Garland Appoints Special Counsel For Biden Documents

Garland Appoints Special Counsel For Biden Documents

Garland Appoints Special Counsel For Biden Documents

Your eyes do not deceive you as you read the title to this post. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to look into how Joe Biden had classified documents in not just one place, but TWO different locations.

Yes, a second set of classified documents was found in Grandpa Joe’s garage in Wilmington, Delaware. These are also from his vice presidential era. So, just like Donald Trump, classified documents have been found in Joe Biden’s HOME. Remember all the screeching and yelling the media did about that, and how they just tried to split hairs on the classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center. Well, those takes have aged poorly. In the words of Joe Biden, how could anyone be this irresponsible?

Well, old Joe says that keeping the classified documents in his garage was FINE, because the Corvette is in there, too. Wait, WHAT???

That sound you hear is the tequila being opened in Karine Jean-Pierre’s office, because MY GOD, that is possibly the WORST justification for keeping classified documents in an unsecured location. Once again, all credit to Peter Doocy for putting that question to President Grandpa there. This entire situation absolutely reeks. And want to see another detail that will not surprise you AT ALL?

The White House has not revealed who, other than Biden himself, had access to the documents found in Delaware or the classified intelligence discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.”

But his son Hunter Biden, who is under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud and whom House Republicans plan to subpoena in regard to his foreign business dealings, did have access to the garage. At least, according to earlier statements made by Biden.”

As vice president in 2016, Biden and his Corvette appeared in the season premiere of CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Showing off the classic that was a wedding present from his father, Biden told Leno that his sons had restored the vehicle to showroom condition.”

“My two sons, Beau, who passed away, and my son Hunter decided as a Christmas gift to have the engine rebuilt for me,” he explained.”

Although the administration has promised transparency, the White House has not answered questions about how the classified intelligence made its way into the Biden family home in Delaware or the president’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.”

Oh come on, you KNEW Hunter was going to worm his way in to this story at some point, right?

Well, the cascade of revelations has just become too much for Attorney General Garland to ignore, especially now that the media has a hold of them. Garland gave a press conference today that laid out the timeline of discovery, and how convenient that this all started breaking AFTER the midterm elections, right?

And then Garland announced that he was appointing a special counsel to deal with this, because the person originally assigned to examine the first batch of documents, U.S. Attorney John Lausch from the Chicago office, told him a special counsel was needed.

At the Department of Justice, Garland announced he had assigned U.S. Attorney John Lausch Jr. to conduct an initial investigation to advise him on whether a special counsel was warranted.”

“I selected him to conduct the initial investigation because I was confident his experience would ensure that it would be done professionally and expeditiously,” he said.”

“Based on Mr. Lausch’s initial investigation, I concluded that, under the special counsel regulations, it was in the public interest to appoint a special counsel,” the attorney general concluded.”

The special counsel chosen by Garland is former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur.

Garland tapped Robert Hur, a former U.S. attorney, to handle the investigation. The Justice Department escalated it to a special counsel investigation from a mere review on Thursday after a second stash of classified documents was found inside the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. The first documents were found inside the Washington offices of the Penn Biden Center think tank.”

“Earlier today, I signed an order appointing Robert Hur a special counsel for the matter I have just described,” Garland said Thursday after outlining the located documents. “The document authorizes him to investigate whether any person or entity violated the law in connection with this matter. The special counsel will not be subject to the day-to-day supervision of any official of the department, but he must comply with the regulations, procedures and policies of the department.”

Hur worked in the DOJ’s criminal division investigating counterterrorism, corporate fraud, and appellate matters, Garland said. Hur served as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland until he left the DOJ in 2021.”

“I am confident that Mr. Hur will carry out his responsibility in an even-handed and urgent manner and in accordance with the highest traditions of this department,” Garland added.”

Now, a special counsel was probably the only move left to Merrick Garland at this point. All the comments and hypocrisy of Team Biden are coming back around to bite them squarely on the ass, and Garland wants to get well out of the way. As necessary as this move was, it doesn’t mean anything is going to happen. After all, we have had Special Counsel John Durham going over the entire Russiagate scandal for over two years now, and haven’t gotten much to show for that. Will Special Counsel Robert Hur have any better luck? The way Joe Biden’s brain has always been Swiss cheese, it seems unlikely.

Garland is appointing Hur as special counsel to cover his own ass at this point. There is nothing he can say or do that won’t be considered partisan – after all, HE works directly for Biden. Getting Hur to deal with the classified documents issue is just a way to clear the decks for Garland, while making everyone think he actually did something. Will Joe Biden actually be indicted or blamed for bringing those classified documents to his office at the Penn Biden Center, or to the house and garage in Wilmington? The odds of that are precisely zero. Some low-level lackey will be blamed for “accidentally” packing them up when the vice president’s office was cleaned out, and we’re not supposed to read ANYTHING into the Penn Biden Center being a draw for Chinese donations to the University of Pennsylvania, or that Hunter Biden had access to the garage in Wilmington. Nothing to see here, and top men are looking into it. Top. Men.

Remember, any time one side is accused of doing something, the other side is equally up to their necks in the same thing. The swamp runs deep, and it runs to protect its own.

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  • Cameron says:

    We all know that nothing will happen despite the severity. But I still wonder if this is just a way to get Joe to step down or not run again.

  • Stephen C says:

    I am hanging onto the Russia collusion angle. Trump and Russia colluded to frame Biden.

  • Howy says:

    There is an obvious explanation of Joe’s unsecured classified documents I have not heard. Hillary. Why? Everyone in America, including me, expected to wake up on a November Wednesday morning with a Present-elect Hillary Clinton. This would have included of course, Joe Biden and his staff. Why the need to protect incriminating classified documents when you were convinced a Clinton Justice Department would have absolutely no interest? When the reality of a President Trump emerged, they panicked and were forced to hustle carelessly to try to conceal the evidence of Joe’s corruption. But now that Joe has become a liability to the Democrats and thus dispensable, suddenly they have been discovered. Joe is toast.

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