Guest Opinion: Know Your Enemy

Guest Opinion: Know Your Enemy

Guest Opinion:  Know Your Enemy

Editor’s Note: Though posted yesterday (9/2/22) in the early evening, this editorial was submitted prior to Joe Biden’s Philadelphia speech spectacle.

I lamen
t the fact that many of my fellow citizens are unable, or unwilling to recognize that we are deeply engaged in a cold war for the future of our country. Yes, “WAR.  A war we are losing.

To steal a line from the movie Lincoln Lawyer; we are dying from a thousand cuts and don’t even know it. Our society and our culture have been taken over by enemies of the freedoms we have too long taken for granted. Corruption and criminality are the order of the day in the halls of our government and have become so engrained in that culture that they no longer attempt to conceal it. In fact, they take pleasure in rubbing our noses in it as they openly violate the law, mock our constitution and ridicule us for objecting.

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “the source of strength is unity, not size. That statement written around 500 B.C. is being proven in modern America by the diverse force multipliers of the leftist communists that are working to destroy our country and our heritage. They are united with one goal destruction. If democrat communists need to rally people to push an issue to the front page, they all respond to the call; greenies, groomers, gays, race baiters, anarchists, media, entertainers and corporate fat cats alike.

Less obvious, but allies just the same, are people who have ascended to national Republican Party leadership by claiming conservative values, yet lack the courage to stand up when needed. They not only refuse to unite for our preservation, they work against those advocating for smallergovernment and law and order. Red wave coming, they say as they ignore the growing offensive waged by the communists who are unphased by the fleeting moods of voters. Spineless and naïve, they are weakened by the belief that the communists can be reasoned with. They fail to understand the enemy they are up against; an enemy that seeks the total destruction of the only nation ever created to bestow all power to its people.

The Democrats are not the least bit worried about the idea of losing control of congress because it doesn’t affect their attack mentality. Right now, they are probably laughing at Republicans for making an issue of immigrants being bussed to New York. While some on the right see that as a victory of sorts, the communists feign concern while using our federal tax money to support the illegals they are bringing here to vote against us and further collapse  our economy. Realistic appraisals put the number of illegals who crossed our border since Biden became President at FIVE MILLION.

Their obsession and obedience to the religion of communism is on clear display for those who will open their eyes. One example is California Governor and presidential contender, Gavin Newsom. His attitude towards those who dont share his religion was on display recently when he made apublic plea to his Hollywood supporters to cease doing business in red states. In his opinion, people who dont share his communist ideology should not be allowed to participate in our economy or experience the windfalls that come from being chosen as the backdrop for movie production. His commitment to the ideology of the left is no less than that of liberal  podcaster Sam Harris who said he would not care if, they found the corpses of dead children in Hunter Bidens basement.

Another example of the damage done to a person by ideological adherence was shown by lauded legal expert Alan Dershowitz. He teaches law at Harvard. He pontificates on television and is presented as one of the smartest lawyers ever. Mr. Dershowitz recently went on TV to give a detailed dissertation about all that is wrong with the Mar A Lago raid and the glaring violations of constitutionality contributing to this injusticeWhile he defended Donald Trump and decried the unlawful raid on his home, he made it clear that he did so as a liberal democrat saying that, “nothing matters to him more than the Constitution and the rule of law that serves to treat everyone equally. To emphasize his point of being neutral, he said he hopes Trump is the nominee in 2024 because he cant wait to vote against him.  What he showed is that he will stand with the communists and vote against the man who believes in our country by continuing to support those who hate it. He also brags about voting for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, two people who openly flaunt their disregard for the law and constitutional process. Ironically, Dershowitz is making millions off his new book which is titled, The Price of Principle and carries a sub title that reads, Why Integrity is Worth the Consequences.

Another simple rule of war is that if you’re not willing to be as ruthless as your enemy, you are likely to lose.  Republican party aside, conservative American patriots need to search for the true passion in their hearts and take very seriously the reality that the liberal democrats they may know, live near or work with are committed to destroying them and all that they hold dear. While some on the left may not even comprehend the evil they are promoting by voting for democrat communists, they are supporting your destruction and mine none the less.

On our side, people who do not respond to the radicals seeking to erase our freedom unknowingly enable those who would do so. We must all recognize what time it is. It is time to know our enemy.



Today’s Guest Opinion is written by Jim Boyer, the Panhandle Pundit; a life long ski bum and realistic environmentalist, retired building contractor and long time property rights advocate. Speech writer, marketing specialist in demographic targeting, public speaker –  has worked on local state political campaigns and held local public office.

The featured photo is of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamela Harris from the website and has been cropped for this article.



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