From The VG Bookshelf: The Case For Trump

From The VG Bookshelf: The Case For Trump

From The VG Bookshelf: The Case For Trump

The results of the 2016 Presidential election set the entire world on its ear. The ones most hurt from this were Hillary Clinton, the pundits, so-called conservatives, and the media. The tantrums continue to this day. Why did Trump win? Esteemed scholar Victor Davis Hanson provides a brutal eye-opening assessment in his book, “The Case For Trump.”

The entire book is a must read, but I’m going to concentrate on the first couple of chapters where he literally drops the woodshed and then some on all those political campaign folks who KNEW ALL! You see, what they all fail to recognize is that for the last 20 years or more, everything the Democrats, Republicans, and media have done led to  Trump as candidate and President.

Here’s what Hanson points out in just the first two chapters.

We have a candidate calling farmers/ranchers/ranch hands and anyone who lives in the middle of the country, DEPLORABLES. We have a candidate calling those who work in the coal mines to power our electrical grid idiots who need to learn to code. We have candidates telling those who feed the world, take care of us when we are hurting and sick, fix our plumbing/electrical/sewer issues, and wait upon us all. The GOP told us they knew what was best for conservatives, and then McCain threw Palin under the bus with the GOP helping him. Which got us Obama for eight very long years.

Pen and Phone Obama. Started stoking the unrest in the country. Took lots of selfies. Let Ferguson burn. Threw parties at the White House like it was his own party pad. Encouraged the Democrats to run roughshod over us all with the debacle called Healthcare reform. Shut It Nancy. Got us into the failed science of climate change with the Paris Accord. Let Hillary sell our Uranium to Russia. Had the IRS target conservative groups and applauded activist judges. For his final act, he unveiled the horrendously dangerous Iran Deal and thought rational Americans would applaud.

The divide was stark and the Democrats were thrilled with it. Hanson lives in the same home he grew up in. Years ago he could leave the door unlocked. Now there are locks on every door and he has 8 guard dogs because of the rampant crime in the Selma, California area. Obama called us bitter clingers in 2008. (p. 120) Hillary Clinton called us Deplorables (p. 131) during her campaign, whined that the white Obama supporters had abandoned her, and then doubled down by patronizingly telling us all that anyone who supports Trump is confused and needs sympathy. (p. 133) Wanna be President Biden called middle America ‘dregs of society’ in a sad effort to prop up Hillary. (p. 148) He meant it, and the voters knew it.

When regular Americans (even those who are quite rich enough for the coastal elites) are told that they are lacking in culture by Hollywood and their cadre of idiots, it strikes a nerve. This from coastal elite Melinda Byerly (p. 141)

““One thing middle America could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a sh**hole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist, and/or misogynistic ones… When corporations think about where to locate call centers, factories, development centers, etc., they also have to deal with the fact that those towns have nothing going for them. No infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.””

Commentary like that struck a nerve that was ignored in favor of the party faithful.  The media doubled down as well.

““In summer 2018, Politico reporter Marc Caputo tweeted of the crowd he saw at a Trump rally: “If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.” He later doubled down and snarled: “Oh no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsely accused him of lying and flipped him off. Someone fetch a fainting couch.””

A New York Times editor went on a racist tweet spree putting down white people. When called out, the fish wrap Gray Lady launched a series of excuses that no one except those in the elitist bubble believed.

Those who grew up on farms or ranches are deemed illiterate and inarticulate, even if they get elected to Congress. It’s ok for the coastal elite along with the Democrats and media to sneer at us. We are supposed to take it and applaud their smarts.

We weren’t and aren’t applauding. We were fuming mad and still are. Yet no one, not a single Democrat/Republican/media person on the national level noticed. Or if they did, they ignored our anger because THEY KNOW ALL!

And then there was Trump.

He upended everything.Deplorables? Pound sand. Those who build need to be applauded. Those who fix and repair our country are the ones that Obama and Hillary dissed time and again. Trump read the real mood of the country and knew what the rest refuse to this day to believe. Americans are tired of being ignored. Tired of being condescended to. Tired of being told that the only REAL jobs are that of being a politician, a media person, a leftist university professor, a CEO of the Democrat persuasion and so on. Trump figured out that we were and are tired of the same old schtick and were ready for a change because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ is no longer working.

Furthermore, once he got elected, he is working to implement what he campaigned on. Is it going smoothly? No, and I for one didn’t expect it would be so simple. The media/Democrats and more than a few Republicans have been working overtime to undermine Trump solely because he wasn’t supposed to win. As Hanson points out in this article, the left has long touted itself as the party of civil liberties. Except…

“Not now. The left believes that almost any means necessary, extra-legal and anti-constitutional or not, are justified to achieve their noble ends. Progressive luminaries at CNN and the New York Times have lectured us that reporters need not be disinterested any more in the age of Trump—or that it might be a crime to shout “lock her up” at a Trump rally.”

Steele Dossier, Russia Collusion, activist judges, and Brett Kavanaugh. All events and instances where the Democrats have been gleefully upending our civil rights because Trump is Bad.

Victor Davis Hanson makes The Case For Trump in that history shows us exactly how we got Trump.

A much longer and fascinating interview with Mark Levin can be found here.

Even today Democrats, some Republicans, and especially the media are refusing to acknowledge their role in what has led to Trump. And in doing so, this is how we will get more Trump.

The book is a must read and if you haven’t followed Victor Davis Hanson’s writings and commentary before, you really should.

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  • GWB says:

    Not now. The left believes that almost any means necessary, extra-legal and anti-constitutional or not, are justified to achieve their noble ends.
    On this I will disagree with Professor Hanson. The progressive left has ALWAYS believed that. They felt constrained by the people and by courts and laws and such. But they never thought any of it was legitimate resistance to their ultimate technocracy.

    But, once they got 0bama into office, they felt they could finally begin to ignore all of that and simply enact their agenda as they saw fit. Because America had given them the golden key – they elected a black man, who would, by definition, be teflon. THAT is what so pissed them off about Trump winning – they felt like they had finally captured the high ground: a majority of the courts, a majority of the national legislature (and destroying federalism has always been their goal, since they only have to control one legislature to control all of us, then), the bureaucracy, academia, and the primary education system. All “the rest of us” could do was grumble.

    Then, that night, they felt like it might slip away……..

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and I have read Professor Hanson for a long time – back when National Review was still just a glossy paper bi-weekly. I heartily endorse reading him and pondering what he has to say (though it might take longer than reading your average internet essay).

    California has done terribly by not listening to him.

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