Governor Beshear Panders To Black Voters

Governor Beshear Panders To Black Voters

Governor Beshear Panders To Black Voters

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced at his Covid-19 update that he would be ensuring 100% health care coverage for the Black and African American citizens of Kentucky. Beshear is taking this step because of the statistics have shown that Coronavirus disproportionately affected the Black community. The Kentucky Governor is up for reelection in November.

The Lexington Herald Leader reported:

“My commitment today is we’re going to begin an effort to cover 100 percent of our individuals in our black and African American communities,” Beshear said. “Everybody. We’re going to be putting dollars behind it, we’re going to have a multifaceted campaign to do it.”

Beshear provided few details to back up his pledge, but said his administration will work to connect black Kentuckians with private health insurers and Medicaid.

“The inequalities have been laid bare, have been exposed by this COVID-19 pandemic,” Beshear said. “It simply can’t be allowed to continue any longer and it shouldn’t have taken this type of pandemic and it shouldn’t have taken these types of demonstrations for us to commit to ending it.”

Black Kentuckians have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. About 8 percent of Kentucky’s population is black, but black Kentuckians make up 15.44 percent of all COVID-19 cases and 16.44 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths in the state.

Governor Andy Panderbear may have some reelection problems with the African American community in Kentucky. While the Nation has focused on the death of George Floyd, before his murder, Breonna Taylor was murdered in her bed. George Floyd was a career criminal who did not in any way deserve to die at the hands of police. Breonna Taylor was an emergency medical technician who dreamed of being a nurse. She was murdered when police executed a no-knock warrant for a drug dealer who lived blocks away, on her house.

Governor Panderbear Beshear has also handled the Covid-19 very badly, especially compared to Governor Bill Lee in Tennessee. If you will recall, Andy Panderbear had to be sued because of his unconstitutional ban on religious services.

Yes, Andy Beshear may have a few reelection issues. Let the pandering begin. Here is the report on the health care initiative from WHAS:

Yes, the current Governor’s father, former Governor Steve Beshear, started Kentucky Connect KHBE to offer health care insurance to all Kentuckians. If this worked, why is it necessary now to pander to the African American community. According to the last census, 8.4% of all Kentuckians identify as Black/African American. Healthy Kentucky reports that 6.7% of all Kentuckians are uninsured or under-insured. Hmmmm, so what about the “others”? What about the essential coal miners whose lungs are weakened from their work. Will there be money put aside for a long-term study on the effect of Covid-19 on coal miners?

Another question for Andy Panderbear: You can offer/guarantee 100% health insurance coverage, but how do you guarantee 100% health care? They are two very different things. In Kentucky, and in many states with large rural areas, there may be people in places inaccessible to health care. I know it’s very hard to believe but there are such places. There are also people, in this age of Science Worship, who do not trust modern medical care.

Adequate education and health care, along with good paying jobs are of interest to people of all races. Rather than sorting and slotting us by race, why not raise all of Kentucky up? Besides, I grew up in this area of the country. My friends and their children have mixed race children and grandchildren. Will Andy Panderbear have racial purity tests? That’s so retro.

Andy Beshear is like a printout from a printer that is running out of ink. He is a pale comparison to his father. That’s why Andy has to pander. Hopefully, the Black/African American community will see right through this pale copy.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Governor Beshear is not up for reelection until 2023.

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  • GWB says:

    [$POLITICIAN] Panders To [$INTERESTGROUP] isn’t really news.

    it shouldn’t have taken these types of demonstrations for us to commit to ending it
    It shouldn’t have required burning down your cities to get your attention? Wow, that’s profound.
    (Though, honestly, if you had the money to throw his way, that would have been an easier way to get his attention.)

    About 8 percent of Kentucky’s population is black, but black Kentuckians make up 15.44 percent of all COVID-19 cases and 16.44 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths in the state
    So, the virus is racist?!

    Hopefully, the Black/African American community will see right through this pale copy.
    And elect a different Democrat?

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  • Scott says:

    Seems to me that medicaid is available to all based on income. Are the racists on the left claiming that blacks are not intelligent enough to figure this out, and apply for benefits they are eligible for? Would that be the same kind of thing as the racists on the left claiming that blacks aren’t intelligent enough to figure out how to get FREE state issued ID’s in order to prove their identity to vote??? Seems to me that the racists on the left don’t think that blacks are intelligent enough to do much of anything, without the “benevolent patronage” of those “privileged” white leftists….
    Remind me again who the racists are???

  • Dave says:

    Beshear is not up for re-election this November unfortunately. He was just elected last Fall because our last Governor kept ticking various groups off unnecessarily. But he’s still pandering because that’s what a Beshear does.

    • Jeff H says:

      The only groups Bevin ticked off were various iterations of the Brigade of the Perpetually Aggrieved.

  • Jeff H says:

    Sorry, but while I detest this quisling zombie Beto-wannabe governor of our Commonwealth, he is–unfortunately–not up for reelection until 2023.

  • Ampleforth says:

    Prince Andrew the Lesser is the spokesman for Steve Beshear’s third term. Prince Andy isn’t bright enough to figure out that the Woopty-Doo Flu affects densely populated areas and that blacks are more likely to be urban dwellers. That’s a hard concept for the idiot child of a well placed father. Nevermind, East Kentucky, which is a lifestyle/health care basket case.

    Democrats would never want to upset Ba’al and confess that mass transit was an effective super spreader during the fauxdemic.

    Early in the Woopty-Doo Flu manufactured crisis, Bonnie Prince Andy verbally attacked Tennessee because of its infection rate. He was trying to virtue signal because Tennessee’s governor is Republican. He used Tennessee as an example to justify an order preventing Kentuckians from leaving the state. He even said in one of his smarmy afternoon press conferences, “Don’t go to Tennessee.” Governor Lee should send the Beshears a thank you note for keeping infected Kentuckians out of the Volunteer state. The Bonnie Prince hasn’t said much about Tennessee lately because Kentucky didn’t fare too well in the long run.

  • Taylor says:

    Guaranteeing health care to Blacks and nobody else is unconstitutional.

  • Taylor says:

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe, Michigan Governor Gretchen ” Karen” Whitmer, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, New Jersey Governor Phil Hughes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and now Kentucky Governor Andy Behsear – all Democrats and all morons. Elections have consequences.
    Massachusetts Governor Charlie Barker is a Republican and a moron but anyone being elected in Massachusetts is guaranteed to be a moron.

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