hypocrites?

We’ve all heard how Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed by people in the audience upon arriving to view the musical “Hamilton.” The video of cast member Brandon Dixon’s “conversation” lecture to Pence from the stage has gone viral. In an interview held after the performance, Dixon continued to ride his moral high horse by pointing out oh-how-diverse the “Hamilton” company was.

Yes, “Hamilton” represented diversity. Except when it didn’t.

Turns out that in March the production company posted a casting notice seeking “non-white” performers. They emphasized that requirement in ALL CAPS.

Click to enlarge.

I see. So only non-whites could apply. And only non-whites have the ability to rap? Someone tell Eminem.

Controversy ensued, and rightly so. Civil rights attorney Randolph McLaughlin pointed out that the notice probably violated the New York City Human Rights Law, which states that it is unlawful “for an employer… because of the actual written or perceived… race of any person, to discriminate.” Said Randolph, “What if they put an ad out that said, ‘Whites only need apply?’ Why, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians would be outraged.”

So on Friday this holier-than-thou cast of “Hamilton” dissed Vice President-elect Pence, an honorable man who is untainted by scandal. But upon whom did these moral crusaders shower the Love? Why, none other than Hillary Clinton, the Carmella Soprano of the Clinton Foundation Crime Family.

In July, the cast put on a special matinee performance as a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton. Check out those ticket prices. With seats starting at $2700 and heading up to $100,000, they’re not exactly Best Value tickets from Stub Hub.

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Not only were huge sums of moolah raked in for Hillary, she was fêted afterwards by the “Hamilton” cast. The same folks who would later smugly lecture Mike Pence about his responsibility to keep all citizens safe schmoozed with the woman who allowed four Americans to die at Benghazi.

“Hamilton” cast members schmoozing with Hillary Clinton after fundraiser performance.

I suppose it’s par for the course. New York City is known as a liberal stronghold, its theater community teeming with leftwing elites. They delight in scolding conservatives about their perceived ethical shortcomings while blind to their own indiscretions. Mike Pence isn’t the only Republican to be treated poorly by the theater crowd. Ask Abe Lincoln about that.

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