Gross: “Sick” Protesters Stage Cough-In at Trump Restaurant in Manhattan [VIDEO]

Gross: “Sick” Protesters Stage Cough-In at Trump Restaurant in Manhattan [VIDEO]

Gross: “Sick” Protesters Stage Cough-In at Trump Restaurant in Manhattan [VIDEO]

Once again, in the stompy-footed, oft-violent, and juvenile fashion they’ve engaged in since Donald Trump became President-elect, the Left continues to fight for freedom statism, in this case for retaining the failing, craptastic law known as ObamaCare. The same ObamaCare that’s imploding around them and costing Americans a proverbial arm and a leg to pay for its soaring costs and limited choices. So what have they done now? Well, staged a cough-in at a Trump-owned restaurant in Manhattan, of course:

Someone needs cough-acting lessons. Maybe they can get the taxpayers to foot the bill for that, too.

“Coughers” for ObamaCare! (Photo Credit: New York Daily News, screenshot)

Now imagine being seated next to one of these cretins while they hack up a lung all over your high-priced filet mignon. Nothing like spreading whatever communicable disease you’re hosting to innocent diners to make a point about your demand for obscenely expensive healthcare heath insurance. I don’t know about you, but that glorious food-fight scene from Animal House comes to mind:

Paging John Belushi. And James Woods:

Agreed. They’ve nothing of substance to offer. They have no new ideas. They make messes of everything they touch. And their influence is as weakened as it’s been in generations. I say DefCon 1 them while they’re down. Because the 2018 midterms are right around the corner, and the American people have had enough of their empty-headed, obnoxious, and all-too-often dangerous, antics.

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