Hall Monitor AOC Scolds Josh Hawley Over Fist-Pump

Hall Monitor AOC Scolds Josh Hawley Over Fist-Pump

Hall Monitor AOC Scolds Josh Hawley Over Fist-Pump

Josh Hawley isn’t allowed to fundraise off of his January 6 fist-pump according to hall monitor AOC. It’s wrong you see.

AOC ripped into Josh Hawley for fundraising off of his infamous fist-pump on January 6.
Her criticism came in response to footage showing Hawley fleeing the pro-Trump mob just hours later.
AOC has called on Hawley to resign over his actions on January 6, 2021.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped into Sen. Josh Hawley for fundraising off of an image of him raising his fist in solidarity with January 6 protesters, after the House committee investigating the insurrection showed video of the Missouri Republican fleeing the pro-Trump mob.

“Remember: Even after running for his life, Sen. Hawley chose to fundraise off his encouraging and fist-pumping the violent mob, and even sold merchandise of himself doing so from then through *this year* — even after Politico, who later acquired the image, sent a cease and desist,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet.

Here’s the fist-pump in question.

Of course, that came in response to people hollering at him that morning.  

Evidently, Josh Hawley, is not allowed to use the image of HIMSELF as a fundraising mechanism, or even to troll the haters. 


This writer may have decided she needed another coffee mug. Just saying. 

Meanwhile, AOC has decided that it’s her roll as hall monitor and Congressional scold to blast Josh Hawley for his wrongness. Fist-pumps are bad if they happened on January 6 and Hawley must be punished according to AOC.  

Keep in mind, AOC claimed she was trapped in the U.S. Capitol, when in reality, she was in an entirely different building. 

Furthermore, hall monitor AOC has created yet another hypocrisy problem for herself. It seems that SHE is fundraising off her OWN fist-pump!

Which fist-pump you ask? Why the one that magically appeared as she was being led off in invisible handcuffs!

So stunningly brave she was! And her office immediately swung into action by sending out a…fundraising email!

Later Tuesday, in an email to supporters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress wrote, “Alexandria was just arrested by Capitol Police outside the Supreme Court during an abortion rights demonstration. Rush a $3 contribution to abortion access groups right now to show Congress we stand with AOC and #WeWontBackDown.”

The campaign said in the email that the groups would receive 100% of the funds, selecting Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, Protect Kentucky Access, and Michigan Reproductive Freedom for All.

“Alexandria will not rest until Congress does what needs to be done to codify abortion care as a human right in our country,” the email reads. “In the meantime, you can help folks seeking to access [abortion] care right now by splitting a $3 contribution to abortion access groups.”

The email argued that “peaceful civil disobedience is an effective tool.”

By AOC’s logic, January 6 was horrendous and she nearly died. Therefore Josh Hawley is not allowed to make bank off of his fist-pump. However, it is perfectly fine for AOC to fundraise off of her pseudo arrest complete with invisible handcuffs and a fist-pump because…REASONS!

The January 6 committee persisted yet again last night and came up with a few key items that supposedly MAKE THE CASE against President Trump. 

One of those was of Senator Josh Hawley’s fist-pump and subsequent ‘run for his life or something’ video that was shown last night. 

Of course, the left started up with memes, which they are very bad at, but I digress. Josh Hawley comes up with his coffee cup and AOC throws a shit fit. 

Lecturing scold AOC thinks Hawley’s fist-pump is a very big deal. As for her own the other day? Again, that’s different, because stuff and things. 

Ahhh AOC, the hypocrisy you live and breathe. Never change!

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  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    AOC claims to have been arrested. She was not.

    I would have been happy to see her arrested, handcuffed, resisting arrest and being thrown forcibly to the ground. Then, place in a jail cell for 9 months or so, with no indictment, so she would understand what the J6 people have experienced.

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