GOP Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson Are “Misleading”, Says CNN

GOP Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson Are “Misleading”, Says CNN

GOP Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson Are “Misleading”, Says CNN

Washington Post calls it an “attack” and CNN calls the claims that the GOP is making against Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson are…well, “misleading”.

Actually, CNN calls this campaign a “misleading portrayal” of the Supreme Court nominee. Really, it’s another GOP-staged attack that really amounts to nothing. CNN specifically calls out Josh Hawley with his Wednesday night Twitter feed highlighting the court rulings regarding child pornography:

In the case United States v. Hawkins, Jackson sentenced a convicted adult possessing child porn to 3 months in prison, though the Sentencing Guidelines recommend for up to 10 years imprisonment, the senator said. He also alleged that Jackson sentenced a felon possessing thousands of child pornography photos up to 57 months in jail in the case United States v. Stewart, despite the guidelines calling for 97-121 months.”-Nicole Silverio, The Daily Caller

In fact, Vox called this nauseating. Mind you, they did not call the sick perverts who were in possession of child porn nauseating. What was nauseating to them were the GOP and Josh Hawley’s attacks. Genuinely nauseating, so they say. Why are these attacks genuinely nauseating? Well because, Ketanji Brown Jackson typically did not follow the federal sentencing guidelines when sentencing child pornography offenders which were, according to left-leaning policy “experts” consider “widely recognized as dysfunctional and unduly severe”.

Personally, in my opinion, nothing is too severe for these sick individuals. Including 10 years imprisonment in federal pound-’em-in-the-you-know-what-prison. Jackson decided to go easy on some of these criminals and instead of ten years, offered THREE MONTHS. Instead of 92-121 months, she offered 57 months. But CNN and other liberal rags want to spin this to illustrate how completely off-the-rails the GOP has become in their nauseating, outlandish attacks. We are talking about children here but, apparently, these sentences for possession of child porn are entirely too severe for some of these criminals.

Never mind the unfair stealing away of a child’s youth and innocence. Never mind the irreparable damage done to these children. These aspects of Jackson’s record fall on completely tone-deaf ears of the liberal media and those who live on their every last word. Josh Hawley and the GOP are being so unfair to Ketanji Brown Jackson, a young, intelligent, black woman who the Biden Administration wants on The Supreme Court. The bunch of white men sitting around in the stench of their privilege! The nerve! The audacity! The sheer irresponsibility! According to legal experts, the GOP’s smear-campaign and calling out the decisions in United States v. Hawkins and United States v. Stewart is “misleading” and irresponsible. Why? It’s the system that is at fault:

…the CP guideline (2G2.2) “fails to distinguish adequately between more and less severe offenders” (p. 19), and “most courts believe §2G2.2 is generally too severe and does not appropriately measure offender culpability in the typical non-production child pornography case” (p. 22). With the CP guidelines “too severe” and poorly designed to “measure offender culpability” in the digital age, federal judges nationwide rarely follow them.”Sentencing Law and Policy

Oh, well goody-goody for the pedophile creepers. More:

Indeed, data in recent (and past) USSC reports document that Judge Jackson’s record of imposing below-guideline CP sentences is quite mainstream because: (1) federal judges nationwide typically sentence below the CP guideline in roughly 2 out of 3 cases (p. 23), and (2) federal judges nationwide, when deciding to go below the CP guideline, typically impose sentences around 54 months below the calculated guideline minimum (p. 25).”-Sentencing Law and Policy

An “unfair” and “misleading” assessment on behalf of the GOP of the Supreme Court nominee because this pattern of imposing less-severe sentences of those in possession of child porn is, “mainstream”. I mean, Judge Jackson was just going along with the prosecutors and following their lead.

I don’t know about you but I’m sure this makes every parent feel stellar about the system.

But Hawley and the GOP’s concerns are just “snippets out of context”, says Jen Psaki, who has two children. They are just sputtering out “toxic and weakly-presented misinformation”, right, Andrew Bates?

Don’t worry, Ms. Psaki. Those registered sex offenders won’t move into your neighborhood.

You know what else is nauseating? The fact that individuals can possess child porn and get sprung from jail in three months only to do it all over again. What kind of upside-down world are we living in? A world where wrong is right and right is wrong. I am not boasting from the rafters and singing the praises of everything the GOP does but the liberal media have become masters of the misleading. If you truly read these weak arguments and justifications for why Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s track record on child porn offenders should not be questioned, you are the one who is mislead. If you are believing and trusting the news and those who are saying these claims are “just snippets out of context”, you have fallen victim to this toxicity.

Featured image: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, official portrait via Wikimedia Commons, cropped, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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