Teen Vogue Trivializes Abortion for Readers With a “Gift List” for Gal Pals: One Teen Fights Back

Teen Vogue Trivializes Abortion for Readers With a “Gift List” for Gal Pals: One Teen Fights Back

Teen Vogue Trivializes Abortion for Readers With a “Gift List” for Gal Pals: One Teen Fights Back

Alas, here is a young woman who has more brains than all of the vacuous Teen Vogue feature writers put together. Actually, I would be surprised if they all collectively shared a brain.

It was a few weeks ago that Teen Vogue came out with the article, “What to Get a Friend Post Abortion”. Our very own https://victorygirlsblog.com/teen-vogue-tells-girls-celebrate-bffs-abortion/ to help a “BFF” celebrate this horrific act and experience. Enter a young woman named Autumn. This is what she has to say:

Autumn challenges writer, Whitney Bell in her piece:

“…is it (abortion) more than a little terrifying or not so scary? You can’t have it both ways. I think we can all agree that abortion is scary. No one walks into that roomas if they are getting their hair highlighted or their nails painted.”

But Teen Vogue wants you to think it’s just that. No more than a simple medical procedure that we need to fund and provide girls at no cost.

“Such a blasé approach hurths women who regret their abortions; it minimizes their pain.”

But, then again, since when is Teen Vogue concerned with the cerebral element of things? With high-fashion spreads of teenage girls sporting $800 shoes and models wearing a size zero, who has time or the common sense to dive deep into the psyche of a girl who may be faced with a complicated decision such as abortion? They want their loyal readers back into their size twos and lusting over high fashion and they’re too busy taking care of their sponsors and their own political agendas. That movie they suggested? You know what “up your ziggy with a wah-wah brush” means? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, it means to “to stick a brush used to comb the hair “downstairs” and shove it up…THERE”. A sweet little post-abortion sentiment, don’t-cha think? And what better way to promote THINX undies and feminist “free-bleeding” than to tie marketing (yes, this is a marketing tool) into a new segment of the population-teens who had abortions? Brilliant! And as far as the F-Uterus pin goes…well, they couldn’t not promote Planned Parenthood in an article such as this (proceeds from the sale of the pin go to the organization). After all, Cecile Richards still needs to continue to make that fat paycheck right, Anna Wintour? Yes, I said FAT. I know you and your vapid cronies at that mag believe a girl should look like all she ate was a piece of lettuce for the entire week.

“I just ended my baby’s life-GIRL POWER! Are they insinuating those who celebrate their abortions understand GIRL POWER more than girls who regret them or refuse to have them? My version of GIRL POWER is knowing I am valuable and precious!”

As a mom of a pre-teen boy, I see my share of pre-teen girls and their behavior. I see my share of boys’ behavior towards these girls in face-to-face interactions and on social media and it is appalling, rude and sometimes downright scary. You know what GIRL POWER is, young ladies? It’s holding your head up high. It’s understanding that you are loved beyond measure. It’s knowing your virtue and your self-worth and not over-sexualizing yourself due to the pressures from your peers and society in general. It’s being like this young woman, Autumn, and going against the grain of what is expected of you culturally and politically and not buying into what the fools of the world want to feed you. They want your confidence marred, they want you insecure because if you weren’t, they would not be in business! Young women, if you don’t give in to the pressures of your peers and this world, you would never need to receive a gift to “cheer you up” after having an abortion and may actually be able to enjoy your high school and college years without EVER having to make an incredibly life-changing and difficult decision to end another life. You would understand the value of a life beyond yours and understand your own value as a person and understand that yes, you are indeed better than all of this.

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  • parker says:

    A big bravo to this teen. Good for her to resist the leftist meme that has caputered the minds and hearts of so many of our youth.

  • Tracy says:

    Well done, not easy to speak up like this.

  • George V says:

    Saw an article in one of the newspapers a couple of weeks ago about the rise in suicide rates for young women. Of course, only the moronic social scientists tracking the data were mystified by the cause. Today society works so hard to tell young women and girls that their life revolves around free sex, fads, and nothing involving moral values that have sustained western societies for generations. We are reaping the rewards.

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