Guest Opinion: Whistling Past the Graveyard

Guest Opinion: Whistling Past the Graveyard

Guest Opinion: Whistling Past the Graveyard

Believing a red wave election will do anything to correct the disastrous course our government has charted, is whistling past the graveyard.


To a person, politicians and opinion contributors across the country are telling us that a “red wave” is coming in November.



Does anyone with a pulse actually believe that electing a republican dominated congress will make a difference in the direction progressives have taken us, or build a bridge across the divide they’ve created? When politicians write editorials, or make public statements, they are not promising what they’ll do when elected. They merely want you to believe they think like you. More often than not they have no intention of risking bad media by actually following through on their campaign rhetoric once in office.

Think about the recent history we have witnessed together. We saw the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and his Benghazi security team covered up by a republican led inquiry. We watched as Hillary Clinton made a fortune selling influence from her office as Secretary of State and subsequently learned that Joe Biden and family have done the same for years.

We’ve seen hundreds of millions wasted on fake commissions, biased investigations, and even two show trial impeachments conducted by the democrat party. We’ve seen (now President) Joe Biden brag about bribing Ukraine to drop an investigation of his son and his Vice President openly urge the democrat inspired violence of BLM/Antifa summer to continue while raising bail money to put anarchists and arsonists back on the street. We know the FBI conspired with the democrat communists to create and promote a false charge of Russian collusion against Donald Trump. And to be quite serious, I’d bet my 401(K) that there isn’t one person in America willing to bet theirs in support of the idea that there was absolutely no fraud committed in the 2020 election (an idea still being hammered home by the democrat party and their media minions).

What we haven’t seen is an honest effort from someone on the right to urge any pursuit of justice for the brazen criminal behavior perpetrated by scores of prominent democrat communists who seem immune to laws we must all obey. Our domestic enemies have broken the law, suborned perjury, lied under oath, destroyed or altered evidence and caused personal injury to others with no meaningful cry for justice heard anywhere. So, why would anyone believe that the feckless and cowardly blowhard fence sitters who claim to represent conservative Americans will suddenly turn into courageous patriots following a majority electoral shift in November?

Take a moment to think of the Oath of Office every congressional representative has taken, “to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Now, give thought to what your congressional reps have done in the last two years beyond maybe making a speech or tweet to ask for money while Joe Biden opened our border, surrendered in Afghanistan, transferred $80 BILLION in cash and sophisticated military equipment and armament to our sworn enemies around the world and ended our energy independence.

While the people you expect to protect you and your freedoms have hidden in the shadows, unable to summon the courage to make a statement about anything more pressing than climate change or “Pride Month”, democrats have been busy putting violent felons on the street and ignoring the laws we rely on for a stable society. While Russia, China and Iran are conductingjoint military exercises, our service branches are engaged in studying white supremacy and teaching the “woke” use of pronouns.


But maybe, just maybe, something good can come from the democrat effort to destroy our economy, and subsequently, our nation. It might just be that as crime and chaos becomes the new culture of communist controlled blue cities and states, the traditionally conservative and law-abiding red states that are laughed at and scorned by those dystopian places will distance themselves and evolve into a separated but united federalist state envisioned by our founders.

A few short years ago we would never have imagined roving mobs of smash and grab looters flaunting the law to demolish stores and walk out with bags of jewelry, clothes and even weapons with no fear of prosecution. But that has become common place in blue culture where the response is usually some sort of move to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. Make no mistake; the communists are moving those areas toward the daywhen those hooligan bands are armed to the teeth and capable of conducting raids on neighborhoods where weapons have been removed from those who obey the law and police have been replaced by “Unarmed Social Ambassadors”. Imagine dozens of cars blocking off the streets in a neighborhood and moving from home to home doing as they wish and taking what they want. The people in those places are at the mercy of the coming fate they have ignored.

In truth, we are all faced with an undefinable future and the reality that our country is being transformed in ways that will never be corrected. For those living in blue states or cities the time has come to take stock of their lives and the security of their families while those in more secure red zones need to examine the recent past to assess how fragile our security might be. We are past the point of no return.

In the words of singer, songwriter Don McLean;

“The gates are all down and the signals are flashing, the whistle is screaming in vain.

If you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts, you can’t blame the wreck on the train!”


Today’s Guest Opinion is written by Jim Boyer, the Panhandle Pundit; a life long ski bum and realistic environmentalist, retired building contractor and long time property rights advocate. Speech writer, marketing specialist in demographic targeting, public speaker –  has worked on local state political campaigns and held local public office.

Featured photo is the property of the writer, Jim Boyer.  All rights reserved. 

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  • LTC Ted says:

    When you backstop a measure, say, firearm magazine restrictions, with an entitlement, say, family “gun pledge” stipends in high gun crime neighborhoods, the measure is ratcheted in. Attempts to repeal the measure take food out of grandma’s mouth. Ultimately, a progressive government will rely on the Nathan Detroit ploy to keep it in place until entrenched, “♪ So sue me! Sue me! What can you do me?”

  • Stephen C says:

    I agree with the assessment but I don’t want to agree with the assessment. Then I remember disco music. It came and it went. But popular music was never the same.

  • American Human says:

    I have always known this. The people will elect the same type of people who have always been there and those people will always do the same things the others before them have done, otherwise they’ll not get re-elected. We’ll trade Nancy Pelosi for Kevin McCarthy. Pelosi is the only one who matters in the House, what she says goes. (she’s ten times more powerful than the evil Hillary ever was and she knows it). When McCarthy is Speaker, will it be any different? No, it’ll all be the same as it was before, what he says goes. If any of the representatives wants to be on any committee anywhere, they’ll toe the line, just like before and nothing will change.

  • Jim in Idaho says:

    Any thrill that comes from election night in November will chill when republicans get down to doing little beyond appearing on Sunday morning shows and enjoying the congressional perks we pay for.

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