Fiorina Attacked by Chuck Todd and Planned Parenthood, Fends Them Off

Fiorina Attacked by Chuck Todd and Planned Parenthood, Fends Them Off

Fiorina Attacked by Chuck Todd and Planned Parenthood, Fends Them Off

On Sunday morning’s broadcast of Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd aggressively challenged Carly Fiorina on her powerful statement at this month’s Republican presidential debate when she tore into Planned Parenthood’s federally funded butchery of unborn children.

Fiorina fired back at Todd with both barrels. She did not back down.

Carly Fiorina has been assailed all weekend by supporters of Planned Parenthood. At a University of Iowa Hawkeyes game on Saturday, she encountered feminists throwing condoms at her. She was met by a graceless young woman dressed like a birth control package at the family-attended tailgate.

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She was also confronted by longtime Planned Parenthood client and supporter Cindy Shireman, a 54-year-old woman who was reported to have used the organization’s birth control and ‘reproductive health services’ for years.

Shireman taunted Fiorina: “How much money are you getting to do the abortion agenda and use lies on Planned Parenthood to win the nomination?” to which Fiorina responded that she didn’t get any money. Shireman wasn’t finished, however. She demanded to know what Republicans planned to do about “social services that come from all the unwanted children” and also accused Fiorina of ‘not liking’ social services.

Fiorina shot back, “You need to get your facts straight, ma’am, and then we’re going to have a debate over the facts. Because what you’re talking about is rhetoric, propaganda, and lies. Okay?”

Carly Fiorina stands strong in the face of Planned Parenthood and its supporters. Last week the executive director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund sent a letter to Fiorina stating that “the video you described at the debate does not exist,” and demanded that the Fiorina campaign take down a video produced by the CARLY for America Super PAC, which is not associated with the official campaign. However, Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, Sarah Isgur Flores, did respond to the Planned Parenthood letter:

“Carly is a cancer survivor and doesn’t need to be lectured on women’s health by anyone. Over their long and factually incorrect letter, Planned Parenthood doesn’t and can’t deny they are butchering babies and selling their organs. This is about the character of our nation.”

There’s a famous old saying that originated with World War II bomber crews which says that “you know you’re over the target when you’re taking on flak.” Carly Fiorina has released verbal bombs over Planned Parenthood, and she’s receiving their flak with courage, conviction, and grace. We applaud you, Carly.

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  • Johnny says:

    I will be proud to vote for Carly Fiorina as the next President of the United States.
    But make no mistake – its going to be a tough road.
    She is the Democrat’s worst nightmare, and guaranteed they will stop at nothing and stoop to anything to defeat her.

  • Rick Caird says:

    I love to see the left attacking her on the Planned Parenthood videos. Every time they do, it means another news cycle that it stays alive.

  • dflickiss says:

    While I want to support Fiorina – her statements at the debate were factually inaccurate and doubling down on that accuracy is not a good thing. It points to a possible flaw in her character that her opponents at HP noted, i.e. inability to admit error. That is a very bad trait in a POTUS.

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