Guest Opinion: The Genetic Flaw in Liberal DNA

Guest Opinion: The Genetic Flaw in Liberal DNA

Guest Opinion:  The Genetic Flaw in Liberal DNA

It’s been said that liberalism is a mental disorder. That’s a belief I carried even before I heard the expression.

I have long been curious about the pride that’s taken in the trophies, plaques, awards and degrees that decorate the shelves and walls in liberal society. I find it impossible to reconcile the joy those recipients carry. Such awards apparently gain importance when presented at a glamorous event or through an extended media campaign. Could there be a genetic flaw that makes these people proud of getting awards or trophies they didn’t earn?

Like Al Gore, Barack Obama got a Nobel Prize for doing nothing. Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize shortly after becoming President; not for anything he did, but for things he talked about. He produced nothing peaceful at home or abroad. But his gold medal is displayed in his library and the bio entry is indelible.

He is not alone in debatable accomplishment. His wife attended Princeton University by taking the place of a qualified student via Affirmative Action. Her “thesis” whined that Princeton taught her she would always be seen as black rather than just another student. WHOA! Isn’t that the point of her social justice activism? Black first, American citizen later. Earned or not, her degree hangs in her ocean front Martha’s Vineyard home. Hypocrisy blends well with gratuitous rewards.

Bill Clinton, a renown cheater in life and golf was awarded (read: bought) the PGA Tour Distinguished Service Award for giving them a wad of money his wife got by selling influence as Secretary of State, an office that in itself was a dubious achievement. Finding pride in walking to the stage to collect an award steeped in deception is fodder for psychiatric debate. Such a debate would include Andrew Cuomo getting an Emmy Award for portraying a governor on TV or the New York Times being given a Pulitzer Prize for publishing lies. And speaking of lies; I would be remiss to ignore the careers of Dan Rather or Brian Williams who, became wealthy creating fake news and yet are still in front of the camera, greeted warmly at gatherings of people who think of themselves as journalists.

Quoting Kyle Smith in National Review; “Consider ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden, who doesn’t even hold a Ph.D. but rather a lesser Ed.D., something of a joke in the academic world. Mrs. Biden wanted the credential for its own sake.” Subsequently, she instructs staff, media and other nobodies to address her as, Doctor.

It is inevitable that hypocrisy, deception, journalism and politics will intersect at some point. It is no secret that The New York Times, Washington Post and alphabet TV networks are actually propaganda arms of the DNC as are publicly funded NPR and PBS networks.  Donna Brazile who leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton when she was with CNN now hauls in big bucks at Fox News. Candy Crowley humiliated Mitt Romney in a televised debate when she just happened to have a single quote from a speech Barack Obama made years earlier at the ready for a set up question. Her prize was being part of Obama’s election, a life time “A” list commission and an autographed photo of the moment to place on her wall.

In the elite of liberal society there is John Kerry who has been credibly accused of faking the required recommendation process to receive the Purple Heart more than once in Vietnam, allowing him to rotate home short of completing his tour of duty. Richard Blumenthal, senator from Connecticut went him one better and fabricated heroic tales of Vietnam service even though he did not serve there.

Most recently, we all became witnesses to what may be the biggest unearned award of all. In an openly conducted and arguably criminal event, Joe Biden soared to the top of the democrat flim-flam hall of fame by actually stealing a national election and he may not even realize what has happened. Yet, for a time he will eclipse Bill Clinton as the greatest political grifter ever, only to be replaced by Kamala Harris who will become the only president driven out of her party primaries before the first caucus vote in Iowa. Neither have earned anything, yet both have garnered the perceived accomplishment of going to the pinnacle of American politics.

And now, pride by proxy. Behind this astonishingly accepted election hoax, we have tens of millions of otherwise normal citizens; mostly good people who align themselves with the democrat party and are openly proud of stealing the right to participate in a fair election from their fellow citizens. They live among us, work among us and selfishly enjoy sharing the rights, freedoms and rewards they hope to deny to future generations of Americans.


Today’s Guest Opinion is written by Jim Boyer, the Panhandle Pundit; a life long ski bum and realistic environmentalist, retired building contractor and long time property rights advocate. Speech writer, marketing specialist in demographic targeting, public speaker –  has worked on local state political campaigns and held local public office.


Featured photo is a video screenshot (altered, cropped) from the Joe Biden Medal of Freedom ceremony, January 2017. 






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  • Kevin says:

    Guest Writer,

    Are you feeling alone? Isolated? Unappreciated? Jealous? Inept? Bitter? Oh, the list of words focused on your inadequacies are too many to mention.

    NOTE: I can understand why “anonymous” wouldn’t want to put their name to this piece of toilet paper that I wouldn’t bother using to pull the feces hanging from my dogs ass. It fits perfectly here.

    • Scott says:

      Look at that, our resident troll stopped eating less paint chips long enough to show up and barf up some nonsense when he obviously didn’t even read the post.. ( hint, the ” guest poster” is identified at the end of it… Not really all that anonymous).
      Have you ever had an original though kevin? At least one get wasn’t field by indoctrinating mixed with mind altering substances and a room temperature IQ?

  • Kent says:

    A very well written piece that exposes a long list of nonsense awards for our political class that usually accomplishes nothing.
    Interestingly Kevin didn’t care to refute the details of the author’s argument only offering personal attacks.

  • Walter JOHNSON says:

    The essence of credentialing. What do you call the doctor who graduated last in his class and only scraped by his internship? Doctor, of course. This doesn’t even consider cheating… such as happened in the recent election. All that matters is the credential.

    I have a picture of myself talking with the governor of my state. The governor was charismatic and willing to talk with me, his security detail made certain I had no credential to hang on the wall, as I was not ‘of the class’ by being in the near background, arms crossed and aggressively scowling.

    Credentialing is most important to those who have no intrinsic competence and least important to those with the most. Once corrupted any system of credentialing becomes genuinely meaningless, and more, a positive detriment to the holder.

  • Jerry Brady says:

    Cogent observations Mr. Boyer, of the nonsensical nature of the novo-socialists…(sensible only to those that know who’s behind it all.) They want to destroy it, then “build back better?” Riiiight! Marxist theology wants it destroyed as it’s the first step of the “Precepts” of good socialists. Damned! we are, and this world, if we lose the USA and emerge with a 3rd World nation status with all it’s homeless, often drug addicted, dependant on Gov’mint and with millions more flooding in here, their hopes and dreams in hand, only to discover that those dreams no longer exists here, with no where to put the masses, ICE and the Men in Blue with slashed budget, dissuaded from operating to keep the peace…. What could go wrong? Mel Gibson as the William Wallace character in Braveheart asked “Noble, what is a noble?” Dems, Rhinos, MSM, Big Tech, joined at the hip to make this fake “New Reality” driving our once admired nation into the “Sh*t Hole” with the rest of the Godless socialist nations. Wallace needs to get back on his horse and visit all betrayers as their new nightmare, ball and chain in hand…

  • Eileen Wright says:

    As the old saying goes, “Conservatives run to do something while liberals run to be something”.

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