Flake Throws Wrench At Confirmation Hearing

Flake Throws Wrench At Confirmation Hearing

Flake Throws Wrench At Confirmation Hearing

Yes, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has managed to finally be voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee for a vote by the full Senate. The vote depended on Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who is retiring, voting yes. He did, but then he tried to impose a catch.

That catch? He got an earful from Democrats and while he voted yes, he now wants a “limited” FBI investigation that should “only” last a week.

Oh good God. The circus continues!!!

And that’s the problem. Senator Flake basically wants the FBI to go interview the three named witnesses – Mark Judge, Leland Keyser, and Patrick “PJ” Smyth – within the course of a week in order to give himself enough political cover to vote yes on the floor of the Senate for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The story was that Senator Chris Coons was leaning heavily on Flake to do this, especially after Flake declared himself a “yes” vote for the committee this morning. He believed there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of anything, but let’s just let the FBI interview the witnesses for funsies now???

And do you REALLY think the Democrats will accept the one week time limit???

What the Democrats really want is to get Mark Judge under oath and pick him apart, to try and get him to pin something on Kavanaugh. However, Judge already gave yet another statement to the committee this morning, and he wants no part of this.

If the FBI calls up Judge, he will decline to be interviewed. He could be subpoenaed to testify, but if that happened (highly unlikely), his lawyer would advise him to plead the Fifth. Which leaves us exactly back where we started with the potential witness interviews. (Since Keyser and Smyth are not accused of anything, the likelihood of them being subpoenaed are pretty much zero, and the FBI would be left with the same witness statements they have now.)

So, what happens now?

Well, Senators McConnell and Schumer, as the respective leaders of their parties in the Senate, can request that the FBI re-open the background check investigation. Conversely, President Trump can order it as well. The FBI can either accept the request, or tell everyone – again – that it’s out of their jurisdiction because they consider this a local crime matter in juvenile court. Speaking of which, Montgomery County, Maryland, officials dropped this bombshell today:

So, let’s sum this up:
1) No police reports have been filed, so they can’t investigate anything.
2) They cannot investigate anything unless the VICTIM files a report.
3) There WAS a statute of limitations in 1982, and it was one year for this alleged charge.
At this point, do you think Dr. Ford’s team bothers to move forward with filing a police report? No way.

This is all about delaying everything further for nothing more than covering Senator Flake’s political rear end. Because even if he isn’t running for reelection to the Senate, you can bet that he’s thinking about other political opportunities in the future.

And the Democrats are out to rake up as much mud as possible in the meantime. Maybe Michael Avenatti can dig up another client in a week. And that’s the entire point. Delay, delay, delay – while Judge Kavanaugh, and the nation, continue to live through this particular circle of political hell.

Featured image: Senator Jeff Flake, screenshot via YouTube

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  • GWB says:

    his lawyer would advise him to plead the Fifth. Which leaves us exactly back where we started with the potential witness interviews
    Well, not exactly. Because in that case the left would have their “He pled the 5th, so he must be guilty of something!” canard to trot out. Because destroying moral standards to gain power is their shtick.

    So, let’s sum this up:
    4. Md police have a lot of other crimes to investigate and really don’t have time or resources to investigate a 30+yo misdemeanor.

    “Pound sand” is about the nicest thing I can say to Flake at this moment.

  • Sven says:

    Flake, you just had one job….

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