Free Speech, Christianity and Teen Girls Under Attack

Free Speech, Christianity and Teen Girls Under Attack

Free Speech, Christianity and Teen Girls Under Attack

Yesterday, Victory Girls’ own Jodi Giddings wrote about the assault on Christianity through a Christian baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake. Our Kim Quade wrote about Teen Vogue’s advice for teen girls on celebrating their friend’s abortion. And, our Lisa Carr wrote about the trivialization of abortion with a gift lift for post abortion.

Just when you think that the corners of culture cannot get any more disgusting. Just when you think humankind can sink no lower. Blammo! Teen Vogue, Twitter and YouTube have formed a triumvirate of fecal matter to offend Conservative Christian, Constitution loving Mom types. Wait, put a hold on the Christian part. Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist, whatevs.

Here is the 411. July 7, 2017, Teen Vogue on line posted an article entitled Anal Sex: What You Need to Know. Oh yes, you read that right. Common Sense Media says the average age of the Teen Vogue reader is 15 years of age. Observationally, I would say more like 11 to 14 years of age.

What the bloody hell does any teen girl or boy need to know about anal sex? Now, I am not such a prude to think that there are not people who do do that thing. I just think you could Google it if you wanted to know the “right” way to have anal intercourse. Just saying.

Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy

Elizabeth Johnston, mother of ten, who tweets under the handle Activist Mommy 1 and runs the website,, took exception to this article and got banned by Twitter, but is back, and youtube won’t monetize her video, according to PJMedia. According to the PJMedia article, Twitter didn’t like her use of he words sodomy and sodomite. From the article:

I can only guess that Johnston got suspended for using the words “sodomite” and “sodomy” instead of “gay” and “anal sex” and thus angering the gaystappo who appear to run social media.

But who knows? Does anyone have access to the list of words we aren’t allowed to use anymore? Someone should keep a running tally for reference. Frankly, there aren’t words low enough to describe the particular slime which oozes out of people who try to sexually corrupt children. I think she was too nice.

Here is her sodomy and sodomite twee to Philip Picardi, the digital editor for Teen Vogue and please notice Miss Johnston’s use of the word “recruit”-

Mr. Picardi’s response is both enlightening and an affirmation of his agenda. To wit:

Followed by this charmer:

What an angry, nasty little piece of work you are, Phillip Picardi. I don’t give a fig or a feather who you love. None of my gulldurned beeswax. But, you keep your agenda off of the children. The time of innocence is so short as it is. What you want to do with other consenting adults is all you, baby. You are not educating today’s teen. You are pushing your agenda and recruiting to your cause.

You don’t want acceptance. The LGBTQ movement is not about acceptance. You want to dominate. You want to stifle free speech. You want to kill Christianity. And, you want to kill the youthful innocence of teen girls. I would shame you, but you have no shame, bless your heart.

Concerned adults of America, it’s time to push back.

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  • DesiL says:

    Why does Teen Vogue have a Gay man as Digital Editor? Does this person interact with young girls? Surely there are straight women who have experience and training in comunicating with young girls, who could use a job.
    And isn’t there a law somewhere that would protect children from porn in the Media? Because that is what this is.
    LGBTQ groups are highly funded. And they are everywhere. They hate Christians because they are evil.
    Teen Vogue is the tip of the iceburg. Monitor your children on the Internet and beware of My Little Pony or “Bronies’s. They are a recruiting groups aimed at young boys and girls.

  • GWB says:

    I don’t give a fig or a feather who you love.

    Except that this is the natural consequence of endorsing this perversion. Those who warned of the slippery slope were told “Oh, no, that will never happen. You’re just a bunch of homophobes, scared by how other people want to love.” Well, looky here, we’re sliding down that hill……

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