Rudeness On Display: Audience And Cast Of Broadway’s Hamilton Boo And Lecture Mike Pence [VIDEOS]

Rudeness On Display: Audience And Cast Of Broadway’s Hamilton Boo And Lecture Mike Pence [VIDEOS]

Rudeness On Display: Audience And Cast Of Broadway’s Hamilton Boo And Lecture Mike Pence [VIDEOS]

Broadway. The home of so many amazing musicals and shows that resonate, challenge, bring tears of laughter and sorrow, and make you think. Its also a place where the audience is always asked to be respectful and mindful of those on stage. And when they are not…

That wasn’t the first time actress and Broadway star Patti Lupone stopped the show because of an audience member’s rudeness. Several years ago, she had people thrown out because she and the audience had had enough of them taking photos during the show.

Then there is the idiot who thought it would be a grand idea to climb onto the stage to find an outlet to charge his cell phone! I kid you not. Cell phones, talking during the show, crinkling papers, protesting, booing …all are annoyances to the actors and oftentimes serve to break their rhythm.

These are the things that Just. Aren’t. Done. during a Broadway show. Well, once again, we find out that there are exceptions to the rules. Tolerance as a one-way street combined with out and out rudeness reared its ugly head during Broadway’s Hamilton show last night.


Evidently any and ALL sense of decorum is happily thrown out the window by the audience AND cast if someone from the upcoming Trump Administration is in the house.

What a fabulous start to a show. Just…craptastic. But it didn’t stop there. Twitter started reacting and it was just “lovely”

Yeah, she seems nice. But then there’s this.

The irony is, the entire audience was sitting in New York City. A city within the United States. A country where each and every audience member has Freedom of Speech BECAUSE of Alexander Hamilton and the rest of our Founding Fathers!!! But try and point that out to them and I’d be willing to bet you’d get this “logical” answer…. ‘But that’s different!’  Yeah, you go with that.


Unfortunately, to their discredit, the cast of Hamilton didn’t stop the audience. In fact they encouraged it and proceeded to lecture Vice President-Elect Pence after the curtain call.

To Pence’s credit, he stayed and listened. He didn’t run for a safe space and he didn’t whine to the press about being triggered. That, to me, showed a lot of courage, fortitude, and CLASS. More class than anyone on that stage or in the audience exhibited last night. Understandably those of us with a better handle on reality and manners aren’t pleased.

OUCH. Others commented that booing the was a mean, empty, and useless gesture. If they were REALLY serious about their stance, they should’ve walked out of the theatre. Instead they acted like spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums about things they know nothing about. President-Elect Trump wasn’t pleased either.

The audience and cast WAS rude. Their behavior was completely uncalled for and, quite frankly, outside the pale. Its actions like that that usually get people thrown out. Instead, the excuses for their crass rudeness are flying.

A conversation?? Wait what? Brandon, you might want to revisit the definition of a conversation. It usually involves dialogue between at least TWO people. It doesn’t involve nor even remotely resemble a diatribe from one person directed toward another with zero chance of response. You as an actor should KNOW that.

By the way, if the cast of Hamilton plans to offer up another lecture “conversation” to anyone associated with the Trump Administration (that is if your show hasn’t imploded by then due to losses at the box office), you might want to think about THIS little fact regarding Alexander Hamilton.

OUCH. Truth hurts doesn’t it? Oh wait, never mind, you can’t handle stuff like that. Y’all are just actors. History, pesky facts, voting, and reality aren’t your gig. Safe spaces, ego boosts, condescending grandstanding, and crass publicity is.

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  • Younts says:

    So, so rich considering Alexander Hamilton’s politics. Very nice that Broadway has made an original Conservative and Federalist Papers author the subject of a hit show.

    • Nina says:

      The irony abounds in this doesn’t it? Especially since, after last nights antics, its incredibly evident that none of them have any real grasp on who Hamilton really was!

  • Gail Boer says:

    Good read. 🙂 Just my thoughts: the audience behaved very badly and their behavior was way way way out of line and disruptive to watching the very pricey play. The cast’s rant is another story. A few thoughts, first it seems to me planned this speech/rant whatever this was (they had to be aware of the secret service presence), second, if they wanted to make a point, the could have paid to insert a flyer in the program or taken out an ad for people to read in the program. Lastly, the cast would be livid at someone taking selfies, a ringing cell phone or a baby crying and the irony kind of makes me snicker. Pretentious people behaving pretentiously are so cute… As for me? the starting ticket price is about $350 each and VP Elect Pence was not in the cheap seats. I would spend the $ for tickets (which comes to about $2300 with all the fees for a couple not including food and drinks) for a puppy and use the rest for a vacation.

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